Looting and the liberal elite


Posted: September 3, 2005     1:00 a.m. Eastern   

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People will either be self-disciplined or need the whip of tyranny, to paraphrase the famous 19th century sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville. He noted that the United States was self-disciplined because it was a deeply religious and Christian people.

For 50 years, however, the media, in cahoots with the self-appointed nomenklatura of the educational establishment, have ripped religious values out of the public square and out of the educational system serving our children.

What were those values that so upset them that they dedicated themselves to erasing them from the public square and people's consciousness? Well, they were such principles as "Thou shalt not steal," "Thou shalt not murder," and "Thou shalt not covet" principles that had meaning in light of the biblical principle that the "fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom" and its wonderful corollary that the knowledge of Jesus Christ is the culmination of wisdom.

Since far too many people no longer adhere to those principles, there has been horrific stealing and looting in New Orleans after the tragedy that Katrina wrought. The response by the media is a call for government intervention. Without the principle of self-discipline, therefore, we are now at the mercy of the whip of tyranny.

A hundred years ago, however, an equally destructive hurricane leveled Galveston, Texas, the pearl of the Gulf Coast. Although wealth and property vanished along with thousands of lives, the aftermath showed a high degree of self-control and individual community rebuilding rather than intervention by Big Government. The outlaw element was minor.

[As one Speaker of the House of the 1850's said, "We will be ruled by the Bible or by the bayonet."   We are watching that being lived out all across America.  Katrina has simply forced the matter into the open -- where, hopefully, we will see it for what it is.   E. Fox]

Until the recent destruction of New Orleans, the Galveston hurricane was known as the greatest natural disaster in the history of America. The difference between the two disasters is the level of lawlessness that now requires army troops. The current lawlessness is the direct result of the hurricane force of the vacuous, destructive words of the mass media that for years has buffeted every decent thought and moral principle in this country.  

When Russia descended into the Gulag of the Soviet Union, Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated that it was because the people had forgotten God. When people rob, steal and kill their fellow neighbors for a pile of rotten porridge, it is because people have forgotten God. The frontal lobotomy that caused this destructive memory loss and moral failure was performed by the cabal known as the self-appointed intellectual elite of the mass media and liberal, humanist academia.

[That is true.  But the greater evil was by those Christians who had not the spiritual, moral, or intellectual backbone to stand up for what was right over the last two centuries.  God's biggest problem is (almost) always with His own people, not the pagans.   E. Fox]

Only by defeating or redeeming this evil cabal can we restore the sacred moral and spiritual roots that made the United States a beacon of hope for wise people like De Tocqueville.

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