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A Special Focus on Timothy McVeigh Verdict

on TRIAL???

In a vivid illustration of the kind of a macabre society we are becoming, some people in Oklahoma City clapped and cheered as a man was condemned to death on Friday, June 13. The following day, some legal pundits rushed to predict that Timothy McVeigh would be put on a "fast track" to the execution chamber, maybe by the year 2000, according to a REUTER report. Federal prisoners usually spend decades on death row as their appeals are considered.

The last time a Federal prisoner was executed was 34 year ago. What's the rush to kill? To silence McVeigh? And thus destroy more evidence?

In his July 30, 1995 letter to Senator Trent Lott, Brigadier General, Benton Partin, USAF Ret., an explosives expert who had spent 25 years in research, design and testing of various weapons, warned the government that, "both the Federal Building in Oklahoma and the Trade Center in New York show evidence of a counter-terrorism sting gone wrong." For that reason, Gen. Partin urged that, "no government law enforcement agency should be permitted to demolish, smash and bury evidence of a counter-terrorism sting operation, sabotage or terrorist attack without a thorough examination by an independent, technically competent agency."

So what did the Feds do? They rushed to bulldoze the Oklahoma City's Murrah Federal Building! Why? Upon examining the Murrah Building while it still stood in June 1995, as well as "hundreds of photographs taken throughout the cleanup operation," Gen. Partin concluded that, "the photos present irrefutable evidence that at least four demolition charges were set off at four critical columns of the reinforced concrete structure at the floor level of the third floor." He added that, "based on my experience in weapons development and bomb damage analysis, and on my review of all evidence available, I can say, with a high level of confidence, that the damage pattern on the reinforced concrete superstructure could not possibly have been attained from the single truck bomb."

Nor is the general the only one who contends that the prosecution's case was flawed. Sam Cohen, a physicist, reportedly also thinks that internal demolition charges were used. And the Oklahoma State Representative, Charles Key, has been continuously blocked by authorities and ridiculed by the establishment media when he tried to discover what really happened at the Murrah Building by impaneling a grand jury (see the April 8 Truth in Media report).

Yet the Denver McVeigh jury was reportedly never allowed to hear such testimony. Why not? Nor did they hear the story of a bartender from McPherson, Kansas, which raised doubts about the identity of the real suspect. The bartender's friend, Patsy Hiebert, also from McPherson, Kansas, sent this writer an e-mail message on the eve of McVeigh's trial in which she said that her friend, "called the 800 FBI number and told her story, but they treated her as if they were totally uninterested and they never contacted her for any other details and never required an in-person interview. The man she served in the bar was NOT Tim McVeigh. Similar in looks, but she claims that McVeigh is much healthier looking, the hair cut was a little different, and McVeigh had a little more weight than the guy she served. She claims that the man in the bar that night actually looked more like the composite drawing than McVeigh does." Hiebert added that she and her friend "found it very unusual that the FBI never called her back, particularly a few weeks late, after the statement that receipts had been found at the local McPherson COOP connected to the bombing, which apparently would have coincided with the timing of the incident at the bar." (for more details on this story, check out the Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletin 97/4-5, 4/17/97). "For someone doing a nationwide search for answers, I would have thought they would have at least checked this story out" Hiebert wondered. Indeed, why didn't they?

Now, add to the McPherson, KS, story the expert opinions cited earlier in this column, and what you have is REASONABLE DOUBT of which the Denver jury was deprived. A man is condemned to die while evidence is suppressed and/or destroyed. And that's "due process of law?"

Nor is this the only case which calls for the American JUSTICE SYSTEM to be put on trial. Remember the World Trade Center bombing? It was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists. Like McVeigh, the suspects were also convicted of the crime. The WTC bombers murdered innocent Americans in cold blood. But unlike McVeigh, they will not be put to death. Why not? Why is our Federal government using a double standard in dealing with terrorism? Because it didn't want to turn the New York bombers into Islamic martyrs, but didn't mind if it were to scare off the potentially more dangerous, yet currently more wimpy domestic militias - by using McVeigh's execution as a tool of intimidation? If so, that's not justice. That's a brazen abuse of justice! For political purposes...

Nor is this the only reason for the American justice system to be put on trial. Remember Ruby Ridge, 1992? A woman and a child were murdered in cold blood by Federal agents. Why was no one prosecuted for those deaths? Because the Federal officials are "above the law?

Remember Waco? About 80 people perished when the FBI stormed the Branch Davidian compound. Not all were killed by smoke or fire (which also conveniently destroyed some of the evidence), as is the official version. "You can't believe your eyes," the WASHINGTON POST reported in an April 16 story, "Waco: Still Burning." "The man on the screen, a distinguished scientist, makes it all seem true. He is pointing out bright bursts that look to him like machine gun fire. You are witnessing what could be a military-style slaughter of civilians -- My Lai in America. First they were gassed, then burned, then shot. It all happened on April 19, 1993, according to a new documentary film, 'Waco: The Rules of Engagement.'"

The "distinguished scientist" whom the Post described was Edward Allard, a former supervisor of the Department of Defense's night vision laboratory at Fort Belvoir, who has a doctorate in physics. Using the so-called Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) technology, which was widely used in the Persian Gulf War to detect enemy tanks and installations, he said that the "weapons signatures are so clear as to eliminate all doubt" that the FBI agents were shooting at the Branch Davidians. Yet, "no official has ever lost a day's pay for precipitating the incineration of 80 people, most of them women and children, in the worst abuse of power since Wounded Knee a century ago," wrote Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a former Washington correspondent for the London TELEGRAPH, in his farewell piece filed on April 20.

Why was no one prosecuted for those deaths? Because the Federal officials are "above the law?" If the Federal government can shoot innocent civilians as if they were rabbits; if they can intimidate grand juries; if Vincent Foster, the Clintons' now deep-sixed former lawyer, can commit "suicide" twice (!?) - then why couldn't the people like that be also involved in framing McVeigh as the scapegoat to cover up their own dirty tricks? (Re. Foster: "The paramedics and crime scene witnesses in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993, tell a story that flatly contradicts the official findings," wrote Ambrose-Pritchard, in his London TELEGRAPH's April 20 piece. "A police Polaroid shows a .22 calibre bullet wound in Foster's neck that the autopsy somehow failed to note. Are Americans to believe that Hillary Clinton's closest friend shot himself twice, with two different guns?")

We don't know the answer to that question, but asking it certainly could have put more doubts into the Denver jury's minds.

Furthermore, no Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) agents perished in the Oklahoma blast. This alone would make an amazing actuarial story, had the McVeigh defense lawyers engaged some actuaries to calculate such odds. But they didn't. (Whose side was the defense on, anyway?). But even without such expert testimony, Rep. Key claimed that an Oklahoman, Bruce Shaw, who went to look for his wife in the smoldering building, was told by an ATF agent, "you won't find any ATF agents in the building because they were warned on their pagers not to come in this morning, and they're now in debriefing."

As if that weren't enough, Carol Howe, a paid ATF informant reportedly fired just days prior to the OK city bombing, had confirmed that two individuals, Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmeir, were planning to bomb the Murrah Federal building on April 19, 1995, according to Rep. Key. Howe, the former "Miss Teenage America" semi-finalist before she became an undercover ATF agent, reportedly shared the details of the Strassmeir plans with her ATF boss, Angela Finley.

Strassmeir, apparently a "John Doe 2 look-alike," is a German national born in Berlin in 1959. He is the son of Gunther Strassmeir, a politician regarded by some as the "architect of German reunification." Strassmeir Jr. is also a former member of the German elite counter-terrorism unit, GSG-9, according to an Ian Williams Goddard's May 1997 Internet article (see the LINKS below). Goddard also writes that Strassmeir once told the Oklahoma City attorney, John Michael Johnston, that he had done undercover counter-terrorism work while in Germany, Strassmeir was allowed to leave U.S. after the Murrah bombing even though he was "wanted for questioning by the FBI, Oklahoma City," according to an Immigration and Naturalization "Lookout," dated Jan. 11, 1996, as reported by the Digital City Denver News, which provided a detailed Internet account of the McVeigh trial. The INS "Lookout" even cited the FBI case number of the bombing investigation. Also, the State Department Diplomatic Security Service documents indicate that a Federal agent by the last name of Hudspeth requested a German police background check on Strassmeir on April 27, 1995 - eight days after the Oklahoma City bombing.

"My understanding is you feel that John Doe 2 was not pursued by the prosecution because he could well turn out to be a government informant or agent. That would link the government to the bombing?" asked Jon Rappoport, a Los Angeles-based author of "Oklahoma City Bombing - The Suppressed Truth," in his December 14, 1995 interview with Hoppy Heidelberg, a grand juror in the Oklahoma City case (see the LINKS below). "Right," this grand juror replied, risking a contempt-of-court citation and/or imprisonment, since the grand jury proceedings are supposed to remain secret.

Heidelberg risked all this, because he felt that his grand jury was steered away from evidence that could implicate the government itself in the bombing. Of course, all this may not amount to much more than another conspiracy theory, routinely ridiculed by the "establishment" media. But it doesn't have to, according to our justice system.

All the McVeigh defense needed to do was show cause for "REASONABLE DOUBT." Why didn't they? Instead of trying to raise more doubts about his client's crime, McVeigh's defense attorney, Stephen Jones, made a tacit admission of his client's guilt, and all but adopted the prosecution's theory of the crime, the ASSOCIATED PRESS reported on June 13. In his closing remarks, for example, Jones told the jury: "It is a political crime. It is an ideological crime. He is not a demon, though surely his act was demonic." That's a "tacit" admission of guilt? How about a screaming one?

No wonder Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law professor, was unforgiving in his evaluation of the defense. "He (Jones) was at his absolute worst, asking the jury in effect to say everybody was responsible for this, and that somehow patriotism and political motivation should be a mitigating factor," he told the AP. "That's the kind of argument that forces people who are on the fence to vote against you." So was McVeigh's defense incompetent or bought?

Guess that's one question which an "all-American" grand jury should contemplate when the U.S. justice system is put on trial.

As if that weren't bad enough, we now also have the racial issues creeping back into our justice system. What was once a PROGRESSIVE "affirmative action" is turning into a REPRESSIVE discrimination against the white (majority of) Americans. The racial pendulum is swinging the other way... Four WHITE policemen are acquitted by an all-WHITE jury in the beating of a BLACK (Rodney King). Los Angeles erupts in riots. Blacks across America are outraged. Some months later, white policemen are the retried, and some are convicted. A BLACK man (O.J.) is acquitted of murdering two WHITE people, one his former wife. Blacks across America cheer the verdict. Whites are outraged, but silent. There are no riots, no protests. The black man is later found guilty in a civil case, and ordered to pay the victims' families substantial restitution. Victims' families cheer. America shrugs.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, World Trade Center, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City... not to mention the TWA 800 alleged FBI cover-up - if what happened in those examples of American justice is "justice," then "we, the people" must put the American justice system on trial in the court of public opinion. And we must do it not just for our sake, but for the sake of our children. Before the likes of Bill Clinton, or Janet Reno, hijack our country and our liberty.

As that British reporter, Ambrose-Pritchard, put it in his last Washington piece, "to the American people I bid a fond farewell. Guard your liberties. It is the trust of each generation to pass a free republic to the next. And if I know you right, you will rouse yourself from slumber to ensure exactly that." Is the McVeigh's sentence that long-awaited wake-up call by the Liberty Bell?

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