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Who is the Most Dangerous Group?
Citizens, Government, or Criminals?

F. Earle Fox

If you go by 2nd Amendment discussions, it is clear that anti-gun people and many, if not most, politicians think of the common citizens going about their business as the most dangerous group, that their possession of guns is very dangerous to the public, and that not only should guns be removed, but generally speaking, the public does not know how to order its own business in any area.  They need to be told by massive and unquestionable bureaucracies

Socialists/Communists and other government centralizers are NOT "for the people", they are for themselves and want to manipulate the people.  To successfully do that, they must disarm the people. 

The public themselves would no doubt say the criminals are the most dangerous. 

Where the government is successful in taking all guns from the public, then only the other two groups still possess them: the criminals, who can almost always get them quite easily, and the government itself which for all practical purposes, would have a monopoly on guns.  A near perfect monopoly if guns are successfully removed from the people. 

But what does history say?  If you go to www.hawaii.edu/powerkills, you will find that the people are wrong, it is not the criminals running around amongst the public who are the most dangerous and destructive to the population.  By an enormous margin it is government.  The whole criminal population cannot hold a candle to the carnage caused by our governments all around the world -- except in the sense that there are many criminally-minded persons in governmental offices.  Voters educated by the government will rarely know how to tell a criminally-minded wanna-be-politician.  Only a people with a genuinely Biblical moral consensus will be able to discern and take common action to identify criminals in government and to oust them.

If that be the case, what possible justification can there be for us telling the government that we want them to take away our guns?  That leaves the least dangerous group unarmed, and the most dangerous group armed to the teeth.  And it leaves the street thug and house robber virtually free to do their dirty work, unopposed by an armed citizenry. 

That has proven true wherever the law-abiding citizen has his guns removed.  Crime goes up, not down.  It goes up in the public arena, and it goes up in government as well -- because there is then no serious counter-force against government corruption. 

The Second Amendment was written by people who understood that civil government is not to be trusted with any more coercive power than absolutely necessary to handle the job as referee for the rest of us.  They commonly used Biblical language, that we are a fallen people and that no human being or group of human beings should be entrusted with nearly omnipotent power over others.  The power and authority of civil government must be strictly limited. 

Centralized power will automatically attract persons who lust after that kind of power, and persons who think they know how to manage everyone else's life.  They do not, of course.  And, if they have any lucid moments, they know it.  What they want is not to manage the lives of others for the good of the citizens, but rather for their own "good" as centrally empowered rulers. 

Any person who wants that kind of power is automatically not to be trusted by the voters.  He should be assumed to want control, not justice, and should be voted out or otherwise removed from office.   

Switzerland has a nearly universal draft in which virtually every household is equipped with a weapon for which the man of the house has been trained to use.  The Swiss held out successfully during two world wars, including an invasion by the Nazis who had vastly larger forces, but which proved disastrous for the Nazis. 

See Edwin Vieira on the need for, and nature of, our Constitutionally required "well regulated Militia" -- and see 2nd Amendment.  The dispersion of guns among the people is a necessary counter-balance to the concentration of guns in government. 

We have not only a right, we have a duty, to be armed and ready.  If we, the people, taken as a body, are the highest Officer of the State, then we must have a physical force to protect that office from subversion by the central government.   Switzerland, the world's oldest functioning democracy, has shown us much about how to accomplish that.   


Our Civil Government in America is by far the most criminal entity in America - yes, in my humble judgement.  It is run by persons, right at the very top, who are liars, thieves, swindlers, and murderers.  Defending abortion makes one an accomplice to the murder of children.  And, much more could be said. 

These "rulers" are an example of the above, who want to take away our guns so that only criminals and government have them.  We have, I think, a government dominated by sociopathic personalities, persons who have no moral conscience, and who grab at power for its own sake, namely the so-called "globalist" crowd and their minions, the corporate monopolists.  And they want we, the people, to give them our guns?  That would be suicidal. 


None of this can be dealt with unless there is a deep and searching spiritual renewal in America, beginning in the pulpits and at the altars.  The clergy are the key to that renewal...., or they will be rejected by God, who will then raise up Godly leaders from other directions.  It is the clergy who must revive the "black regiment" of the colonial period, mainly Presbyterians who preached the sovereignty of God over all things, including King George III of England.  "No King but Jesus" was their theme.  Ditto for today. 

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Date Posted - 03/14/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 01/22/2013