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Obama's Bailout
a Tragic, Immoral, (& Maybe Criminal?)
Act of Government

F. Earle Fox

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The news that Obama (read "Globalists") is promoting a $1 Trillion Bailout is astonishing on the face of it.  That he is sending the money to some of the very people who caused the financial crash is morally, if not legally, criminal. 

And from where will Obama get this $Trillion?  Will he donate his own funds?  Or will he print it?  No, they do not even print money any more, they just go over to the Federal Reserve where someone clicks a mouse and Presto!  there is $1Trillion of "credit" in the Fed in the Government's Spending account -- which can now be dispersed to the member banks.  For a fee, of course.  Isn't credit nice?   You can bet those nice people at the top will skim off the cream before that credit gets down to the common man level. 

Well, the financial credit of money rests on the moral credit of those making the offer.  A good bet???

If Obama et al had any sense of justice, they would have let those businesses which had brought this crash upon us go under, and let the market seek its own level.  A freemarket economy would do that a lot faster than with Obama et al at the levers of control.  A freemarket has a much faster and more effective discipline than any socialist government can design.  Those who do evil eventually crash.   As with an alcoholic, when he crashes, do not put a cushion under him until he repents and cooperates with reformation and healing. 

If they were really interested in the welfare of the people, they might have had the courtesy of sending the money right to We, the People.  If we take $1,000,000,000,000.00 and divide it by the approximately 200,000,000 adult residents of the US of A, we get $5,000.00.  Suppose $5,000.00 were sent to each citizen?   Most families would get, probably, $15,000.00. 

In the hands of We, the People, that would be an immediate and powerful "stimulus".  A bit better than the planned monies which will not be dispersed, in many cases, for a couple of years.  (Stimulus???  For whom???)

The dispersion of the monies among the population would prevent the skimming by those at the top, and it would help cancel the effects of the enormous inflation which printing excess money always does.  The new money, instead of beginning at the top of the financial pyramid, would be immediately spread out among the population so that the inflation would effect most of us equally, effectively canceling it out.  Inflation hits the poor the hardest, and they would be the most helped by an extra $15,000 in their family coffers.   Many of them could then save the houses which they so foolishly bought when they could not afford them. 

But that would still be an immoral, illegal (and at gun point) redistribution of wealth.  Obama is supposed to be a Constitutional lawyer.  If he is, he is either incompetent to read the Constitution, or he is lying.  There is nothing at all in that covenant between We, the People, and our governors, to even remotely suggest such a power of wealth-redistribution granted to any level of our government.  

And even giving it to the people would be only a temporary fix, which would do nothing at all to change the basic selfish, self-centered way we run our "consumerist" economy.  It would do nothing at all to inspire anyone to save for a rainy day.  But it would at least not reward the corporate criminals more than the common variety among us. 

Obama and his Democratic entourage (many of them enormously rich) are not in the least in favor of the poor and the down-trodden.  If they were, they would not be centralizing our government, and they would not be rewarding the criminal element who used the economy for their own private interests (i.e., many of themselves).  And they would not be "printing" money which will inflate the economy and penalize, most of all, our children and grandchildren -- those who will have to pay off this asinine debt. 

In short, they are avoiding (deliberately) the real issues:  (1) corporate collusion with civil government; and, (2) a bailout feeds the problem, it does nothing to solve it, by paying criminals for their behavior. 

This Bailout is, in my humble opinion, a part of the well-planned means of bringing America down, the Gramsci approach, to undermine from within so as to create the chaos which will bring more demand for a strong, central, and unelected World government.   (OK, so maybe it is not "intelligently designed", maybe it is just random, chance economic evolution....) 

What we need is a strong, revived We, the People, under the law and grace of God, and under the 2nd Amendment.  (Remember the WW2 song, "Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition, and we'll all stay free....."?)  We need a people dedicated to the law and grace of God, a people who will discipline ourselves so that we do not need the Long Arm of the Law reaching into our lives to keep us in order -- a people who have the will and backbone under God to defend our freedoms as per the Declaration of Independence. 

The Way Home 

Dear Reader, where are you in all this?  On the side of God, or of the not-so-new Totalitarian Globalism?  (This centralization stuff started at least as far back as ancient Babylon - or even more the the point, to the Tower of Babel - and has not missed a beat since then.  Centralized government is, and has been, the government of choice for pagan and secular societies.)     

More centralization is the opposite of what is needed.  Centralization takes place always at the expense of local government and personal freedom.  What is needed, like education and welfare, it to turn the market back over to We, the People.  We know how to get goods to where they need to be far better and faster than government bureaucracies, which know next to nothing about the matter. 

We must let the economy seek its own level, like water.  Only then will it be stable.  Government is rightly a referee, and no more, not a participant, which compromises itself with conflict of interest.  The elite centralizers will be even more efficient at skimming the cream off the top of the commercial wealth than private sector corporatists. 

Let it be noted that these culture wars are not won primarily on the intellectual level.  They are won on the moral level.  Those who are perceived to hold the Moral High Ground will win the hearts and support of the majority.  But... the first step toward moral integrity is to have a primary focus on truth-seeking so that we can discern the true God who alone can give us the stability to keep government on a constitutional tether (see Audio Sermons, Only a Saved People can Keep Civil Government on a Constitutional Tether). 

Christians have long lost that high ground.  Either we get it back, or we continue in the backwaters of dying Western culture.  We get it back by recovering our intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity -- for which we are not exactly famous.  That is no one's fault but our own.  You convince others that you stand on the moral high ground by actually standing there.  And that means standing with our Lord Jesus Christ.  So...

Our first step will be to get our own personal spiritual lives in order under the law and grace of God, and secondly, to restore our family life, with religion being centered in the home, not the church, and with fathers being the spiritual leaders.  Fathers hold spiritual authority, and mothers hold spiritual power.  Our third step will be to get our children all out of government-controlled education, that Church of Secular (and intellectually corrupt) Humanism, and, as parents commissioned by God, supervise the education of our children.  Perhaps do it at home.

Those are the most important systemic changes we could make to turn the tide for the long run.  It would set Christians free to raise of a new generation of Godly persons.  Only saved, Godly persons can keep Civil Government on a tether.  And so, fourthly, we must recover the Biblical understanding of God in the public arena, including in civil government.  (See the American Independent Party at http://www.aipnews.com

Let's get on with it.   At any cost to ourselves.

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Date Posted -  09/17/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 05/21/2013