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Obama's Birth Certificate
Response to a Family Discussion

[COMMENT:   Below is ann email response to a family discussion about Obama's birth certificate, in which Obama was being defended on grounds which I think spurious --- typical of our unthinking, emotionally mushy Post Modern mentality.    E. Fox]

Dear Family, 
        The issue is not about "being American" in some emotional sense or about party spirit.  It is about the very clear and specific requirement that to be President of the United States, one must be a natural born citizen.  The reasons for that requirement are not trivial.   The facts are easily determined if Obama is willing to be honest. 
        To describe this matter as one of emotional bias is, I think, ignorant and/or irresponsible.  The integrity of the Constitution is at stake.  It has been subverted steadily for over a century.  It is the covenant between We, the People, and our rulers as to how they will govern us, a covenant which holds them (and us) to very specific duties and obligations.  Without the duties and obligations, there will be no freedoms.  It is a covenant which ahs been the foundation of the most successful government in human history.  Perfect?  Of course not.  No perfect government until Jesus comes back.  But it has done better than any other form of government. 
        If we allow the subversion of the Constitution, by what means will you preserve the freedoms and the obligations which have undergirded the successes of our society?  By what means will you prevent the government from sliding into tyranny and totalitarianism?   That was the specific purpose of the Constitution being written.  Do you really believe that our freedoms will survive the trashing of the Constitution?  Are the freedoms for which many died in the Rev. War, and several wars since, and for which many others have lived, self-sustaining?  Do they not need our constant attention and eternal vigilance? 
        What on earth has listing the abuses of the past to do with whether Barack Obama has a right to be dishonest with the people over whom he apparently wants to be ruler?  How in any way whatsoever does anybody's past sins justify the sinful behavior of Obama in this case, deliberately and willfully thumbing his nose at the Constitution and the people?  
        XXX, you say below, "I would be sad to think that we are concerned because Obama is a bit foreign and a bit American and a bit black and not enough wealth, therefore we are with trepidation at his presidency."  
        To put the issue that way is a gross misrepresentation and accusation.  Neither I nor the people whom I know are in the least concerned in that demeaning way.  It has to do with a clear requirement, which can have enormous constitutional consequences for the stability of our government if ignored and disobeyed.  Does not that matter to you?  The fact of Obama's citizenship is of major legal consequence.  To treat the matter cavalierly and write off those who are raising the issue of his birth certificate like that is to badly misunderstand what is going on. 
        No person on earth should be given the enormous power and authority of the presidency who has not the decency to be open and honest with the people over whom he wants to preside.  Why on earth should we trust such a man with the power and authority of our military, the federal marshals, the IRS, our economy, etc., who not only cannot, or will not, stand up and give a straight answer, but is, if the news be accurate, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent the required information from being made known?  Why would any one choose to trust such a man? 
        "Do unto others..."  Huh???  How would this have anything to do with the Obama situation?  Would you not wish to be corrected if you were lying to the public?  If not, why not?  Do we not need correction from each other to keep honest?  Is honesty so cheap a commodity?  
        We are not talking about a kids' game where the consequences are, at worst, hurt feelings.  We are talking about life and death consequences for the lives of millions of people, and indirectly, billions of people.  Is that not so?  How could it possibly be a loving act to not call our rulers and potential rulers (along with ourselves) to their highest? 
 Love, Uncle/Earle/Dad/Grampa

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Date Posted -  01/11/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012