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Demand on State and US Reps and Senators
to issue subpoenas
re: Obama's elegibility

[COMMENTARY:  God bless and sustain Orly Taitz, a woman of integrity and honor.  Go to Taitz's article

Overriding the Constitution

It is argued that "We, the People" override the Constitution by voting Obama into office, that the People have ratified his election by their voting, and that that takes precedence over the Constitution. .

NOTE: I use the name "Obama" to stand for a whole system of evil forces which are at work worldwide, aiming at world domination, centralization of power and government, which imagines that it can thereby maintain control of the rest of us.  He is, for the time being, just their front man, their golden-voiced puppet -- until he is no longer of use. 

That "overriding" is an impossible argument to make.  The Constitution, as I just heard from Alan Keyes, was formed specifically to provide a vote with a higher percentage than normal needed to change the Constitution, precisely to slow down changes to that, our most basic American covenant between us and our governors.   A simple majority of the people, no matter how large, cannot override the Constitution.  Such a principle would quickly turn a democracy into a tyranny of the majority over the minorities (which is why our founding fathers did NOT give us a democracy, but a constitutional republic under God).  Only a vote as specifically prescribed in the Constitution itself can change or override the Constitution.  That is, by design, a much more difficult vote to accomplish than normal voting.  It is a "conservative" element in the Constitution, meant to slow down change, to force a more thorough debate. 

To say that a normal election process overrides the Constitution is to deny the very sense for having a constitution at all -- namely to anchor down the basic premises and principles of our Governmental Covenant so that the winds of change cannot lightly blow the principles of the Constitution itself around.  All parties are bound by the Constitution: voters, elected officials, military, police -- everyone. 

The only things that will "override" this provision and meaning of the Constitution are our stupidity, arrogance, and evil-mindedness -- our rebellion against God who gave us a limited-government Constitution. 

We, the people, are in peril because our Constitution is in practical fact no more now than a piece of paper.  It has been systematically trashed for over a century, now to the point where it can no longer function in its primary role -- to protect We, the People, from tyrannical government. 


The so-called "bail out" is giving trillions of dollars to some of the very criminals who perpetrated the economic crash, stealing these trillions from We, the People, the folks who create the wealth of America, and dumping it into the coffers of the consortium of evil-minded persons who manage our Globalist/Corporatist/Communist conspiracy. 

Those trillions of dollars are going (again, Alan Keyes) into the pockets of those who are turning America into a one-party nation, and so doing just what Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler accomplished in Russia and Germany -- the One Party is identical to the Government itself.  All other parties are being effectively "outlawed" or sidelined, and the distinction between Party and Government is ever more rapidly being erased.  

Although Obama was raised in the Chicago political machine which is known for just that sort of politics.  I suspect that Obama is himself not smart or experienced enough to do these things.  He is the tool of those who for decades have been planning and putting together the scenario which we are watching.  They are using his "golden voice" and deceptive demeanor to lead Us, the Sheep.  

By "they", I mean the CFR, Bilderbergers, the inheritors of the Roosevelt-Ford-Rockefeller-Et Al shenanigans, what Eisenhower referred to as the very dangerous "military-industrial complex" -- who have their counter-parts in every major nation in the world.  

If Obama (i.e., his handlers) get their way, there will be no distinction between the government and the Democratic Party.  We will be living then in a totalitarian state.  The bail-out is not meant to stimulate our economy, it is meant to stimulate the coffers of a totalitarian mind-set.  If they has wanted to stimulate the economy, those trillions would have been sent out directly to the families of America, or even better, not sent out at all, leaving the free market to correct itself.  

Our Hope

Obama is doing two very evil things right out in front of God and everybody.  He is (1) trashing the Constitution in order to centralize government around his own political power, and thereby exalting himself above God as the definer of right and wrong; and, (2) he is materially supporting and promoting the evil of abortion, the illegal and sinful taking of innocent lives from the most vulnerable of us all.   In both cases, he is defying the law and grace of God.  Those are perhaps the most obvious of his evil behaviors.  There are many others, such as so-called "hate-crime laws" which serve to protect no abused person, only to shut down necessary public discussion of vital issues. 

These area very stupid mistakes to make.  His arms are too short to box with God.  Or, for that matter, with God's people -- at least with those who will stand faithfully on the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground with Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords.  (Can you rejoice in suffering for the name of Christ?  See audio or printed version of "Because He's My King!  that's Why!" 11/23/08) 

There are two hopes for us:  (1) Murphy's Law works for Obama just as it does for the rest of us; and, (2) more importantly, so does the Judgement of God.   And the further away you get from God, the more drastically Murphy's Law works.  You cast yourself further and further into random chance, and further and further away from intelligent design.  Obama (et al) may make it very nasty for many of us.  But the intelligently designed Judgement of God will destroy the evil and inherently chaotic works of Obama. 

There is no power anywhere which can withstand a mature, faithful, trusting, and obedient Church of God.  The gates of hell will not prevail. 

We are at war.  So, join the winning side.      E. Fox]

 On Wed, 3/4/09, Orly Taitz <dr_taitz@yahoo.com> wrote:
From: Orly Taitz <dr_taitz@yahoo.com>
Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 6:26 PM

Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
26202 La Paz ste 211
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Dear State Representatives and Senators and US Representatives and Senators,
My name is Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq and I currently represent over a 100 members of the US military from all over this country, from all branches of military, ranging from Major General to enlisted,  challenging legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro,  for the position of the President and Commander in Chief for following reasons:
1. President has to be a Natural born citizen, meaning born in this country to parents, that are both US citizens. Mr. Obama's father was in this country on a student visa from Kenya, a British Colony at a time. Mr. Obama, Sr was never a US citizen and therefor Mr. Obama is not qualified to be the President of this country.
2. State of Hawaii, statue 338 allows foreign born children of Hawaiian residents to get Hawaiian birth certificates and Mr. Obama never presented any corroborating evidence, that he was actually born in Hawaii, while his paternal grandmother in Kenya and Ambassador of Kenya made statements, that he was born in Kenya.
3. Mr. Obama has posted on the Internet not a valid birth certificate, but a limited value document, called Short Version Certification of life birth, that doesn't have a name of a hospital, name of a doctor, any signatures or a seal of the hospital on the front of the document. This document is usually given to parties that don't have a proper hospital birth certificates and it is given based on a statement of one relative only. Even the state of Hawaii doesn't give full credit to these documents.
4. The state of Hawaii has sealed his birth certificate on file and only stated, that there is a document on file; but in spite of numerous demands, refused to provide information, whether it is a certificate for a foreign born child of a resident; or whether it is a proper hospital birth certificate or a short version COLB of limited value. 
5. Even if Mr.Obama had any citizenship status until age 5, he has lost it, when he immigrated to Indonesia and got Indonesian citizenship, since Indonesia doesn't allow dual citizenship and Mr. Obama has reaffirmed his Indonesian citizenship, and therefor relinquished his US citizenship while traveling on Indonesian passport as an adult.  
6. Mr. Obama has sealed all of his vital records and reportedly spent over $800,000  on an army of attorneys to keep his records sealed and Mr. Obama's attorneys have harassed and intimidated attorneys challenging Obama's eligibility.
7. In spite of Obama's arrogant claims, that all cases were debunked, not one single case was heard on the merits, as the courts stated that ordinary citizens have no standing to challenge Obama and courts have no jurisdiction. Not one singe person in this country has seen Obama's vital records.
As elected state and US officials, you have a right and an obligation to hold Judicial hearings on issues of paramount importance and you have a right and an obligation to issue subpoenas for production of documents and subpoena witnesses for testimony on such important issues.
My clients, particularly ones that are in active military, such as resident of Tennessee, Scott Easterling, are in an impossible position. If they follow Obama's orders, as illegitimate Commander in Chief, they will be subject to court martial for following illegal orders. If they are refusing to follow his orders, they can be subject to court martial for un-subordination. No member of the US military, that is risking his life and protecting all of our lives, including your lives and the lives of your family members, should be in such predicament. Due to the above, I demand that you request to hold Judicial hearings in the Senate and House of Representatives on the issue of Obama's eligibility and issue the  following subpoenas:
1. Subpoena from the State of Hawaii State Department of a certified copy of Obama's original long version (vault) birth certificate.
2.Subpoena from the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, all of Obama's passport and immigration records.
3. Subpoena from the Board of Regents of Occidental College, Columbia university and Harvard university all of Obama's college applications and financial aid applications.
4. Subpoena from Mr. Obama a certified copy of all of  the above records.
5. Subpoena from the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, a copy of Obama's certification of the selective military service, as according to a statement, prepared by a retired Federal Agent, Steven Coffman, there is evidence of forgery in the certificate Obama presented to the public. 
6. Subpoena from the Regents of the University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg Fact Check.org. explanation and records, as to how did they claim to have examined Obama's birth Certificate and found it valid, if neither the Sate of Hawaii, nor Obama has ever released such birth certificate and there is no evidence of Obama being born in any hospital in Hawaii and the only thing that was ever presented, was limited value short version Certification of Live Birth.
I appreciate your expedient assistance in this most important matter of the National Security .
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
electronic signature
26302 La Paz ste 211
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
ph 949-683-5411
fax 949-586-2082

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Date Posted -  03/05/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012