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Obama Will Have His Day in Court...

F. Earle Fox
See also http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=109242 -- September 8, 2009

[Revised edition - 7/17/09.  II have had some warnings that things might not be as they seem, and so have trimmed my sails a bit.  But we will find out only as events proceed.  Be on the alert.

NOTE:  Sadly, this event below did not work out.  The judge caved in, it seemed, and let Obama off on the ground that the plaintiff had no standing.  That is nonsense, leading me to suspect that the judge had been threatened. 


Today (July 13, 2009), at the State Court in nearby Santa Ana, CA, to give prayer support (along with some others, I later discovered), I attended the presentation by Dr. Orley Taitz, Esq., of the reasons (in the case Alan Keyes v. Barak Obama) why Barack Obama should be forced to supply justification for his claim of being a "natural born" citizen as demanded by the Constitution of the United States.  

Dr. Taitz is one of the leaders in bringing cases to court to get Barak Obama held to account for his refusal to submit to the Constitution which he swore to defend.   

It was a mandatory legal event, with Obama or his representing attorney required to be there.   There have been many of these court hearings, and in most, if not all, Obama has refused to attend or send a representing attorney.  He had, as Orley Taitz said, stonewalled the whole procedure many, many times, and, so far as I know, has not yet been successfully called to account.  

Obama, of course, does NOT WANT his day in court -- which is about getting the truth of a matter -- living in the light.  Light and clarity are the last thing he wants, if his outrageous behavior is any indication -- shutting up relevant aspects of his life from public view, including where he was born.  Obama lives in the darkness, not in the light.  Subversion of truth is always a sign of spiritual warfare between good and evil (see Romans 1:18 ff.).

A man was there who made some remarks, but not in legal representation of Obama, only, I suppose, in some strange way representing Obama's legal team.  

Taitz made the first comments, about how Obama had indeed stonewalled the whole of the legal proceedings against him.   (This he has done with enormous sums of money paid to legal stonewallers.)  She mistakenly got off onto the "merits of the case", which were not yet relevant until the procedural issues had been addressed, and was cautioned about that by the judge, the Honorable David O. Carter. 

Taitz had no doubt been burned by the many times she had been stonewalled, and was perhaps expecting it to happen again -- and so tried hard to stick to her plan of action.  But the judge, right from the start, seemed to indicate that he was on the right side of the issue -- that is, he wants to get at the truth of the matter.  He is a very friendly and engaging man, no nonsense, and will reprimand either side of the contest when they get off track. 

He said -- either Obama is or is not president, and that the case needed to be brought to court to make that determination.  He was prepared to do that, and encouraged Taitz to take him up on his offer.  Carter did not seem in the least intimidated at the thought of calling a (supposed) president to account. 

Carter asked Taitz why the case had not been filed in Washington, DC, to which Taitz replied that it had been, but that it had mysteriously disappeared from the Supreme Court docket.  Carter said that the quickest way to get on with resolving the matter would be for Taitz to go ASAP downstairs to resubmit the case there in (whatever the office was).  Then the case would quickly come before him, and he would make sure that there would be no stonewalling.  The case would be tried on its merits. 

Taitz responded that since Obama was in default, that he had neither come himself nor sent legal representation, that the judge had no choice but to grant Keyes a default "win", that Obama had to come to trial on the matter.  The judge tried to persuade Taitz that that would lead to endless appeals, with lots of lost time and money, and that the better and much more direct course would be to refile downstairs, bringing the case to his court -- where the case would be tried on its merits.  That, of course, was exactly the goal of both Keyes and Taitz. 

It took Taitz a bit of time to be persuaded that Carter meant what he said.  Most of us, I think, in what turned out to be a prayer gallery there to support her, were watching a cliff-hanger, hoping that Taitz would see that she had apparently a very supportive judge on her side before she finally committed the case to what might be a long, arduous, and possibly fruitless course.  Carter was trying very hard to tell her all that without compromising his own objectivity.  He said more than once, "I am offering you a gift..." -- the quickest way to get a trial of the case on its merits. 

I am not enough of a legal scholar to know whether Taitz might have been right to pursue the default win, but it seemed, from what he was saying, that there was an honest and straight forward judge on the case, and that it would be well worth working with him, even if the Alan Keyes side lost some advantage against Barak Obama by not following the course Taitz wanted to follow.  Having an honest, courageous, and knowledgeable judge is a rare and precious commodity in America today.    

The matter hung in the balance right to the finish line, as Taitz was clearly not convinced.  Maybe the prayer support helped tip the balance, because in the end she yielded, and the matter was closed.  She agreed to go downstairs and refile the case in that court. 

As she came out into the hall, I grasped her hand and said, "Thank you!  I think we have a good judge!"   She looked worn out and exhausted from her efforts, and not quite sure whether or not she believed me. 

But I went home elated, and hope she did also.  Barak Obama, I predict, like it or not, will get his day court. 

A final word:  Pray for the safety of all involved.  The "other side" will do whatever it thinks it can get away with (and maybe beyond) to derail this coming Obama Day in Court.  And pray that Judge Carter will stand up with the calm courage and backbone which he indicated today. 

Given the studied and highly-trained duplicity and deceit all around us today, it just might have been, of course, all a very clever stonewalling by Judge Carter, who might want to seduce the case into his court so that he could take up more of the Obama opposition's time and money.  If that is the case, Carter is a convincing actor.  I hope, and think, not so, and await to see how it turns out. 

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Date Posted -  07/13/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012