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2 U-Tubes & 2 Articles on Obama

[COMMENT:   If these are true, then what are we going to do about it?

As always, one must view with discretion.  But the questions about Obama seem to be coming up with increasing regularity, and he does not appear to be willing to come clean.   His relationships with evil-minded persons, persons who are opposed to an open discussion of the truth of an issue, who are not interested in the truth, seems to be a reality -- as indicated by his refusal to show his birth certificate, his support of people like Odinga, the pastor he has had for a long time, and his support of persons such as Bill Ayers. 

Obama is, I believe, a Communist in disguise, and a radical one at that who will willing sell out America to a totalitarian form of government.  

The evidence seems to show that Obama is being groomed by persons behind the scenes for a serious and open overturning of our government system -- because they believe (I fear rightly) that America has lost its will to defend our Constitution, our freedoms, and that we have been successfully brainwashed (in the literal sense of the word) by our government-controlled school system and our oblivious and addled churches.   

God will raise up a new Gideon army which will relight the fire of Godly freedom -- beginning first with a personal conversion to Jesus Christ, and then to a reformation of our public arena -- just as Christians are doing now in China.   E. Fox]


In this video, an old Democrat is asking Obama a very reasonable question.  It makes no sense that Obama refuses to answer it. What motive could Obama possibly have to not answer it?




It is amazing how LITTLE people actually know about this man [Obama].
The Newsmedia has done a good job of hiding all the facts,
and ignoring all important issues regarding Obama in general. 
Now they are being dug up and out by concerned citizens.
 The Video that could cost Obama the election By Online Monday, October  6, 2008
 You tube video of Barack Obama in Kenya supporting Raila Odinga, the election and violence afterwards.
 Odinga was the agent of change
The last agent of change that did not define that change, or how that
change would be implemented, or what that change would cost, was
Fidel Castro...........Dale



Article from a friend who has been involved in education at a high state level in




Another article from same friend...

Obama's Real Problem With Ayers


http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles.aspx?id=308271974461547    Oct 7, 2008

Election '08: At an education forum in Venezuela, Bill Ayers showed the real issue is not his terrorist past. It's the socialist revolutionary agenda that he and Barack Obama want to impose on the nation's schools.

Still more evidence of how the media are in the tank for Obama was evident in Tom Brokaw's description of Ayers on Sunday's "Meet The Press."

"School reformer" is how Brokaw identified the co-founder of the Weather Underground, the radical organization that, among other activities, bombed government buildings, banks, police departments and military bases in the early 1970s.

Yeah, right: Ayers is a school reformer in the same sense, as City Journal's Sol Stern put it, as Joe Stalin was an agricultural reformer.

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Date Posted -  10/14/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012