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SCOTUS Clerks MisInforming Citizens... Again

[COMMENT:  Orley Taitz is a hero, gentle, persistent, and right on target.   As she says below, Obama is trying to circumvent the Constitution by getting the Court clerks to disobey the law.   If so, that is actionable behavior.   One more example.     E. Fox]

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SCOTUS clerks are misinforming the citizens again

May 17th, 2009
I got a phone call from Mr. Bill Van Allen, who filed his case in SCOTUS. What concerned me, is the fact that his case was returned with a letter from a clerk, stating that the cases can be filed only after they went through lower courts. Iíve seen a similar letter before. This is wrong. Under Article 3 of the Constitution the Supreme Court has an original jurisdiction in a number of cases, for exmaple, when the Ambassadors and ministers are involved. Also, it has an original jurisdiction in some other cases, like a dispute between the states. If Rick Perry of TX files a legal action and sues Linda Lingle of HI, for not releasing Obamaís original BC, SCOTUS has to hear this case under the original jurisdiction.
I am concerned by the fact that as BO tries to rewrite or circumvent the Constitution on the Natural Born Citizen issue, those clerks are aiding and abetting him by telling the citizens that the only way to bring the case to SCOTUS, is by going through the lower courts. As a matter of fact I filed directly in SCOTUS because the Mandamus is to the Ambassadors of Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan and Great Britain to provide information in regards to the entrance visas, that were given to BO as he entered their countries: what passport did he provide, from what country and what serial number.  
This is ridiculous to think, that the ambassadors would not have the right to appear in court right there in DC, in SCOTUS. What do those clerks think? That I should file such case in the lowest possible court: in the Circuit court of Yahoo-Ville or the District Court of Bun-dogs???
As I explained, the case was hand delivered on Friday, it takes a day or two for the security Anthrax check and then it should be forwarded to the clerk and entered into the docket. My previous case Lightfoot v Bowen, also Petition for the Extraordinary writ writ of Mandamus was deemed to be filed properly and it was forwarded by Chief Justice Roberts to the conference of all 9 Justices, as one that has value to be reviewed in the full conference. Current case has some 100 plaintiffs with perfect standing: active duty military, that are risking their lives and cannot take unlawful orders from an illegitimate Commander in chief, State Representatives, an elector and Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. The case is ripe. According to rule 20 as authorized by 28 USC 1651 (a) I spent 45 pages showing  exceptional circumstances warranting exercise of the courtís discretionary powers and why adequate relief cannot be obtained in any other form of from any other court. Since I asked for a stay, of Obamaís performance of his functions of a president and Commander in chief, pending verification of his eligibility, Justice Souter has a right to issue a stay on his own, without even bringing the case to the conference. This is my logic. As Justice David Souter is leaving the Supreme Court next month, he has an opportunity to leave as an American Hero, who saved his country from an usurper, he can go down in the American History as one to par with the First Chief Justice John Jay (whom I quote) or Justice Marshall; or he can leave as one as scared as the others, with no guts or backbone to do the right thing , to uphold the Constitution, as one ultimately accountable to the American Citizens and their Common law Grand Juries.
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Date Posted -  05/20/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012