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Obama Openly Silencing Opposition?

[COMMENT:   If the email forwarded below is accurate (it is from a trusted friend), then Obama is openly and blatantly seeking to silence opposition.   We seem to be in for a Nazi-style (well, any tyranny or tyrant would do) oppression.    E. Fox]


You may not agree with everything "Tom Paine" (a visiting prof at UCLA named Bob Basso) says, but he seems to have attracted the attention of the White House.  If these two stories are true, The One is either very sure of his position, or he is remarkably ignorant of the traditions of free speech in this country.
Glenn Beck interviewed Prof. Basso (you can find it on Youtube) -- he seems like just a regular citizen who's fed up with "diversity" and political correctness and fearful of losing our country.  He's done more than one video (two links below, but I think there's more).
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This is REALLY very frightening.

Dr. Bob Basso, the actor in the video presentations below, depicts Thomas Paine.    He is critical of what is happening within the American government right now.

He was scheduled to be on a radio show tonight:  760 am -  The  Jerry Doyle Show, but turns out Dr. Basso was contacted by the WHITE HOUSE (actually I understand Obama himself talked to him and asked BAsso to stop
making appearances, stop making the videos and basically STOP TALKING about what is happening and wrong in America.   When Dr. Basso refused, Obama invited him back to the White House to talk.  

Seriously, this is truly amazing.   We know that the President's men have been systematically trying to destroy anyone they consider a threat to them.  It started with Sarah Palin, then Joe the Plumber, and, of course,  Rush Limbaugh, but  it is now spreading.    If Dr. Basso doesn't agree to be quiet, they will try to find a way to intimidate or force him into silence.

What is happening?    Is this America?   How can we STOP this?   Who or WHAT have we elected to run our country?
Before the White House and Democrats PULL these videos off of the internet .... look at them and spread them to everyone you can.   
Here's a brief note on the same subject from Free Republic:
Bob Basso (Thomas Paine) Silenced! - Jerry Doyle Show
Jerry Doyle Show ^ | 03-25-2009 | Bob Basso

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 12:56:53 PM by GraceG

Jerry Doyle has reported on his show that the creator of the viral video in the link above is not appearing on his show due to intervention from the white house and Obama himself.

He has been told not to discuss it on his show but he is going ahead and re-playing the audio in direct defiance of the request from the white house.

The creator of the Viral You Tube video Bob Basso was supposed to be on his show today. This could get ugly, just giving a heads up, this is my first post here. What this appears to be is a direct repression of free speech by the President of the United States.

Bob Basso was told not to talk about his visit to the white house.

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Date Posted -  03/27/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012