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Obama - Unlawful Occupation of Presidency?

[COMMENT:  My emphasis below (italic/bold).   We, the People, not Barack Obama, have allowed our governors to bring this upon us.  We are ourselves to blame for this subversion of our Constitution.  We have allowed ourselves to be taught ignorance, we have allowed our freedoms to be compromised and nooses to be put around our necks.  And we will pay the price.  Our posterity is not to blame, but, sadly, they will bear the greater burden because of our cowardly dereliction of duty. 

The greatest danger is that we will not stand up now in sufficient numbers to rescue the situation by demanding an accounting from Obama and from the Democratic Party.  If you cannot, or choose not to, see the dark hand of tyranny behind this subversion of our Constitution, you are part of the problem.   E. Fox]

For Immediate Release -- Event Notice -- Press Conference

: Mon 12-15-08, 12:30 PM
Place: California State Capitol, Sacramento California at the Corner of “L” and 11th Streets

Topic: Unlawful Occupation of Presidency and Invalid Electoral College Process

Conference Contact: Tony Andrade, 916-230-2123; Tony95683@netzero.net
Media Contact: Markham Robinson, State Chairman, American Independent Party;
Party HQ 707-359-4884; Home: 707-448-7062; Office: 707-451-8985;
Temp Cell: 707-761-3009; Fax: 707-222-6040


The American Independent Party insists that Barack Obama prove that he is a natural born citizen. There is no personal testimony that Obama was born in Hawaii as there is that he was born in Mombasa District, now part of Kenya. The burden of proof is on Obama.

Hawaii’s unique laws allow for birth certificates to indicate foreign birth. Is that what his indicates? We have not seen it. Instead of spending tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars resisting its production and even defying a court order to do so, why not spend the $12 to produce a copy for us all to examine? Is the answer, just possibly, that Barack Obama is afraid of what it would reveal?

Similar doubts concerning possible Indonesian citizenship exist. These too urgently need to be resolved.

What is about to occur in the State Capitol is fatally flawed in three ways:

The likely result is that a man whose qualifications to assume the office of the President are quite dubious will receive our California Electoral College vote because of a judicial disinclination to give the People their right to be heard.

Electors apparently not individually nominated by Democratic Congressional Candidates as required by the California Election code will vote in the Electoral College.

Electors will be constrained to vote as a block rather than individually as is their right and duty according to procedures set down in the Constitution and will thereby deprive California of a legitimate voice in the Electoral College.

On all these grounds and more, I fear greatly for our People. Unlawful occupation of the Office of the President means no new valid legislation. No valid nominations, including to the Supreme Court. No valid Executive Orders. No lawful commands as Commander in Chief.

Such a situation paralyzes legitimate government. The longer the imposture is maintained, the worse it becomes. Reliance upon eventually voided legislation is extremely perilous. Reliance upon the actions of appointees unlawfully occupying offices will prove equally disastrous. But worse is the debilitating distrust of our democratic processes that will ensue. Our democratic system depends upon trust. As Obama swears to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, if he thereby takes office unlawfully, he is actually attacking it. This puts our entire Constitutional order in peril and may destroy the Republic.

Attorneys Representing Alan Keyes, Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson

Orly Taitz DDS Esq
26302 La Paz, Suite 211
Mission Viejo, Ca 92691
29839 S. Margarita Pkwy
Rancho Santa Margarita Ca 92688
Work: 949-586-8110 Cell: 949-683-5411 FAX: 949-586-2082

Law Office of Gary G Kreep, Esq., 932 D St. Suite 2, Ramona CA 92065
Office: 760-787-9907

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Date Posted -  12/15/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012