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Two Conservative Parties:
Constitution vs. American Independent

[COMMENT:  Below is a response to a query I made about the two genuinely conservative parties in the US today.  I was looking for how they differ.  If below is accurate, I would have a hard time voting for the Constitution Party which I have been favoring.   Alan Keyes, the candidate for the American Independent Party, is a strong supporter of the Declaration of Independence as an organic document in American law (one of those documents which help define the very meaning of a legal tradition).   I am not certain about Keyes as a leader, but he is passionate for the babies, and a very good speaker.   I know less about Chuck Baldwin.

The significance of the difference is that the AIP believes that there is a federal obligation to defend the lives of the preborn overriding states-rights to permit abortion.  Apparently the Constitution Party does allow the states to permit abortion on the grounds that protecting the babies is not an authority enumerated in the Constitution for the Fed.  

I believe that is wrong because the Declaration of Independence obligates our federal government under the law of God to protect all human life, we all being created equal under God.      E. Fox]

In your article arguing that Sarah Palin is NOT pro-life you wrote :

If Palin was Pro-Life at one time, it seems that she has compromised that to get the VP spot on McCain's ticket -- she is representing his position, not that of God.  Either she is ignorant of what she is doing, or she is being dishonest.  Do NOT vote for McCain/Palin.  Vote for Chuck Baldwin in the www.ConstitutionParty.com or Alan Keyes in the American Independent Party --  www.aipca.org/index.html  (I am not yet decided between the two.  Would appreciate comment.)

There are many things to admire about the Constitution Party and Dr. Chuck Baldwin. The schism between them and those who have created America's Independent Party is very unfortunate for many reasons, but the schism does have what to me is perhaps an overriding logic that trumps considerations about their disagreements on foreign policy, the war, Israel, etc.
The Constitution Party platform accepts the claim that (legally, though not morally) the right to life is subject to veto by state governments. We must be very careful to acknowledge that many devout opponents of abortion share that "States' Rights" view, including some with substantial constitutional credentials and some who absolutely agree that the executive branch has a constitutional duty to treat Roe as null and void. 
Despite my admiration for some who hold to that view, I find it inadequate pragmatically, morally and legally. I believe it cedes the moral high ground, surrenders the philosophical/legal foundation of the nation and the potent legal principles in the Declaration of Independence. As policy, I believe it cannot lead to an acceptable result in the fight against abortion -- or on other fundamental moral issues such as marriage or parents' rights.
In contrast, (unless I'm mistaken) the new party, the American Independent Party, adheres to the Declaration of Independence as an inseparable and legally binding part of the Organic Law of the United States (David Barton's book "Original Intent" explains this). They accept what I think is the inescapable logic of the pro-life position: that an inalienable right cannot be alienated by either state or federal government. (In fact, this is so fundamental, I'm not sure it is not implicit in the republican form of government that the Constitution requires the Federal government to guarantee to the citizens of every state.)
Again, this is not to deny that sincere opponents of abortion likely dominate the Constitution Party -- obviously unlike the GOP, which is a fortress of demagogues like McCain for whom abortion and the entire culture war is a very minor issue.

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Date Posted -  09/15/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012