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The Quigley Formula
the Jesus Formula

F. Earle Fox
A. Who is Carroll Quigley?

Sunday, June 11, 2006, I attended a talk given by G. Edward Griffin, whose CD, The Creature from Jekyll Island, I had already heard on the bogus nature of the Federal Reserve System. [Go to http://www.realityzone.com/, and do search for the title]  

The Reality Zone, run by Griffin, is an excellent storehouse of information on politics and economics, how they are interrelated, etc.  He makes a serious effort to be factual, up to date on issues, and does an enormous amount of research.  A website well worth perusing (just ignore the dramatizing...). 

Griffin is a libertarian, whose definition of freedom is something like: the right to do anything I please, so long as I do not infringe on the life, liberty, or property of anyone else.  He has a Creed of Freedom based on what he calls eternal principles to express this view.  The creed undergirds his activist organization, Freedom Force

Sunday's talk was entitled, The Quigley Formula, in which Griffin describes the strategy massively documented by Carroll Quigley (in Tragedy & Hope, and in The Anglo-American Establishment) as being used by one-world globalists for taking over world politics. 

Quigley was a favorite professor/mentor of William Clinton at George Washington University.  Clinton gave Quigley credit many times during his campaign and tenure as President, signaling to those "in the know" that he was solidly behind the globalist movement. 

Like most politicians and industrialists of the 20th century, Quigley had given up on the American Constitution, openly espousing a conspiratorial view of global world government.  He agreed with the plan of the globalists to subvert our constitutional order and insert themselves as the elite rulers, as much as possible by stealth, but, if necessary, by force.  His only disagreement, apparently, was about their secrecy.  Why he would advise them to be open about such evil intentions is not clear. 

Quigley's "formula" for attaining the sought for control is the deception of the people via democracy, control of both political parties by the conspiracy so that they are different only on the surface, and swap places in the White House to give the impression of an election.  The fact has often been noted by observant voters to have been the case for many elections.  It is Lenin's strategy -- tell them whatever they want to hear, until you get enough power to force your will upon them.  (Same strategy used by in the homosexual agenda.)

Democracy here means the pseudo "liberal democracy" of socialism, which is the antithesis of a democratic republic under God.  By its centralizing vortex, liberal democracy erodes all local communities into a grand illusion of being "America" by virtue of having a federal government, as though the federal government was the creator (and therefore owner) of America rather than Americans in their local communities creating the federal government as their servant. 

The conspiracy has succeeded in all but destroying American education, reducing American history to post modern nonsense, taking away a significant part of the foundation of any society's identity, its corporate memory of itself.  The process atomizes citizens, turning them into an identity-less mass, subject to the coercive and manipulative power of evil-minded rulers.   Government replaces family, school, welfare, drawing the people into an increasingly dependent way of thinking about themselves.  Government replaces God. 

The conspirators are reconstructing the Tower of Babel.  And they will get it.   

These facts call into question everything the present Bush administration is doing, both foreign and domestic.  It has been clear to this writer for several years that, on the home front, George Bush is no friend of the Constitution, that he is a socialist at heart, and, as his support of the Mexican immigration debacle shows, an avid supporter of globalist treason.  If he is a sincere Christian, he is an extremely poorly educated one, spiritually immature, and enormously naive -- making him controllable, and thus a patsy for the conspiracy. 

Quigley had been given a two year period in the mid 1900's in which he had access to the archives of globalist leaders, meaning, no doubt, that they trusted him to do a good job for them.  He may have spilled too many beans, however, as Tragedy & Hope was withdrawn by the publisher for a period.  Both books are now available at The Reality Zone.  

The really astonishing thing is that the globalists and those like them can write quite candidly about their intentions, proceed to carry them out, and the population almost 100% goes on oblivious of the facts.  And worse, does not want to hear about it.  That is how Hitler got into power. 

It is happening right here.  God have mercy on us for our desertion of Him and His purposes for America.  Augustine was right.  Any nation which does not submit itself to the purposes of God will die.  And rightly (and necessarily) so.  Only under God can freedom, truth, righteousness, or love survive. 

[Note: this article just touches the tip of the freedom iceberg in Biblical thought and theology.  The Biblical worldview and Gospel are built on freedom from top to bottom.  There is nothing in paganism or secularism that can even remotely compare to it.  Yet the yearning for freedom continually wells up in the human spirit, suggesting that the Biblical view is the right one, that secularism/paganism, the closed-circle cosmos, is a terrible mistake.]

[Note: On the economic issues of globalism, see also articles by Edwin Vieira (do search for Vieira).] 

B. Two Enemies, not One 

Soon after America gained its independence from Britain, probably early in the 19th century, English entrepreneurs who understood the market possibilities in the burgeoning New World, were selling American industrialists and commercial interests, especially in New England, on the English mode of doing business.  England would wage a subversive economic war on America to pull the New World back into its orbit.  A collectivist conspiracy, inspired from the capitalist rightist side, would mount a war to win against the rising power of the leftist, Jacobin, communist movement which had emanated out of the French Revolution.  But the "right" and "left" are Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum look-alikes.  

The Christian population in America had gone to sleep about the spiritual war being fought, Calvinist theology had collapsed, unable to counter the rising tide of secular Enlightenment.  And the Unitarians and industrialists of New England were seduced by the promises of Anglo-commercial-secularists. 

At the end of the 19th century, Cecil Rhodes, diamond millionaire from South Africa, formed a secret society (described by Quigley) which, especially since World War I, has been a major force in world politics.  Its original goal was to spread the British Empire around the world on Anglo-elitist, white racist grounds.  Along with its American globalist allies, it gravitated into the globalist, one-world movement of today, operating largely through the United Nations.  Its aim is to get control of the "power centers", i.e., any society, organization, or function of politics, commerce, or media which has significant effect on citizen belief and behavior, including emphatically education and the Church.  The American branch, with the Rockefellers and other well known globalists, dominate the conspiracy for the present simply by the enormous American economic power at their disposal. 

To help keep under the radar, the Anglo conspirators gave themselves no public name, and modeled themselves more or less on the Jesuit and Illuminati structure, i.e., with a controlling inner circle, surrounded by ever larger rings, each of which was mostly ignorant of the next inner ring which controlled it, thus insulating the inner elite from view.  The Council on Foreign Relations is such an outer ring.  

The strategy of this Anglo-American Establishment (AAE) is thus similar to that of Leninist Antonio Gramsci (search), taking over a society by the slow penetration of the power centers by those favoring AAE goals. 

With about a century of penetrating into American affairs, the task is about done, according to Griffin.  They have bought or snuck their way into just about every significant organization in America, and so have people in crucial positions nearly everywhere.  Their task now is simply to raise the walls of control gradually higher.  And the Church sails obliviously on -- because it, too, has been penetrated by these people with an "updated" reinterpretation of the Gospel. 

The AAE has a mortal enemy, according to Griffin, in the Jacobin inspired Marxist-Leninist conspiracy, which has the same aim, but different and competing leaders from Russia, Cuba, and other communist dominated countries, led by former Soviet leaders.   The downfall of the Soviet Union did not at all mean the downfall of Leninism. 

Griffin describes "Marxists" as those who read and believed Marx.  "Marxist-Leninists", on the other hand, are those who read Marx but follow Lenin, whose fundamental principle was raw power.  Tell people what they want to hear until you get power.  Get power in any way you can, and then you can afford to debate your enemy because you have the power to annihilate him. 

It would not be wise to trust either the AAE or the Leninists as other than absolutely amoral and vicious. 

One suspects that the Anglos have the economic advantage, with the enormous river of funds being sluiced into their coffers through the Federal Reserve and other Western national banking systems. 

One must note that the presence of two collectivist and conspiratorial giants both aimed at dominance tells us something about the confused and ambiguous campaign against communism in the 1950's and the whole spurious direction of the Cold War.  The AAE had funded much of the Leninist movement in the 1930's and -40's to defeat Hitler, so it is hard to tell friend from foe.  Much of the war against communism after WW II was, then, a war between the two real enemies of America, the AAE and the Marxist-Leninist conspiracy.  Almost nobody had any idea on how to defend the real America.  We Christians were sound asleep, thinking we had won the war to end all wars.   Not til Jesus comes back. 

The two conspiracies are, other than being enemies, identical in aim -- centralized control.  Griffin describes their mounting levels of strategy against opponents:

1. Ignore the enemy -- if they are small and have no staying power, they will vanish; 

2. Discredit and demonize;

3. Buy off with distractions, get your friends on their governing boards, compromise their aims;

4. Open bribery;

5. Play rough.  Mafia, Al Capone style.  Assassination. 

Sounds familiar.  Neither of the two have any intention, in other words, of losing this war.  Absolutely everything (from their point of view) is at stake.  They are spiritual children of the secular Enlightenment, of social-Darwinist survival of the fittest, and believe, as ancient pagans believed, that the strong should rule the weak.  They intend to be the strong -- at any cost to others, and as little as possible to themselves.  Truth is simply another tool for waging the conspiracy.  Morality, as Mao Tse Tung remarked, comes out of the other end of a gun barrel. 

Griffin sees the problem for freedom fighters as apathy and self-centeredness among Americans -- because we have been turned into economic animals, with no creed, no vision for victory, no perception that a victory is needed, so we do not show up on the battlefield. 

He is right.  The government-controlled education system has taken care of our creed and moral consensus in good order, and American spiritual leadership is oblivious, self-imprisoned and locked up right where the AAE et al told them to go -- inside their ecclesiastical walls.  When Christians one day rise up, it will be a different story. 

Griffin's solution to all this is to reverse the long slow march back through the institutions and groups, the power centers, of America by using the same strategy that the AAE has used.  Confront their power with our own. 

C. Biblical Strategy

Sadly, most Western Christians do not believe there is a Biblical strategy on such matters, having been spiritually disarmed, and drugged with economic satiation.

But if the conspiracies of the AAE and the Leninists are not evil and to be confronted by righteous people, what needs to be added to make it so?   Nothing has changed from the ancient days of power struggle excepting the level of technological sophistication and the invention of brainwashing.  Mind-control is now applied to whole civilizations.  Behind it all is the same Enemy. 

But, behind truth-seekers is the King.  That makes it an unequal battle.  God has always stacked the apparent odds against the righteous before provoking a fight with the enemy.  Moses and Pharaoh, David and Goliath, the Christians and the Roman Empire.  One supposes He wants to make it clear Who is doing the winning.  We need only do our part -- trust and obey.   God holds the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground, and is inviting His people to join Him there.  That is precisely how God wins.   

But what would winning mean?  Is Griffin's strategy a good one for Christians?  What is a Biblical strategy for taking back Western Civilization? 

First of all, we must understand that Western Civilization is Christian Civilization.  The West was coopted by secularists because Christians dropped the ball with science and politics. 

The uniquely distinctive features of the West are strictly Biblical both in origin and in nature -- science and due process in civil law, such as a democratic republic under God.  Christians lost the culture war largely because we alienated ourselves from science and politics. 

But what we must take back is not what passes for "liberal democracy" -- which is neither liberal nor democratic.  It neither liberates nor is for the people.  God has His own versions of both science and politics. 

Any secular government will inevitably, over time, gravitate toward centralization.  That is because if God is not the King (a political claim over all human government), there is no authority at all, and then the only order in life is that imposed, not by human authority (humans have none) but by human power, coercion.   As our Declaration of Independence recognizes and inserts into American constitutional law, all law (authority) comes from God, and the role of civil government is to administer the law and protect the freedoms already given by God -- a principle commonly recognized in the 1700's by politicians and jurists on both sides of the Atlantic.   

Secondly, a world without God, the cosmos of the closed circle, is an inherently unstable cosmos with inherently unstable citizens.  Stability comes only through control of circumstances, meaning coercion.  Citizens are thus always on the defensive, and drawn into power struggle.  And there is no moral order by which these conflicts can be adjudicated.  So power and manipulation are the tools of a fragile (at best) unity.  Unity not based on both truth and righteousness is unsustainable. 

That means that any overthrow of one tyranny will eventually lead to another tyranny.  If civil government is the highest court of appeal, then civil government is god, the dispenser of security and the granter of rights.  Civil government cannot deliver on either of those, so the citizens are drawn, again, back into competition and power struggle.  The whole history of the world is one example after another of this.  Without God, there can be no peace.  And not just any God, but the One who has revealed Himself willing to pay an incredible price to draw His fallen creation back to Himself.  Any other God will not produce truth, righteousness, or a loving spirit, only power struggle.  

Griffin raised the problem of a renewed free government itself becoming corrupted by power, and said that "mechanisms" must be in place to prevent that.  If thousands of years of failure are any indication, there are no "mechanisms" which can do that.  Only a population committed to the law and grace of God can produce stable freedom under law. 

D. In the World, but not of It

That means Christians either stop being embarrassed to talk about Jesus in public, or plan on continuing to lose the spiritual war.  God will not fight for us until we are willing to stand for Him, willing to have our lives spent for Him as His was (and is) for us.  Moses, David, and the early Christians all put their lives at risk.  They did not sit on the sidelines and watch God do the winning.  They made themselves available for God to do the winning through them.  We do not have to know all the answers, but we do have to know and stand for Him who does know all the answers. 

Resistance, in other words, begins with personal relationship to Jesus Christ. 

That relationship is not spiritual puffery.  It provides what the world cannot do -- ontological security and moral direction.  It makes us people who are "in" the world but not "of" it.  Stalin challenged:  "How many divisions does the Pope have?"   Stalin, his divisions, and the Soviet union are, as we say, "history", not exactly "in the world".  But the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church continue -- because they are, to a significant degree, of God, not of the world, and so continue in the world at a level deeper than Stalin could ever be.   

When we receive our being, identity, and security from God, then the world cannot effectively threaten us.  If we are standing on the Hand of God for our being, we are not standing on anything the world provides and thus could withdraw.  Our stability is secure against all threats.  That is why the blood of the martyrs becomes the seed of the Church. 

And when we receive our moral direction, our purpose for existence which only the Creator can supply, then our authority surpasses anything that civil government can put against us.  "Who are we to obey, God or man?" echoes down the ages. 

Any rights given by government will be, at their discretion, withdrawn.  Only rights given by God are inalienable.  That is a logical fact which no propaganda can undo. 

Ontological security and moral direction are the warp and woof of existence.   The world, with all its pretensions, cannot supply those, which is why the world keeps unraveling, and why it is helpless against people who are secure in Christ. 

Those who are "of" the world cannot really be in it.  They can only pretend.  Their inherent defensiveness always erects defensive walls, defense mechanisms, which keep them from being fully "in" the real world, i.e., the world of relationship.  That means they are incapable of creating deep unity among themselves, only pragmatic, situational, and thus fragile unity. 

On the other hand, those who are not "of" the world, but "of" God, are able to shed their defenses, to be most deeply in relationship, unified, and to take advantage of the resources of the world, which are above all, freely acting persons.  That is why the meek shall inherit the earth.  It is all quite logical -- once one understands the logic of dependency, i.e., the logic of the Creator-creature relationship.  That the worldly cannot do.  A Godly strategy works because it is the only reality-, not power-, oriented way of life. 

You want the real world?  with real power?  Follow Jesus to the Father. 

Being "of" God creates a community of persons who force the confrontation between the world and God.  They really do represent God, not because they are pushy, or arrogant know-it-alls, but precisely because they are humble, the ones through whom God always chooses to reveal Himself. 

God wins because He harrows the outskirts of hell in this world, rescuing from the grip of darkness those who want the Light and the freedom of the children of God.  Nothing can stop Him or His Church.   

Griffin is right that we must retrace the steps of the conspiratorial march through the cultural institutions of the West, but under the authority and power of the Son of God, not with another secular counter-revolutionary scheme. 

E. In the Trenches 

Yes, there are some very practical things which need to be done.  God is a very efficient pragmatist, and knows how to get done what He needs to for His ends. 

The first is the resurrection of the Western Body of Christ and education to its public responsibilities.  Christians must regain their public witness -- "Jesus is Lord."  Without a spiritual renewal, any counter to the AAE, et al, will go in circles.  We will just (again) get in the way of what God is doing.  Only under the law and grace of God can anything significant be done.  Sailing off on our own without obedience to God means the death of the project, its cooption by the Enemy.  We cannot bear fruit unless we are grafted to the Vine, unless our being and our authority come from God, not from the world, the flesh, or the devil.  Worldly true-believers fear nothing so much as a renewed Christian body. 

God wins by setting free the real power centers, persons in league with Himself, persons who have ontological moral stability, who know their own boundaries, and how to apply spiritual power and spiritual authority.  And even more so, communities in league with God -- the Church.  The world has no defense against these. 

God wins by speaking the truth in love through such persons who will do so at any cost to themselves, who then raise up more of the same.  Evangelism.  The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. 

When truth is spoken, when people begin to discover who really is Lord of the Cosmos, and to compare Him with the pretenders, it is no contest.  When people under duress begin to put truth above all else, at any cost to themselves, refusing to tell or accept a lie, they put themselves in touch with resources beyond anything the world, the flesh, or the devil can touch -- the Hand and Voice of God.  That is proven by the history of martyrs and in the prison literature of centuries. 

When people discover and compare the kinds of freedom offered by God and by the pretenders, the jig is up.  Evil can survive only in darkness.  When truth is spoken, when the Light comes into the world, people are forced to choose between light and dark (as per John 3:19).  Those who run for the bushes further alienate themselves from reality, and thus condemn themselves to failure. 

But to accomplish that with intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity, Christians must be willing to spend themselves to be truth-speakers.  They must learn their own worldview, and how God intends His world to be governed.  That means understanding the principles of Biblical politics

The claim that "Jesus is Lord" is a political claim.  Jesus means to be lord over Caesar.  Every knee will bow.  Some will like it and others will hate it.  But when Jesus returns, everyone will know.  God owns the whole universe, including civil government.  We must learn how to make that argument with truth and with love, winning the people over, not coercing or manipulating -- at any cost to ourselves. 

Secondly, spiritual renewal being underway, we must re-establish the true purpose of civil government -- to submit the use of coercive force (which is what government is all about) to the law and grace of God.  At some level, the founding fathers understood that (see Declaration of Independence), but were not able to articulate the principles with clarity, so the next century saw the demise of the Biblical worldview, with the gleeful help of secularists. 

But all that is now slowly changing, and will become publicly evident as Christians continue to regain their intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility.   

Civil government is rightly about coercion.  Everything civil government does, it does, as it were, at gunpoint.  We make laws to enforce or forbid some behavior.  But there are many things which never should be coerced -- religion, education, charity (all of which are coerced at gunpoint today) -- which is why the founding fathers wanted and gave us a limited government. 

We must dismantle all the institutions of civil government which bring coercion to bear in an unGodly manner.  Those include first of all, government-controlled education, the tool of mind-control.  And then the IRS and the Federal Reserve, which are tools of economic control and thievery.  And government social security and welfare, more tools of control, creating dependency rather than sturdy independence.  There are no doubt others. 

None of those noxious institutions of our current government are meant (especially by those at the highest levels) for the welfare of the people, they are mechanisms of control, ways of buying votes, and targets of special interest groups for manipulating government policy. 

And thirdly, the Body of Christ must get off the government dole of any sort, learn again how to educate and take care of its own, and show the world how to educate and take care of their own, through love of neighbor. 

And, the Church must learn to govern itself with as much intellectual and moral credibility as we expect of civil government, to set a model for the world. 

The Church did not win the Roman Empire by coercion or manipulation, but by laying down their lives for Christ.  It is happening today in China and other parts of the world.  It will be done again in America wherever people are willing to submit themselves to that moral order higher than themselves. 

Note: on the possible dangers of "theocracy", see "Theocracy? How the GOP became God's own party...."

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