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Carroll Quigley, George Soros, & Obama

[COMMENT:  This bit if info was in an email from Edward C. Noonan (see info at bottom).  Wish he had given the address for the Quigley YouTubes.      E. Fox]

I have also viewed the 5 videos on YouTube of an interview with Mr. Quigley. And I have to confess that I was unaware that Mr. Quigley claimed he was the “Father of Conspiracies.” I thought it was Cleon W. Skousen!


I have been aware of some of the Skousen's " conspiracies" in 1966 when I was in high school. Wikipedia says Cleon W. Skousen wrote his book, NAKED COMMUNIST and it was published in 1958. Quigley's book was written in 1966. How could Quigley claim Skousen plagiarized Quigley's book when Skousen wrote his book first?


Quigley also claimed his book was heavily plagiarized by Gary Allen (None Dare Call It Conspiracy) of John Birch Society fame.


Both Skousen and Allen have been instrumental in the formation of a great many of my own personal beliefs, and now it looks like Quigley contributed many of those beliefs as well. 


Quigley in the interviews also claimed that there are certain conspiracies that are correct…and others that probably are not correct.


For instance, he has researched and validated that there are indeed INTERNATIONAL BANKERS that declare their intentions  to take over and dominate the world (and all nations.) However, he is dubious about the conspiracy theories that the Jews, Masons and Mormons are secretly plotting to rule the masses. (I strongly agree with Quigley…as a Mormon political activist I can’t get my very many of my fellow Mormons to help out with local, state or national campaigning, let alone help control the world!)


But getting back to Quigley’s book -- Quigley described the beginnings of the Federal Reserve as the co-brain child of Montagu Normon, who Quigley describes at the “commander in Chief of the world system of banking control -- Governor of the Bank of England.”


Quigley says, “Norman had no use for governments and feared democracy. Both of these seemed to him to be threats to private banking and thus to all that was proper and precious to human life. He viewed his life as a kind of cloak-and-dagger struggle with the forces of unsound money which were in league with anarchy and Communism. When he rebuilt the Bank of England, he constructed it as a fortress prepared to defend itself against any popular revolt. For much of his life, he rushed about the world under the assumed name of "Professor Skinner."


Norman had a devoted colleague in Benjamin Strong, the first governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Strong owed his career to the favor of the Morgan bank.


In the 1920s, they were determined to use the financial power of Britain and the US to force all the major countries of the world to go on the gold standard and to operate it through central banks free from all political control, with all questions of international finance to be settled by agreements by such central banks without interference from governments.


And just as shocking, Quigley states on page 54: “Firms like Morgan, like others of the international banking fraternity, constantly operated through corporations and governments, yet remained itself an obscure private partnership.


“The influence of financial capitalism and the international bankers who created it was exercised both on business and on governments, but could have neither if it had not been able to persuade both these to accept two "axioms" of its own ideology. Both of these were based on the assumption that politicians were too weak and too subject to temporary public pressures to be trusted with control of the money system; accordingly, the soundness of money must be protected in two ways: by basing the value of money on gold and by allowing bankers to control the money supply. To do this it was necessary to conceal, even mislead, both governments and people about the nature of money and its methods of operation.


So when I read an email with information like I did from Ms. Joan Swirsky, I realize that we need to wake up and watch Mr. Soros more closely. He is one of the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS that Professor Quigley is talking about. Mr. Soros has a well stated goal. Like the quote above, I believe the goal of Soros is to:


“Conceal, mislead, both governments and people

about the nature of HIS money

and its methods of HIS operations.



Edward C. Noonan
Chairman - Yuba County American Independent Party
National Committee Member: America's Independent Party
Founder -
CA Mormon Battalion
Former 2006-2008 State Party Chairman - American Independent Party
Former 2006 Candidate/Governor - State of California
Former 2002 Candidate/Secretary of State - State of California

This email can be viewed with graphics/photos (if any) at http://www.4xtreme.org

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Date Posted -  08/28/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012