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Mitt Romney,
the GOP’s Bridge to Oblivion

[COMMENT:     E. Fox]

By Gregg Jackson and John Haskins

Almost no one in politics or the media will admit it in public, but the GOP lost the Presidency in 2008 by alienating the moral conservative base that the elites loathe. Many stayed home or voted third party, rejecting a nominee who was in fundamental aspects a liberal Democrat.

That is why Barry Sotero — a radical socialist with Islamic roots posing as a Christian, groomed for years by Marxist revolutionaries, who hides essential documents of his birth, education and career, who campaigned with illegal funding from overseas interests, who as far as 300 million Americans can honestly tell, was born in a foreign country and (under the plain language of the Supreme Law of the United States, the Constitution) cannot legally be our President, who lacks even the executive experience of a night manager at a self-serve gas station — nevertheless sleeps in the White House.

That’s why. Do the homework. Look at the demographics.

There are millions of voters who will not allow anyone to force them to choose between:

A. A slick-talking Marxist with no papers, no real qualifications, who voted for killing unwanted newborn babies wiggling and crying on hospital tables (for the unforgivable crime of surviving an abortion),


B. A liberal Republican with no allegiance to the Constitution, no convictions about infanticide, or defending natural marriage, nor the right of every child to a natural human family, but who brazenly lies into the camera and magically morphs into a “conservative” before elections.
Read the rest here: http://greggjackson.com/blog/?p=347

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Date Posted -  07/20/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012