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State Politics

State government is one of the badly neglected political arenas.  Godly politics works primarily from the bottom up, not the top down. 

Unfortunately, the top-down strategy has the illusion of being more effective, as though federal politics has the silver bullet to "fix" our every problem.  That is the illusion of power and authority, and we fall into it at our peril.  This page will point the reader to areas of state government. 

The drift toward centralization has been fueled by socialists and globalists because Americans never got an understanding of true Biblical government under their belts.  Our Constitution is built on Biblical principles, but we never developed the connection between the Biblical worldview and our political structure. 

We Christians are on the verge of getting a grip on that precious notion.  When we do, there will be a quite different debate in America and throughout the West.  And then throughout the world. 

See "Biblical Government" in the Constitution Library.


** Freemarket Education vs. the Wall between Church & State -- Government education (federal, state, or county) of children is illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral (i.e., contrary to the law of God...)   

Preambles from All 50 State Constitutions --  Yikes!  Could the ACLU be wrong??? 

The Original 13 -- review of a book by Wm. Federer on religion in the first 13 states.  Much needed.  Yikes, the ACLU looks worse and worse...


Judge Roy Moore runs for Governor of Alabama -- thrown off the AL Supreme Court for acknowledging God in his line of duty.  See videos of his trial.  If there was ever a betrayal of our American government, this was it.  And it is proceeding apace today more than ever.       Thank you Obama, & Co. 


The California Constitution -- and homosexual "marriage"   See also Conservative Collapse in the Spiritual Warfare Library for more on the California situation. 

Gregg Jackson's letter to the LA Times -- on (MA) Romney and (CA) Schwarzenegger's felony crimes of rewriting marriage certificates without legal authority. 

The "Gay" Marriage Hoax (Continues) -- Prop 8 protected.....  BUT.....  Those "gay marriages" which have taken place are declared legal by the CA Supreme Court.  That is nonsense.  They never were legal, and should not be declared so now.   E. Fox. 

Plundering California: How Public-Sector Unions Brought The State To Its Knees  --  Wonder why California, and much of the rest of America, is in such horrendous shape?  Still think limited government is not a good idea?  


**Letter to VA legislators

**VA Lobby Day -

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