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How to Win in California on Homosexual "Marriage"

Gregg Jackson

[COMMENT:   A response from Gregg Jackson on how to win in California on the homosexual "marriage" nonsense.  (My bold emphasis.)  It should also be added that Schwarzenegger has put himself in jeopardy of prosecution for a felony offense -- violating his oath by enforcing a behavior which has no legal backing.    E. Fox]

The good news is that there is still time.
Perhaps there are leaders reading this that will attempt to do whatever they can to set the record straight and demand Schwartzenegger's IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM OFFICE for flagrantly violating his oath of office.
The people need to know that Prop 22 defining marriage between one man and one woman is still the law of the land and that the changes to the marriage certificates illegally authorized by Schwartzenegger, are legally null and void.
The people of California need to know that their inalienable right to govern themselves has been flagrantly violated by a tyrannical governor that illegally enforced a court opinion as if it were the law.
The people of California deserve to know the truth, including by the way, all the thousands of same sex couples who were "married," that their "marriages" are all null and void, since the marriage statute which governs marriage HAS NOT CHANGED and still limits marriage to one man and one woman.
Now Scott, I don't know what the result would be if millions of Californias who voted for Prop 22 knew the truth as I have just outlined. But I would imagine that if a crtical mass of them were made aware of what Schwartzenegger actually did that there would be an immediate recall election.
And whether that happens Scott will largely depend on how committed our "leaders" are to actually leading and boldly proclaiming the truth instead of surrendering by conceding the big lie (that the court "legalized" SSM.)
And that has been my point all along.
While you may think that the "gays have already won" and that it's a losing cause. I believe that defending our constitution and rule of law is always a cause worth fighting for no matter how difficult the road ahead appears.
Like I said before, if our soldiers are sacrficing their lives for our constitution they have sworn an oath to defend, we ought to expect the EXACT same commitment (and an even greater commitment in my humble opinion) from our elected representatives.



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Date Posted -  --/--/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012