Virginia Lobby Day Report

[See also letter to the Virginia legislators which I presented at the Lobby Day.  E. Fox]

Monday, January 19, I attended the Lobby Day sponsored by the Virginia Family Association.  The morning consisted of a presentation strongly exhorting pastors to inform their people of the political issues and of the Biblical understanding of civil government. 

During the following Q and A, there was discussion of the about to be proposed Virginia resolution urging Congress to pass the Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.  I have strong reservations about that tactic because (1) it puts more power into the hands of the Federal government to control things, (2) it tries to resolve legally what needs to be resolved by a renewed Biblical worldview consensus in America. 

I said that the real issue behind even the homosexual marriage or Marriage Amendment was the "God and State" issue.  I asked the speaker (delegate Robert McDonnell from Virginia Beach (see about the possibility of the Virginia legislature backing an amendment to the Preamble of the Constitution linking the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration spells out the Biblical heritage upon which the United States was founded, whereas the Constitution is essentially a technical document giving the means for implementing those spiritual commitments expressed in the Declaration.  The Constitution by itself is a lame document indicating a process, but no indication of where the process is to go, i.e., the values driving it, or by what ultimate authority it exists. 

McDonnell very much agreed in principle, but noted that it is too late to initiate any legislation in the current Virginia session.  We agreed to keep in contact about the issue, and that the process needs some serious preparation.  We are not ready to present an amendment yet because the groundwork must be laid in four specific areas:

1. the history of America's founding;

2. the legal constitutional issues;

3. the theological issues, and

4. the logical and epistemological issues.

In all of these issues, the evidence is solidly on the Biblical side, but Christians have done almost nothing to elucidate their case -- which is why, over the 18- and 1900's, we lost the republic (which, Ben Franklin noted, the Constitutional Convention had given us) to the inherently totalitarian forces of socialism, secularism, and now paganism.  A free people will persist only with a Biblical worldview.  As one 1850's Speaker of the House (I think it was) said, "You will be ruled by the Bible or by the bayonet."  I.e., we will be ruled by the law of God in our hearts or by the force of civil government from without. 

Then I visited my two representatives, both far to the "left" on the spectrum.  Neither of them were available, so I left my printed materials, containing items on how to deal with the homosexual agenda (which both support).   Perhaps some seeds will be planted. 

Please pray for the Virginia and other state legislatures, and especially for the potential in getting public discussion going about God and the constitution, that we will be able to present a credible and compelling case around which people of reason and good will can gather.  The 200 mile round trip was worth it just for the contact with McDonnell. 


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