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Taser Torture?

[COMMENT:  Were the security people at UCLA engaging in torture to gain compliance? 

The video given below is not clear enough to tell whether the description written along with the video is accurate.  But the description is certainly consistent with what one sees.  I will be surprised if there is a valid investigation and a trial of those guilty, if they are indeed. 

If so, these things to not happen by accident.  Someone wants them to happen.  It may be a part of the psychology of disorientation -- cognitive dissonance, where contradictory images are given to produce paralysis of will and resistance among a people.  It is called psychological warfare.  It may also be another of those "testings" to see whether the American public will stand up and fight back. 

We had better let them know in ways they cannot mistake -- this will not happen in America.  The time is shortening when we will no longer be able to resist, not without a terrible price to pay.  See Endgame, Freedom to Fascism, and Government Travesty Against Border Patrol.  Also articles on conspiracy.   E. Fox]

Americans To Be Tortured For Refusing To Show ID?
Student shocked, tortured for defending constitutional rights

watch the video:

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, November 16, 2006

A horror video that wouldn't look out of place in Maoist China or Nazi
Germany shows a student being repeatedly shot with a stun gun by UCLA
police for the crime of not showing his ID. As similar cases begin to
pile up how long will it be before Americans are routinely tortured
for noncompliance and refusing to have their 4th amendment violated?

"A cell phone captured video of a 23-year-old student being
administered multiple Taser shocks by UCLA police on Tuesday. The UCLA
student was hit with the Taser shocks multiple times while he was in
the Powell Library Computer Lab. According to the paper, (Mostafa)
Tabatabainejad did not show ID to community service officers who were
conducting a random check," reports NBC.

Watch the video above and witness as the cops bark at Tabatabainejad
to get to his feet as simultaneously shock him over and over until he
begins crying and screaming for them to stop.

Police are given extensive training on the use of stun guns and in
most cases that training involves taking a taser shot and feeling the
effects. Depending on each individual's physiology, it takes at least
a minute to be able to even stand after a single Taser shot. Over a
hundred deaths have occurred in America as a result of taser shocks
and Taser's own manual discourages repeated shocks, yet the history of
their use tells us that police simply administer repeated shocks until
"compliance is gained." This is a euphemism for torture.

The video and the eyewitness reports describe multiple taser shots as
Tabatabainejad begs and pleads while at one point screaming, "Here's
your Patriot Act, here's your f---ing abuse of power."

The officers repeatedly order Tabatabainejad to stand even as they
administer further shocks - sending 50,000 volts of current that
override the nervous system and temporarily paralyze muscles shooting
through his system again and again. He can't stand and the cops know
it, they just get off on the maniacal ego power trip of torture and
this is why Tabatabainejad is hit again and again despite his
screaming and the protests of the onlookers.

Similar cases abound in the so-called land of the free, including the
video above in which a housewife, Abbey Newman, is assaulted and
arrested for simply refusing to tell the gestapo her name at an
unconstitutional checkpoint. Another case in which an Alex Jones
listener, Ferrell Montgomery, was tasered and had a dog set on him
again underscores the brutal and sadistic nature of the police. Like
Tabatabainejad, Montgomery was repeatedly told to put his hands behind
his head and stand up while he was electric shocked and a dog savaged
him for not complying.

In November 2005, Deborah Davis was reading a book on a Denver bus
when a guard of a nearby federal building got on board and demanded
everyone show their ID. Davis refused, leading the guard to "call on
federal cops, who then dragged Davis off a public bus, handcuffed her,
shoved her into the back seat of a police car and drove off to a
police station within the Federal Center."

How long before Americans are tortured with taser weapons on the
streets for refusing to show identification on a routine basis ?

How long before we are forced to wear shock collars like some bizarre
science fiction movie, where our masters can discipline us on a whim
for not obeying orders?

It may be a lot sooner than we think.

Every indication suggests that there are moves afoot to implement
these measures on every major street corner and transport system. A
year ago we were told that Federal air marshals were to expand their
work beyond airplanes, launching counter-terror surveillance at train
stations and other mass transit facilities. So called "Visible
Intermodal Protection and Response" teams - or VIPER teams, may soon
be permanently deployed to check ID's under the banner of

We need to set a precedent now whereby police who use taser stun guns
and any other kind of unreasonable force as implements of torture,
simply if an individual refuses to have their 4th amendment right
illegally violated, are instantly fire d, sue d and can never work in
any sector of government, policing or security again.

Watch this space for further updates on the Tabatabainejad case.

ACTION: Call UCLA and demand an investigation into this incident. BE
POLITE. 310-825-4321

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watch the video:

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