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Even Christians rarely recognize that Jesus has already been appointed by the Father to be the One World Governor (see Matthew 28, and the Book of Revelation, especially chapter 1).  I have talked with Christians who react with great fear at the thought of any world government.  That is one of those great errors which has kept Christians from talking intelligently and gracefully about Godly politics.  

The "world" is going in the direction of what is called "liberal democracy", which turns out to be neither liberal (liberating) nor democratic (the people are their own rulers).  The people become atomized from family, church, and other local loyalties, and so become easy targets for the centralizers who pull them into their orbit through government education and government welfare dependency. 

  If you are looking for peace, the UN cannot supply it.  The concentration of power in one place will guarantee continuation of war.  The UN is run (largely) by thugs, and is trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel -- which will lead, again, to babbling (that is the origin of the word...). 

 We do not need a one world government -- we have one.  And besides, the One World Governor has already been chosen - Jesus.  We do not need one controlling civil power, we need many nations under the sovereignty of the King of kings and Lord of Lords.  Then, and only then, shall we see peace. 

The concentration of power in one place will always, without exception, drift toward tyranny because the power- and control-minded folks will always drift toward the power centers.  Civil government is about coercive control, which is why it must be separated, limited, and dispersed.  Otherwise, if concentrated, we will have a tyranny. 

Jesus appreciates diversity, and respects freedom -- as consistent with truth and righteousness.  Human centralized government rarely respects either truth, righteousness, diversity, or freedom.  It respect power. 

If you had two live options to choose from, a world run by the UN and a world run by Jesus, which would you take?  "Choose this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my family...."  said Joshua... and... E. Fox 

One World Government?   The UN cannot supply peace.  Concentration of power in one unaccountable place guarantees continuation of war.  Godly freedom-lovers will rise up.  The UN, run (largely) by thugs, is trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel - & will get it.   We do not "need" a one world government -- we have one, & the One World Governor is already chosen: Jesus, King of kings & Lord of lords.  That is a political statement.  We do not need one controlling civil / military power, we need many nations under the sovereignty of the King of kings.  Not 'til then shall we see peace.  How to change the impending disaster:  Ask God to change us to truth-seekers rather than position-defenders...  Only truth-seeking can lead to the true position.

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** Baby Gap -- and the coming darkness...    E. Fox comment 

** End Game --  Western Civ. is being checkmated.  There is no turning back.  We must work through the consequences of our own sin, and, under the law and grace of God, get prepared to rebuild a new Christendom. 

** Iraq, America, & Theocracy --  response by E. Fox to a query... 

French Revolution Declaration of the Right of Man - 1789 - an abortive attempt to create a secular constitution.   And also, UN Declaration of Human Rights   These two form the moral "ground" of Globalism -- the attempt to construct a morality out of nothing.   See Biblical Government

GLOBAL "INCIDENTS" MAP   -- tracks in (almost) real time incidents as they occur around the globe.   Note that all the news appears to be "bad" news, no good news reported.  One hopes they will change their policy. 
        Why are we so fascinated with evil and 'ho hum" at good?   It has, I think, to do with our apathetic, consumerist attitude, and our lack of hope for any substantial good, or ability to recognize it, and our capacity to be entertained by evil. 

Laigle's Forum -- good source for foreign commentary translated into English. 

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander - "A World Split Apart..."  Harvard 1978

Bush-Rice Swagger -  David Brownlow -- How would you respond to Brownlow?  Are Bush and Rice hypocrites for calling Iran tyrannical? 

Bill Gates, the UN, and One-World-Control of Your Education --  Probably the most dangerous drift in the world today.  This MUST be stopped.   The way to do so is to get the US government totally out of education.  Break the federal link with the UN dis-education, mind-control project. 

Falling Birth Rates not just European Problem ---   Christmas message from Mark Steyn - Chicago Sun-Times 

The Century Ahead: It's the Demography, Stupid -- the real reason the West is in danger of extinction. 

Welcoming Remarks - for Our Children's Children --  commentary on Western History by William Regnery

Breeding Obvious, Mate...  Mark Steyn from Australia on Western self-destruction.  

American Deception #1 -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is. 

American Deception #2 --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- an exceptional writer.   From her intro page. 

al-Qaida, Bush, and Mexican Borders --  Is our government engaged in high treason??? 

Beverly Eakman on UN Rights of the Child scam.   Eakman is one of the leading critics of the Globalist takeover of the West, largely through education. 

French Revolution Declaration of the Right of Man - 1789 - an abortive attempt to create a secular constitution.   And also, UN Declaration of Human Rights   These two form the moral "ground" of Globalism -- the attempt to construct a morality out of nothing.   See Biblical Government

Africa -- See Africa Library

Asia -- See Asia Library


Oh, Stalinoid Canada -- by James Lewis --   

Canada's HCRs  - (Human Rights Commissions)    June 6, 1944 --  On the 64th anniversary of the Allied Invasion of Normandy, liberty loving Canadians are alarmed that their so-called Human Rights Commissions (HRCs) are being run by tin-pot Gauleiters who are busily stifling and punishing all forms of non-PC speech.  
        See -- The meaning of 'treason', and Cicero on traitors within the gates...   

Economics (see Economics Library)

"Free" Trade - America Unmade - See E Fox's "Commerce & Government" Comment section at end 

"American Jobs are Disappearing..."   Alan Caruba  --  Get ready folks.  An enormous shifting of the ground is underway.  Some of it inevitable, some of it planned.  But where are the Biblical Christians?  Oblivious, for the most part.  Time to wake up and do our homework.    E. Fox. 

Money Issue may be the America's Achilles Heel in War on "Islamic Fundamentalism"  -- link to Edwin Vieira   --  an essay on the vulnerability of the US financial system. 

Education - see Education Library

Globalization of American Education -  If you think the Fed Dept of Ed is a disgrace, wait til you see the UN Dept of Ed.  Go to second article, "Will students lose the American dream?"  
        Lose it?  We have not been teaching it for at least a century.  It all began with Horace Mann, who, with others, persuaded America to adopt the system of the most militaristic nation in the world at that time, Prussia.  A system perfected in America by the so-called "progressives", made for tyrants, not a free people, aiming not at education, but control.   Read the article.  Your child will no longer choose his or her profession.  A bureaucrat will.   
        We are on our way to being globalized because Christians are too timid (cowardly), ignorant, or on the wrong side to begin with.  There is a Biblical form of education, and America does not have it.  And for sure the UN does not.  It is an anti-Christ organization.    (Pdf file.  If you need the free Adobe pdf reader, click here.)

** America 2000 / Goals 2000 - an 800 page Research Manual by James R. Patrick and Citizens for Academic Excellence in 1994-- on the globalist attempt to control education world-wide through the UN.  Most of the 800 page book is photocopies of the documents which prove his case, not merely quotes.  He has done his research.  This treasure trove of information was almost totally ignored by everyone, including most importantly -- the clergy.  
       For another such treasure trove, go to Charlotte Iserbyt's website American Deception -- Charlotte Iserbyt
       The planned destruction of the Church of God is not a religious issue?  Government ed is the Church of Secular Humaniism (now supplanted by neo-paganism), and the government is its enforcer.  That is why they want to tell the clergy what they can and cannot preach on.  Not in my church they won't...!
       See also an old article, The Globalization of American Education.  E. Fox  

Europe - See History Library and European Union

** William L. Shirer, Hitler, and a piece of our lives...   E. Fox 

European Constitution Draft - Where is God? 

"Is Europe Dying?"  --  George Weigel

"It's the Values, Stupid!"  Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, England --  Yes, there is hope for England and the continent. 

"Diabolical Forces behind European Union" -- Ashley Mote  --  Not a pretty picture.  I suspect Mote is pretty much on target.  The "one world" crowd is monumentally arrogant, and has no use for the common man's opinion.  They are after America, Big Time.  Only a Judeo-Christian renewal will turn them off their course. 

 WW II Revisionists Turn on the Swiss --  Eric Margolis.   Powerful story of how the small Swiss nation defended itself against Fascist Italians and Nazi Germans of vastly larger size.

Globalism -- United Nations & Secular One World Government -- See United Nations below


** Sen. Santorum, the UN, and Godly Govt. - E Fox letter to Sen. Rick Santorum on Michael New issue and government under God.  

** National Sovereignty - Why is that Important? - E. Fox

** Christians, the UN, & 1-World Government --  E. Fox  --  Why Christians should be working toward a world government...  and how. 

** GLOBAL SCHOOLING: the Hijacking of American Education -- Patrick Wood - commentary by E. Fox. 

** E. Fox compares US Constitution vs. EU Constitution.   Washington Times (Published August 12, 2003) -

** Letter to the Washington Times -- on the education disaster on education disaster (from early 2003) with postscript on globalist interest in keeping people ignorant. 

** Jesus Christ - World Governor ---   Letter to a Conservative Political Leader... 

** UN Threatening to Trump US Constitution - Olivia St. John -- at World Net Daily.    E. Fox commentary.

** Peace on Earth -- True or False?   by Berit Kjos --  Who will lead to peace?  The UN or Jesus?  That is the overwhelming public policy issue of our time.  2000 years ago it was Caesar or Jesus.  Nothing has changed.  Either Jesus will be Lord, or civil government will be lord.  Take your pick.  Choose this day whom you will serve.   Commentary by E. Fox. 

** UN "Rights of the Child" -- a tragic failure of truth and justice.  E. Fox 

UN & the Rights of the Child --  Stop Congress and the President from signing on to this travesty. 

Ron Paul for 2008?   -- Steven Yates ...  Interesting insights on infighting in the globalist crowd --

American Deception -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is. 

The Global Elite: Who Are They?  --   an excellent assessment of "Globalism".  Patrick Wood is an author to watch.   

A World Effectively Controlled by the UN - Lincoln Bloomfield, in 1961, lays the foundation

Blasphemy & Porn in Montenegro - Anti-Christ UN campaign???

UN Land Grab  - Gradualist evil - erosion of national sovereignty

Extradition Treaty -- John Ashcroft -- astonishing betrayal of US sovereignty???

"UN Agenda Targets Your Mayor..." -- link to Tom DeWeese -- The UN Globalists are amazingly bold in their openness about wanting to control our lives. Where are the bold Christians and other bold Americans? Do we not have enough sense to run our own lives? And where is the evidence that the UN has more sense than we? E. Fox

Internationalizing US Roads....???  - Link to Phyllis Spivey

Bird Flu, Liberty, & Quarantine -- Is this honest protection or more of the drift toward centralization? 

Globalization in Great Britain --  Dr. David Abbott (Englishman).   We are just a few years behind England in control by the secular globalists.  Only a spiritual renewal will turn the tide - recovery of our intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity.   It is on the way.   Will you be a part of it?  

Antonio Gramsci & the US Body Politic  --  by Alberto Luzarraga --  Gramsci is one of the primary strategists for communist globalism.

ReSources on the Destruction of American Education --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rare find for information and background on how it all happened.  How it is related to the international globalist drive. 

Global Banking - International Monetary Fund -- Patrick Wood -- excellent scholar with background material on fundamental international issues.   Parts 1, 2, and 3.   A good study. 

Why Dubai?  link to Phyllis Spivey -- on the recent US port-control flap.  The dirty little secret is the further internationalization of American life -- and the further erosion of control of our own destinies, and of American sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats.  That is tyranny.  But it benefits the large multinational corporations.  We are being routinely betrayed by our elected politicians, who are apparently bought out by big business, and international control freaks. 
        There will be a one-world government, but it will be under the lordship of Jesus Christ, not UN bureaucrats.

Communtarianism: a Three-Level Con Job --  link to Niki Raapana.  More on globalism and how it works.  At present, Christians are losing the battle for freedom because we do not understand our own Christian worldview.  As Christians get back their worldview and thus their political and social and economic philosophies, we will be able to offer a winning challenge to the globalist tyranny into which we are quickly drifting. 

More on the Globalization of Money & Banking --  Edwin Vieira -- 

The New Left, Cultural Marxism, and PsychoPolitics Disguised as MULTICULTURALISM   --  Linda Kimball in the Sierra Times.   The Left, Communism, etc. are far from dead.  There are only two basic choices before us, Biblical freedom and secular/pagan centralization -- for which "Multiculturalism" is the current Trojan Horse.  Choose this day whom you will serve...   The West is nearly swallowed up. 

Shadow Government in America - & New World DisOrder -- Maybe the manacles will wake us up???   Only a Godly people can sustain freedom.  Secular liberalism cannot do it. 

Religion & World Government  -- Dennis Cuddy  --  a bit of tragic religious history...  And the way to sanity. 

Will the North American Union be American Patriots' Last Stand?   Edwin Vieira -- a radical (root, not "extreme") understanding of the legal standing of the Declaration of Independence.  If he is right (as I believe), the NAU is nothing short of treason.  


Hate-Crime laws  --  UN seeks coercive sanctions against opponents of "gay" rights -

Islam - See Islam Library

** Should the US Pull Out of Iraq?  --  Muslim persecution of Christians...  And Western Christian strategic failure in the public arena.   E. Fox 

** Religious freedom in Iraq???   Tony Perkins and E. Fox.  Religious freedom will not happen in Iraq unless Judeo-Christians bring it.  The military cannot. 

** Islam & Terrorist "Talking Points"  --  Winning the Public Discussion battle (have we Christians even begun to get in it?) - how to deal with Islam and terrorists.  

** "Islam and Terrorism..." from an Islamic source.  Sees Islam as peaceful.   With extended commentary by E. Fox 

** MORAL CLARITY & VIOLENCE -- What the "Muslim World" thinks ---  about its enemies.   Commentary by E. Fox

** What is Islam?  and, How do we Deal with Muslims?.    by E. Fox  -- (a continuing project)

** Islam Around the World -- not a pretty picture.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

** Islam, Epistemology, & the Koran -- analyzing the epistemology of Islam.  How does Islam know what it knows about God?   E. Fox 

The World Turned Upside Down -- Philip Brennan  --  Muslims vs. the West.  Who is winning? 

Australia's Stance on Islam --  Yea and Amen!   America!  take a cure from the folks down under...!   

A Sermon for the West -- Oriana Fellaci -- a call to stand up...

Global Jihad: and Why We are All in this Together -- Don Feder

The Muslim Brotherhood Project --   On the Muslim "Project" to dominate the world. 

al-Qaida, Bush, and Mexican Borders --  Is our government engaged in high treason??? 

A Year to Defend Free Speech -- By Geert Wilders & Robert Spencer  --  Defend free speech, truth-seeking and truth-speaking, or perish as a civilization (what is left of it).  

The Benghazi Fight -- What it means.... 

Israel   See Near East & Judaism

"Sinai Solution" to the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict?

The Debka File -- Israeli information from the "inside"....  

IDF - Israel Defense Forces Training - powerful stuff on YouTube.   

Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital --  A wonderful testimony to the spirit of the Israelies. 


Religion & World Government  -- (Parts 1-4)  Dennis Cuddy  --  a bit of tragic and treasonous religious history...    And the way to sanity.  The One-World crowd knows that they must hold (not really, but in the public eye) the moral and spiritual high ground.  So they are working feverishly to convince the world that there is a One World Religion, just like a One World Education, and One World Government. 

                    Not so.  There are two of each -- the world's and God's.  We need to know the difference and which to choose.  In the world's version, centralized government controls everything else.  Tyranny.  In God's version, all of society is built on ordered freedom -- ordered by the law and grace of God. 

                    You Anglicans out there..., if you want to understand some of the primary pressures which produced our decadent ECUSA/TEC, read these articles.   The deepest tragedy is our own ignorant and oblivious participation in it all -- because we were more interested in our own comfort than in truth. 

The Man who 'Murdered' Slavery --  Mark Steyn & Eric Metaxas.


Russian Footprints - Ion Mahai Pacepa - highest Communist defector to the West tells how Soviet Communists infiltrated America and still control our thinking through their hidden influence in the media, politics, education, etc.   I think he is correct.  But an awakening Christian population will change that -- hopefully sooner rather than later.   See also Olavo de Carvalho on a similar theme.   E. Fox.   

South America

South American Crisis Update -  A very helpful and revealing piece about our South American situation.  We are under siege from every direction, and had better man the ramparts and pay attention to our Southern allies for Godly freedom and culture.  

Terrorism & Jihad - See Islam & European Union Libraries

Terrorism Update -- a watchdog website

WW III began in 1979  -- 

Anders Behring Breivik & his "Christianity".   This Norwegian terrorist is not a Christian, by his own admission and philosophy.  He is merely using Christianity for his political program, he says.  A rather odd combination of honesty and stupidity.  No surprise that the press would pick up on his religion as one more way to club Biblical Christianity.  

UNITED NATIONS  -- See Globalism above

** UN "Rights of the Child" -- a tragic failure of truth and justice.  E. Fox 

UN Website --

UN & the Rights of the Child --  Stop Congress and the President from signing on to this travesty. 

Millennium Development Goals --  Are these a viable and Biblical set of goals? 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights --  Is this declaration valid?  Upon what authority does it have authority, moral or otherwise?  Is it compatible with a Biblical view?  If moral authority comes from God, where does that leave this declaration?  Is it in fact part of the anti-Christ efforts to scuttle Biblical religion?    See also, French Declaration of the Rights of Man and Biblical Government.  

UN-Defined Ethics --  Steve Baskerville (at the Inter-American Institute...) another long train of abuses and usurpations....   The UN is an evil organization run for the most part by thugs.  It has little interest in anything productive, only in control -- like most socialist/Communist enterprises.  

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