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Sudanese Anglican Christians
Men, women, & children bear testimony to their faith
in the face of persecution.  Over 1,000,000 killed 1983-2005

[COMMENT:  What are we American and other Western Christians to say to this???   We must plead with God to do whatever it takes to get us to where we need to be to be open, honest, and graceful witnesses for Jesus Christ in public, for all aspects of public policy and government.  And get on our knees to repent and plead for His mercy.  

We must accept that God will put is right where we need to be to do our growing up intellectually, morally, and spiritually....,   and that it will hurt.  But soldier on and keep repenting and keep soldiering on. 

The blood of the martyrs is still the seed of the Church.  Lord, let it be so here in the West.     E. Fox]

Under threat of Sharia Law imposed by the fundamentalist Islam government in Khartoum, the Christian bishops, chiefs, commanders, clergy, and people  Sudan declared, on May 16, 1983, that they would not abandon God as He had revealed Himself to them. 

Until a peace treaty was signed on January 9, 2005, the Episcopal Church of the Province of the Sudan suffered from persecution and devastation through twenty-two years of civil war.  Two and a half million people were killed, half of whom were members of the Episcopal Church of Sudan.

Many clergy and lay leaders were singled out because of their religious leadership in their communities.  No buildings, including churches and schools, are left standing in an area the size of Alaska.  Four million people are internally displace, and a million are scattered around Africa and beyond in the Sudanese Diaspora.  Twenty-two of the twenty-four dioceses exist in exile in Uganda or Kenya, and the majority of the clergy are unpaid. 

Only 5% of the population of Southern Sudan was Christian in 1983.  Today over 85% of that region of six million is now mostly Episcopal or Roman Catholic.  A faith rooted deeply in the mercy of God has renewed their spirits throughout the years of strife and sorrow. 

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Date Posted -  08/--/2008   -    Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012