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The Americas

See also: American History;   Culture War

The Western hemisphere is taking on a "new look" with the coming (and treasonous) demolition of national sovereignty.  We will try to keep track of the developments here. 


** Baby Gap -- and the coming darkness...    E. Fox comment 

Globalism - One World Government -- See also Globalism in Constitution Library

North America Union activists plotted 'stealth' strategy -- by Joseph Farah.  Details of secret Banff meeting released as part of FOIA request.  The globalists are betraying America.  The darkness of secrecy is almost always a cover for evil.  A people cannot remain free if they allow their rulers to conduct the business of the public in secret.  Either the people take serious action, or we continue down the road to control. 

United States

** Why are Americans apathetic about Islam in America?  -- because we have been brainwashed and emotionally and morally castrated by our education system.  We have little fight left to stand up against our own destruction.  There are 7000 who have not bowed the knee to Baal, but it will be some time before they will make any significant difference, it appears. 

Shadow Government in America - & New World DisOrder -- Maybe the manacles will wake us up???   Only a Godly people can sustain freedom.  Secular liberalism cannot do it. 

The Rape of Europe --  Still think there is no problem over there?  And how about here in the US of A? 


What a Strange Place Canada Is...   Ezra Levant --  More on Canada, our neighbor to the North.  Not what you might think...

Is Canada's Economy a Model for America?  Mark Steyn --  We are being drawn into the noose by our President -- this is the Canada with which he wants us to merge? 

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