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European Union

The European Union is part of the globalist quest to produce a check on America, which is, with all of our erosion, still the world's best guarantor of freedom and of Godly government. 



European Union



United Kingdom (UK)



** Baby Gap -- and the coming darkness...    E. Fox comment 

** Holland's Post-Secular Future -- Joshua Livestro, in the Weekly Standard.  It appears that the Spirit of God is not conquered by secularism, not even in Holland.  Surprise! Surprise!    E. Fox commentary.

** William L. Shirer, Hitler, and a piece of our lives...   E. Fox 

"It's the Values, Stupid!"  Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, England --  Yes, there is hope for England and the continent. 

Stop Apologising for Being Christian!   --  says English Atheist  -- It's time Christians felt the same way. 

Falling Birth Rates not just European Problem ---   Christmas message from Mark Steyn - Chicago Sun-Times 

Laigle's Forum is a good source for foreign commentary translated into English. 

French High Court rejects homosexual marriage -- astonishing...   and welcome!     E. Fox.

Legal Status of Catholic Church in Spain Threatened --  over Opposition to Mandatory Pro-Gay Citizenship Course.  I do not know the legal status of the RC Church in Spain, and maybe it should be changed, but to do it to stop criticism of the homosexual lifestyle is wrong, and suggests that the RC Church is not very adept at presenting its case to begin with -- as in the West almost universally.    E. Fox. 

"It never happened...."   The lethal ignorance and apathy of the West - which has lost its own memory, even of only 60-70 years ago, within my lifetime.    E. Fox  

United America Committee interviews Geert Wilders in Holland.  The loss of freedom in Europe.  Coming to America..?  Already here.

European Union

** German Authorities will seize homeschooled children....   ...using a law from time of Hitler.   Have the German people learned anything or not?  Families fleeing Germany.    The statist mentality seems quite durable.  Horace Mann got his idea for American government-controlled schools from 1830's Prussia -- a militaristic forerunner of modern Germany.  Government should never, never, never control education.  It will always become a mind-control system.    E. Fox commentary. 

European Union Charter (this is a link to their site - http://www.europarl.eu.int/charter/pdf/text_en.pdf)- a distant progeny of the French Revolution, and a good example of contrast to the American Constitution.   Like the UN Charter, it tends to centralize power and authority rather than disperse it.  That centralization is almost a given with non-Biblical forms of government.  The moral authority of God has to be replaced by something, and the only "thing" the secular world has to offer is the coercive force of civil government.

            (This is a *.pdf file, requiring an Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Comment on EU Charter Draft 

Letter to Editor - Washington Times (Published August 12, 2003) - comparing US Constitution with that of EU. 

United States Constitution -- compare the political and religious viewpoints between the US and the EU....   Stunning. 

"Diabolical Forces behind European Union" -- Ashley Mote  --  Not a pretty picture.  I suspect Mote is pretty much on target.  The "one world" crowd is monumentally arrogant, and has no use for the common man's opinion.  They are after America, Big Time.  Only a Judeo-Christian renewal will turn them off their course.

Immigration Problems in Spain -- translation of Spanish article...  The subversion of national boundaries is not an accident.  It is part of the scheme for global domination by unelected and unaccountable dictators.  Is anyone awake out there?  

Cultural Suicide by Europe & the Democrats - Fred Hutchinson --  Is America next??? 

EU and Enforcement of Homosexuality Approval...  -  Scott Lively

 WW II Revisionists Turn on the Swiss --  Eric Margolis.   Powerful story of how the small Swiss nation defended itself against Fascist Italians and Nazi Germans of vastly larger size.

Islam & Eurabia

** Sharia Law now honored in Britain...  E. Fox commentary. 

** Astonishing account of 800 martyrs at the hands of Islam --   800 men of Otranto, who knew how to die well --- Italy, 1480 AD, probably saving Rome from capture by the Muslims.  

** Islam in Malvo, Sweden --  Islam wants to rule Sweden (and the world) with an iron (sharia) fist.    E. Fox 

Eurabia - the Euro-Muslim axis.  Interview between FrontPageMag and Bat Ye'or, author of Eurabia.  (Only a healthy Christian civilization can withstand the rise of Islam.  Europe will fall, as they do not seem to have the gumption to stand up.   E. Fox) 

Culture War Comes to Holland - Patrick Buchanan

Swedes Reach Muslim Breaking Point --

Is America (George & Condi) Watching Europe?    by Jan Markell   A second French Revolution...

Dutch Courage -- a Dutch-Muslim ambiguity...  

Germans Reconsider Christianity --  Islam forces surprising turnabout in attitude... ... partly in response to Pope's message

Who is Allah?   Some wisdom about the use of a name, and the proper focus of our meetings with Muslims. 

Denmark & Muslims -- a radical turnaround.... for the better.   Deo Gratia!  

France's National Suicide -- 

German Police Warn about flood of immigrants into the EU...   Sound familiar?  The EU may be in for the test of its short life...  From the English Daily Mail. 

Islamic Preacher Calls for Full Sharia in the U.K.  The cowardice and stupidity of Christians on these matters merits whatever we get.  But our children and grandchildren do not. 

A Year to Defend Free Speech -- By Geert Wilders & Robert Spencer  --  Defend free speech, truth-seeking and truth-speaking, or perish as a civilization (what is left of it).  

What Really Died at Auschwitz?   a reflection on the present course to disaster in the West. 

United Kingdom

** Sharia Law now honored in Britain...  E. Fox commentary. 

** Cadfael - the Middle Ages - & Despair  -  Powerful DVD series on the Middle Ages.  Commentary by E. Fox  

Sharia Law in Britain...   The coming tide.  We are digging our own graves in the West.  We in America are a covenant community under the law and grace of God (IF we can get it back, Christians!).   E. Fox. 

Globalization in Great Britain --  Dr. David Abbott (Englishman).   We are just a few years behind England in control by the secular globalists.  Only a spiritual renewal will turn the tide - recovery of our intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity.   It is on the way.   Will you be a part of it?  

Police protection for British Imam's daughter who converted to Christianity --  Ruth Gledhill -- More on Islam in Britain (and elsewhere...).   If "moderates" will not stand up openly against the terrorists, expose them and turn them in, they are not to be believed or trusted.    
        Before becoming citizens or being allowed to vote, they (and we) should be required to publicly renounce loyalty to any religion or philosophy which rejects an open, truth-seeking approach to life.  We should be required to openly espouse and defend the common ground of public discussion.  Truth is the only ground upon which any two persons can communicate.   

Disrupting our Legal System with Sharia Law - by Michael Nazir-Ali, Anglican Bishop of Rochester, England. 

England eradicated off the map -- to form the EU....   Don't believe it??  Take a look.   Coming soon to your neighborhood to form the AU (American Union).   This is deliberate subversion of local autonomy and identity, to create an isolated and atomized population -- i.e., a controllable population. 

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