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Denmark: Church pays protection money to Muslims
to prevent attacks on church-goers

[COMMENT:  If this is accurate, the cowardly West is preparing for surrender to the Muslim criminals.     E. Fox]

Church pays protection money to avert Muslim terror

With 300,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city of in Denmark. In Gellerup, a multicultural suburb of Arhus,  the multicultural problems can be seen openly. There are many Muslims and many Kalaallit (the natives of Greenland, which belongs to Denmark).

The Muslim citizens of Gellerup tyrannize the indigenous population of Greenland in the sourrounding areas of Arhus (as well as in Greenland) since the summer of 2007 so much that they no longer dare venture out of  their homes. Muslims see the Kalaallit as second-class people who do not have rights.  The Kalaallit in Gellerup - who must live in fear of their fellow citizens from a terrorist Islamic cultural background - don’t dare venture out without major security measures, they may not celebrate holidays and they can no longer play football together.

Muslims show themselves less multi-cultural, but rather blatantly racist - and attack the natives. Since last summer, the local government is trying to educate  Muslims in Greenland and Gellerup on an official website in Arabic,  by teaching them that they live next to the Aboriginal people of Greenland (link to the official site on which the citizens ask their Arabic fellow-citizens politely for more respect for Kalaallit .

Now  the Muslim fellow citizens in the vicinity of Arhus attack not only the Kalaallit, but increasingly also Christians. For a long time the church didn’t know what to do, but now the church employs two Muslim fellow citizens as “bodyguards” to protect the church from vandalism and  church-goers vehicles.

The church  is delighted: Since the Muslims are paid  for protecting Christians from fellow Muslims, by far not as many churchgoers cars were damaged, nor was the church vandalized or Christians attacked in the vicinity of the church (Source: Kristeligt Dagblad June 30, 2008 and Udfordringen).

These  fellow citizens, who came from Palestine and are now officially employed as “bodyguards” of the Church of Arhus,  are said to have to have “good contacts” with the Muslim youths in the region  and ensure that these no longer attack the Christians.

Therefore they are paid.

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Date Posted - 07/07/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012