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EU - Sliding into Tyranny
which, by any other name, is just as evil

[COMMENT:  The mindless march into tyranny in the West is astonishing.  How can people continue to give up their local autonomy and believe that those taking control will work for their freedom and best interests.  That has never happened in the history of the human race.  What begins (even if with good intentions) will always end up in the hands of the control-freaks, those who are sure they know how to run the lives of everyone else on the world.     E. Fox]


Torquil Dick-Erikson writes:



The EU has asked for the member states to give up their veto on Justice and Home Affairs.


JHA means the power to put people in prison. That power is the essence of statehood. JHA is not just about stopping burglaries, it is about our basic freedoms and their legal safeguards - and we know that ours, Habeas Corpus and Trial by Jury, are unknown in any country on the continent, and will be taken away from us too as planned in the "Corpus Juris" embryo European criminal code, based entirely on the continental inquisitorial model.


Corpus Juris will be wheeled out again in all its glory if the national veto on JHA is removed. Europol, and its crowd-control riot battalions at present stationed in Vicenza, Italy, will be beefed up, and the EU will be able to station them on British soil. So we will have armed (as all continental police are always armed) foreign police in funny uniforms answerable to Brussels alone patrolling our high streets, and immune from criminal prosecution whatever they do.

Once the EU has acquired the power to decide who may and may not be put in prison and how, it will have real and effective power over us all.

The EU Commissar for "Freedom, security and justice" Signor Franco Frattini announced yesterday in an Italian magazine interview that for the last year he has been running a co-ordinating centre of all the secret services of the EU member states. That too comes under JHA. He denied the intention, but when the veto is gone who will stop them from setting up an EU secret service?

It  has even been said, that once that veto is gone they will not really need a constitution any more.

The British government has indicated a willingness to consider relinquishing the veto. I gather that they will decide in September, and the decision will then be formalised before Christmas.




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