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France's National Suicide

[COMMENT:  Read it and weep.  We in America are only about 50-75 years behind Europe.  Only a Biblical spiritual renewal will change things substantially.     E. Fox]


Raspail's <<Le Camps des Saints>> ("The Camp of the Saints") has come to

Revelation xx:9,

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the
saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of
heaven, and devoured them.

France's national suicide

Posted: December 6, 2007    1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Dan Roodt

Last week, saw another battle in the near-civil war that is going on between
French police and so-called immigrant "youths" who burned everything in
sight, including schools, libraries and, of course, automobiles. These
rioters must be aiming for a new record in 2007 after having set fire to
45,588 cars in 2005 and 44,157 in 2006.
Low-intensity conflict in the streets, with rioters shooting at policemen
and members of the fire brigade as in France, is probably one definition of
multicultural utopia. Ever since the Berlin Wall came down, most of those on
the left have forsaken communism in favor of another social dream: the
multicultural society. Communism was "the god that failed," as Koestler
called it, but Multiculti will bring us heaven on earth.

Of all the countries in Europe, France has invested the most in this ideal.
One of the most shocking aspects of French policy, at least to Christians,
is that it is forbidden for the French state to support Christianity or
churches financially. But at the same time various municipalities in the
Paris region have been heavily subsidizing the construction of mosques. In
fact, I have had it on good authority that France has paid for making Dakar,
Senegal, the center of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization's activities for 2007 after the Senegalese government had spent
the original budget provided by Arab countries on more necessary

Not only is religion actively being promoted by the government, but a high
percentage of France's 10 to 15 million immigrants from North and West
Africa actually live in some form of government housing referred to as HLMs.
They also receive all sorts of welfare-state goodies such as free medical
care and education, cash allowances for having children and so on. Given
this welcome mat laid out in crisp new euro notes, one would think the
average Muslim would be wearing a permanent smile of gratitude while singing
the French national anthem, the Marseillaise, all day long.

To the surprise of the French authorities, exactly the opposite has
happened. At recent soccer matches the Marseillaise has actually been booed
by immigrants, notwithstanding the regular outbreaks of riots in the

Last week's riots started in the Parisian suburb of Villiers-le-Bel when two
immigrant youths on a motorbike crashed into a police car. The accident set
of a chain of violence, leaving 100 policemen wounded. A crude explosive
device made up of a gas cylinder with nails taped to it was also discovered
in a trashcan. In the bland language of a police statement, "The rioters
have turned away from material to human targets."

A famous Frenchman, Auguste Comte, once said: "Demography is destiny." To
grasp what is happening in France now, one must understand the country's
demographics. The indigenous French population is aging while the immigrant
population is a lot younger. Officially, there are 4.9 million foreign-born
immigrants living in France, with another 6.7 million who possess the French
nationality but "with foreign origins." Add these two numbers together and
one arrives at a figure of 11.2 million immigrants living in France.

Although this fact is hardly ever commented on, France enjoys the highest
birth rate of all European states. While the indigenous French population
has stagnated at around 45 million since World War II, another 15 million
people have been added to the French population, either through immigration
or through immigrant births in France.

This is where the picture gets cloudy. In 2006, there were 796,800 live
births in France, but how many were foreigners of African origin and how
many were French? It may be supposed that the immigrant birthrate is
significantly higher than the French one, which would explain the large
numbers of disaffected so-called "youths" currently shooting at policemen
and randomly lashing out at French lives and property.

The reason why the Paris region, called Ile de France, has been at the
forefront of the current ethnic clashes is that almost half of all
immigrants live in that area. Since the Middle Ages, Paris has been one of
the largest and most important economic and cultural centers in Europe.
Millions of non-European, Muslim people have now permanently settled around
Paris. Therefore, a Third World beachhead already exists in the heart of
Europe, with Paris and its restive banlieues already a theatre of
civilizational clash.

The cultural consequences of the African invasion of France were more or
less summed up by Time magazine in a recent edition with the following words
on the cover: "The Death of French Culture." According to the Time reporter,
Don Morrison, "France has become a multiethnic bazaar of art, music and
writing from the banlieues and disparate corners of the nonwhite world."

The magazine looks forward to a fundamental change in French culture where
"the country's angry, ambitious minorities" will dominate and "a sharper,
more poetic version of American rap" by Congolese rappers will be regarded
as the exemplar of French taste.

However, not even Time with its predictable obeisance to multiculturalism
can deny that France has become an ethnic battleground, with potentially
dire consequences for Europe and the West as a whole.

Some people are predicting that France will become the first Muslim country
in Europe. Given the rapid pace of French demographic change, such a
prediction is not far-fetched. While President Sarkozy has been verbally
abusing the "thugs" who commit violence and arson, there has been no rethink
on the viability of multiculturalism in France.

Sarkozy has also publicly stated that his government "will not reward
violence with money." However, after having spent billions of euros to
Islamicize France for so long, a few riots will hardly push the country off
its course of national suicide.

Dan Roodt is an Afrikaner author and activist. 

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