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Britain now recognises Sharia law

[COMMENT:  Just as with the homosexual issues, conservatives, Christians included, have no strategy for conserving anything, and no backbone to stand up and do it.  This is the death of Western Civ. So, may God bless and strengthen Baroness Cox in her efforts to bring the issue to the fore.

However, she is very wrong to appeal to the Declaration of Human Rights, which has no authority behind it at all.  She ought to be appealing to our Biblical foundations, and the sovereignty of God, as understood by English Common law -- at least into the 1800's.  The English are fatally naive if they think that the Muslims will stop at a voluntary Sharia law, as they apparently are allowed now.

The Declaration of Human rights is a solely human assertion with no more moral authority than my assertions.  Read the Declaration of Independence which has the logic clearly stated.  If you do not have your freedoms from God, you ain't got them.  Likewise for obligations.  Both come from God.  Without God, life is a dog fight, with the strong ruling the weak -- exactly the history of the human race for all of recorded history -- excepting where the God of the Bible has held our respect. 

All freedoms depend on the ability of God to obligate us all to respect the freedoms of others.  Every freedom implies obligations on others.  Civil government cannot do that, it can only coerce and punish, which is not at all the same at obligating.  (See Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love'.)   

These are not just social or political issues, they are fundamental religious issues.  There is no logical way around that.  See Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's comments.  E. Fox]

Friday, Jul 6, 2007 issue of The Church of England Newspaper

 Official: Britain now recognises Sharia law

 By Ed Beavan

 A PEER renowned for her human rights campaigning has called for ‘serious questions to be asked’ over the ‘appropriateness of the implementation of Sharia law’ in the UK, after the government admitted the existence of Sharia councils in England and Wales.

 Baroness Cox of Queensbury, who is a patron of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and has been a vocal campaigner for the rights of persecuted Christians in Islamic states, recently tabled a written question on the issue in the House of Lords.

 In a response to her question, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice, Baroness Ashton of Upholland, said Sharia law has no jurisdiction in England and Wales but recognised that there are ‘a number of Sharia councils in England and Wales that, on a private basis where the parties consent, deal with the mediation and resolution of personal and contractual disputes’.

 She added that ‘these councils are not part of the court system’ and ‘in all cases, parties will always have recourse to the UK courts’.

 But Baroness Cox, who has written a book entitled Islam, Islamism and the West: Is Ideological Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy, fears that many Muslims in the UK will not be able to seek recourse in the British courts.

 She highlighted to the recent cases of ‘honour killings’ in the UK where women choosing to go out with a non-Muslim had been killed.

 She said: “It’s a matter of considerable concern as the basic elements of Sharia law are fundamentally incompatible with the values enshrined within our society and upheld by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

 “Sharia does not recognise equality between men and women and Muslims and non-Muslims, and the freedom of choosing and changing religions. Anyone who converts to Christianity is accused of apostasy.”

 Baroness Cox has vowed to continue to put pressure on the government on the issue, as she felt it was ‘a very serious situation that Sharia law is now recognised by the government.’

 She has tabled a further two questions on the issue to the government, asking what action the government will take to ‘ensure that women living in communities in the United Kingdom that have accepted Sharia law will, in practice, have recourse to the United Kingdom courts’.

The second question asks what the government is doing to monitor the activities of Islamic countries in the UK in the light alleged links between some Islamic charities and international terrorism.

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