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Iraq, America, & Theocracy

F. Earle Fox

This is a response to an email query about what to do in Iraq:  Should we impose a theocracy?  The question came as a result of comments I made about the failure of Bush's secular policy in Iraq -- promoting "liberal democracy" rather than a Biblical view of government. 

RE X's query on theocracy, go to http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Pl/Cnst/00Const.htm#Church/State.  The articles with a double asterisk ** are my own (or by others, but with extended commentary by me). 

         America should not, I think, be imposing anything anywhere other than by open, honest persuasion, which means mostly by our own example.  We do miserably poorly on that score when it comes to the Gospel.  We have come to believe that the world can successfully run its own politics, thank you, and God is out of a job.  Our founding fathers did not believe that.   

         I am coming more to the conclusion that we should use force only when our direct interests are compromised.  Whether Bush was justified in invading Iraq on those grounds remains debatable.  But we went in with a secular plan, not God's plan.  We thought it was a secular problem with a secular solution -- win the war, assuming "they" would jump on the freedom bandwagon.  That was a prescription for disaster.  There is no use going into another country with the UN.  They are a corrupt, incompetent organization -- dedicated to secular globalism (just another problem WRIT LARGE, not the solution). 

         America has a Biblical foundation which is being destroyed by secularists, globalists in particular.  But that can happen only because we Christians are so ill prepared for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual warfare common to the fallen world.  We would be winning the war if we had been trusting and obedient to God over the last 7 or 8 centuries, and had not pitted reason and revelation against each other.  Entirely unBiblical. 

         Rather than putting a theocracy into Iraq, we first need to begin living one here.  It is the ONLY reasonable form of government (in my humble opinion...).  ONLY God can guarantee our freedoms.  No civil government separate from God can do that (see Preamble to Declaration of Independence).  So secularists who want a government for a free people want something they can have only at the cost of something they are not willing to grant. 

         The first task is thus for Christians to repent.  Not a popular strategy.  But it wins the heart of God, and that is what counts, in politics as much as in church.  We will not know what to do in Iraq (or any other place, even here in the US of A) until the Church repents for its betrayal of the Gospel and its inability to have produce a public testimony for the lordship of Jesus Christ over all things.  We will just continue to get ourselves into impossible situations, and continue wandering in the desert of secularism, promoting "liberal democracy".   I suspect that there is no solution for Iraq.  I.e., no matter what we do, it will be messy and bloody, with probably no winners. 

         I think that the globalists had a hand in getting the terrorists going (part of their Hegelian, Gramsciite strategy), but they may have grabbed a bear by the tail, and having sown the wind, may now reap the whirlwind.  With all of us paying the price. 

         Our first job is to repent, and then spend a lot of time talking with the Lord about our personal spiritual lives and our corporate spiritual lives.  We commonly used to have national days of fasting and prayer.  Let's go back to that, for starters, and mean business with God.  

Blessings, Earle 

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