[Article from Bob Djurdjevic, quoting another from Barry Chamish, apparently an Israeli, commenting on the corruption on both sides of the conflict and the intrusion of foreign power mongers into the situation.  I think he is right on target.  It is almost never that the people of a land want to go to war.  It is the leaders who have power at stake.  E. Fox.]  

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Topic: "Partition Sinai: Only Solution for Peace"


Truth in Media's GLOBAL WATCH Bulletin 97/10-4 13-Oct-97



By Barry Chamish

JERUSALEM - Three days ago a professor of mathematics phoned me from Germany. He had been following my work on MSANews and wanted two colleagues of his currently visiting Israel to meet with me. The next evening a German professor visited me as part of his annual pilgrammage to seek a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. He had obviously been meeting with Palestinian intellectuals who handed him the usual line about Israeli repression and injustices and prototypical Israeli leftists who represent about 5% of the country and undoubtedly confirmed everything he had already heard.

Accompanying him was a woman in her sixties, also looking most intellectual. Her first question to me was what I thought of Shimon Peres? I answered that he was the most deceitful politician ever to disgrace the Jewish people. Needless to say, both academics were somewhat taken by surprise.

I decided to lay my cards on the table. "You have to understand what my research concludes. There is not a hope of peace until the Oslo Accords are ripped to shreds. I want them disposed of and tomorrow is too late. Next, I want Israel to cancel forever any ties with Yasir Arafat and the PLO. They are too drenched in innocent blood to ever be worthy diplomatic partners for any moral people."

The professor was now befuddled to the point of wanting to leave. "There must be a mistake. Andreas (his colleague who phoned me) said you had interesting ideas about promoting peace. It sounds like you're one of those people who want to throw all the Arabs out."

"No," I replied, "I want to prevent that and if Oslo continues, the result will be something similar; and that will cost us thousands of casualties before the dust settles. Now I ask that you bear with me while I explain where I'm coming from."

I then offered an abridged autobiography along with a potted history of the New World Order. I explained that I have mounted a one man campaign against Israeli political corruption and I don't care where it's coming from Left, Right or Religious. I elaborated on my belief that the Israeli political leadership has been deeply corrupted and compromised by organized evil from abroad. I added, it's the Israeli people who are suffering from the wrongs of its marionette leaders.

However, I added, the same is true of the other side. The leadership of the PLO, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, they're all as bought, bribed and criminalized by the same folks who sit on the Council Of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group etc. These people seek conflict, they pay for conflict, they arm conflict and they have placed their puppets in power in the Middle East to guarantee conflict...

For, conflict will lead to a change in the world status quo. People tired of conflict will sacrifice their liberties for any solution that will promise quiet, such as troops from a world army on their soil, or a dissolution of their nations into a global government run by the above mentioned organizations on behalf of many of the wealthiest financiers on the planet.

It was a tough sell but the professor said, "I have heard this theory before. What does it have to do with reaching peace?"

"Because, we Israelis have something in common with the Arabs. We are both victims of the same tyrants. If a movement of journalists and academics from both sides researched just how outsiders have pitted us against each other, we might just be able to wake up our peoples in time to come up with an eleventh hour solution. Such research would inevitably lead to the conclusion that no peace is possible unless the foreigners and the puppets are removed from our midst. That means Israel's political system would have to start again from point zero and the PLO would have to be replaced by honest political parties whose leaders are not smeared in blood. Believe me, I'll have no problem sweeping Israel's politicians into the closest dustbin in exchange or not for the same thing on the other side."

"But in the end," noted the professor, "you'll have different people still negotiating disputed land for a peace. There is no alternative to the Oslo approach."

"What you are saying is just a failure of the imagination," I retorted. "The Oslo philosophy guarantees, without any room for doubt, that the region will explode. It has to be scrapped in favor of fresh approaches. Once Jews and Arabs understand how Oslo was foisted on them, and what the intended end result of it is, they will abandon the current peace process in favor of something that may work."

"The Palestinians will never give up their aspirations for a state with Jerusalem as its capital," he insisted. "The PLO represent Arab ambitions."

"The PLO is an artificial organization representing what Arabs have been manipulated to believe are their ambitions by outsiders who want to keep them ignorant, poor and divided. Jerusalem was never an issue to the Arabs until it was turned into one. You can argue that now it is and the clock can't be turned back but I think it can be with a better offer.

"This will surprise you and it sure has me," I continued, "but since I began contributing to a Moslem news group, MSANews, I have received many letters of support from Arabs who know what I'm getting at, who despise the PLO and most of their own leaders for their corruption and want honest leadership for their countries as much as I want for mine. I have found commonality with some brave Arabs willing to challenge their own rotten political systems."

"And what can you propose to them that will actually lead to peace?"

"Yom Kippur is in a couple of days," I answered. "I'll use the quiet to contemplate a proposal."


It is now the evening after Yom Kippur and here is what I came up with.



---------------- Let their be no mistaking that I have few sympathies for Palestinian intentions vis-a-vis my country Israel. However, I recognize that their determination to establish a country on land I believe Jews have a far better claim to will not cease unless a much superior alternative is offered.

The current land for peace approach is not viable. The position of Israel on land coveted by the Palestinians is justifiably intractable. Simply, there is not enough land for two peoples to share and that means not enough land for a viable Palestinian state.


----------- Yet there is a way to create a Palestinian state that could work and that is by expanding the Gaza Strip into the Sinai Peninsula. Here, there is a vast expanse of barely populated land, only 70,000 people spread over 36,000 square miles. If the Gaza Strip was stretched to El Arish and then 150 miles down, a state encompassing 10,000 square miles, almost exactly the area of Israel, could be established without displacing one person.

Underneath the soil of the northern Sinai is a huge reservoir of brackish water. Before abandoning the area in 1979, Israel had established successful farms utilizing salt-resistant crops, as it does today in the Negev Desert. With additional irrigation from the Nile, the Sinai could bloom. Cities could arise, ports could be built, parks established; all fulfilling Palestinian aspirations for nationhood.

The major stumbling block is Egypt. Never mind that the Sinai was attached to Egypt by the British and is not historically part of the country. Forget that the indigenous inhabitants are Bedouin, not Egyptian. Guess there is no point recalling that Egypt's occupation of Gaza until 1967 was a prime cause of the poverty that exists there today. These arguments are academic in the worst sense of the word.

Egypt will have to be paid big before it even considers the idea. There are formulas to meet the price; Egypt's foreign debt is forgiven, it is given 10% of the GDP of the new state in perpetuity, it is turned from a basket case into a modern thriving economy...whatever.

Egypt, as the leader of the Arab world must be convinced to make a huge contribution to peace. The alternative, and the day is fast approaching, is a nuclear, chemical and biological war in the Middle East and Cairo won't be spared.

As for the still disputed areas of the West Bank and Jerusalem; Arabs living there will enjoy citizenship in their new state but will live in Israel.


--------------- There isn't enough land to trade for peace in Israel. The continuation of the Oslo Accords will exacerbate a hopeless solution; And that was their intention in the first place. Israel will never enjoy peace in its land, the Palestinians will never establish a workable state.

With 10,000 square miles of land and a lot of ambition, the Palestinians can create a nation to nourish its people... without resorting to a suicidal war.

While recognizing the enormous objections that can be raised to this plan, it may be the only feasible solution to peace between Israel and the Arabs.


Sent by Barry Chamish - Israeli journalist.

E-Mail : chamish@netmedia.net.il


A TiM Ed. Comment:


What Mr. Chamish writes about the Middle Eastern leaders...

"...they're all bought, bribed and criminalized by the same folks who sit on the Council Of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group etc. These people seek conflict, they pay for conflict, they arm conflict and they have placed their puppets in power in the Middle East to guarantee conflict..."

... could apply verbatim to the Balkan leaders. And to some Russian leaders. And to some Asian leaders. And to some African leaders. And...

In other words, the New World Order's policy in the Middle East - first arm, then destroy (think Iraq, for example) - and so on, in perpetuity... also goes for the rest of the world.

It should surprise no one, therefore, that reasonable people who seek peace, rather than foment conflict, arrive at similar situations world-over. Any child would see the wisdom of partitioning Bosnia, for example, as the only permanent peaceful solution in that part of the world. Only the war-mongering and peace-talking NWO vassals in U.S. government and media don't.

Why not? Because - oh, curse of all curses - that would eliminate conflict. Which would eliminate the need for NATO in Bosnia. Which would eliminate the need for NATO's expansion in Eastern Europe. Which would eliminate the need for NATO - period!. Which would eliminate the need for U.S. troops' presence in Europe. Which would eliminate a large part of our military budget.

Replay the above scenarios in other parts of the world, the Middle East included, and they may lead to Real Peace. A wonderful news? Yes, for mankind. Not necessarily for the NWO.

Because - oh, curse of all curses - Real Peace would be terrible news to the NWO businesses which thrive on creating, conflict so as to perpetuate and enrich themselves. .

It remains to be seen how long global community will merely weep before starting to roar with anger at such abuses of mankind by the NWO elite. Bob Dj.



P.S. My spellchecker has just played a trick on me. It inadvertently replaced the words "Trilateral Commission" with "Trilateral Omission." An omen of things to come. A finger of God amid an arcane software code...? :-)

Indeed, the world would be a happier place if we were to "omit" the Council for Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the U.N. Or the CIA, the FBI and the IRS? Just a few ideas for a "trilateral omission"... Bob Dj.

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