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Jesus Christ - World Governor

The letter below (here slightly amended) was sent to Tom DeWeese, a well known political activist in response to a recent article by him.  

Dear Tom,

        We have crossed paths a few times at Marshall Fritz's Separation of School & State conferences, and I appreciate your keeping us up to date on many issues. 

         Regarding your recent article, "Do Americans Understand the Threats They Face?" I agree with you that they do not. 

         However,  I would suggest that getting out of the UN will not happen until "our side" has a clear alternative to the UN regarding world governance.  The world cannot remain like the wild west.  It must be civilized, and that in part required means for adjudicating international dissention. 

         We have a contest between a determined and enormously rich minority who want to rebuild the Tower of Babel and a teeny minority who understand that the world governor has already been chosen, Jesus Christ.  But the great majority float aimlessly.  The problem is that Christians are almost totally inarticulate about their Great Commission, which is about, among other things, world government. 

         The claim that "Jesus is Lord" was, and is, a political claim.  Caesar understood that and so did the Christians.  That is one reason why some of the Caesars bothered to persecute the Christians.  Neither of them would have used that kind of "political" language then, but the meaning was clear.  Jesus claims moral (and therefore also political) authority over the whole world, including the Roman Empire.  God owns it all.

         But civil government is the only entity big enough to give the illusion that it can replace God, so when God disappears from our lives, we will always gravitate toward government as our savior.  And likewise, only God is big enough to sustain the people in a cultural, spiritual war against tyranny.  So we either publicly line up with God, or we will inevitably find ourselves drifting into tyranny.  In the end, there are no other choices. 

         There is nothing the globalist crowd fears more than a renewed Christendom.  But currently, our Christian leadership offers the enemy no resistance, no strategy for retaking the world, and has backed out of public discussion.  Biblical theology is in almost total disarray so far as unity among Christians is concerned.  No wonder secularism has taken over.  A very large part of that is due to Christians having given over their children to government education. 

         The struggle for political (or sexual, or moral, or economic, etc, etc.) sanity is unwinnable except under the law and grace of God.  The gravitational pull without God is always toward centralized government.  Without God, the only moral or political order possible is that imposed by the strong man.  Without God, no matter our good intentions, we will drift toward centralized government because even tyrannical order is better than no order at all.  Only God can set individuals and groups free to stand firm in their God-given freedom and moral integrity against the illusory towering strength of centralized government. 

         So trying to fight the battle on secular, pragmatic grounds, i.e., without God, cannot work.  You might be interested in my article "The Quigley Formula vs. the Jesus Formula" at http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Pl/QglyFrml.htm   Also, on the "theocracy" problem, http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Hst/US/Jly4-06.htm

         It is my hope that you and other Christian leaders will begin to raise these issues, first of all among ourselves, so that we Christians can get our act together.  And then in public.  We will begin to win, and we will therefore be persecuted.  They seem to go together. 


Blessings, Earle Fox

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