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Magna Carta Libertatum
being Trashed

[COMMENT:  Three documents in history stand out as primary bulwarks of political, moral, and spiritual freedom: the Magna Carta, the US Declaration of Independent, and the US Constitution.  They are all under steady attack and have been eroded to the point of being useless.  We are headed for tyranny. 

How many of our freedom bulwarks have to fall before we get the point and rise up to defend our freedom under God?  The Belgian fellow, mourning over what he saw as the "end of Europe" remarked that he never learned how to defend his freedom, only how to enjoy it.  

That statement is true of every Western nation.  There is not a one which shows any awareness of the danger, and a willingness to stand up under the law and grace of God to defend what God has given us.  Christians are too busy being "Biblical" (in the new privatized, non-political manner) to remember that God thought it important to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt, from the Babylonian exile, and to found the beginnings of a Godly republic in America.  So we are preparing ourselves for the new slavery of 1984, and are already well down that road.  Does anyone out there care? 

Christians will not stand up and wield the Sword of the Spirit -- speak the truth in love and force honest confrontation with fact and logic.   So we are continuing to dig our own graves.  We are preparing our own demise because we want more to enjoy our freedoms than to defend them. 

The freedom of the Church in England to speak out about homosexuality (other issues to follow...) is being trashed.  But you can safely bet that very few Englishmen will risk going to jail to speak the truth about homosexuality.  They (along with the rest of Westerners) will, again, mealy-mouth their way through -- to preserve their comfort. 

God cannot be pleased, as He alone is the source of our freedoms, but we Christians will not stand up and give our testimony to His lordship over all things, and as the provider of not only personal but also public and corporate freedom.  

The Church is the conscience of a nation, so its freedom from political pressure is fundamental to a free society.  But the Church has long ago given up that role, and so is increasingly irrelevant to what God is doing.  Why should Parliament, overwhelmingly secular, pay any attention to the Anglican Church? 

The Archbishop of Canterbury had a strong hand in the writing of the Magna Carta, but the Church in England today has lost its intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility, and is getting what it deserves.  God has not, and is not getting what He deserves. 

Nevertheless, God has not lost control.  All of life is a sifting process, forcing us to decide whom we will serve, God or the world.  Serving God means picking up our crosses daily, speaking the truth in love -- at any cost to ourselves.  So, we are judging ourselves by our choices -- as per John 3:19.  Looking at the West, it does not appear that many are interested in what God is offering.  We are sifting ourselves.  Choose this day whom you will serve...  E. Fox]

DefendTheFamily.com Alert

One of the oldest and most venerable pillars of constitutional law has been toppled: Britain’s Magna Carta. For almost 800 years, since it was first drafted in 1215, the Magna Carta Libertatum (Great Charter of Freedoms) has been a symbol of liberty throughout the world. More than just a human rights manifesto, the Magna Carta is one of the most important legal documents in the history of democracy.

Among its provisions that have survived the ages is habeas corpus, the right to petition government for release from prison and the right to due process. However, the right set by its drafters at the top of the list, one which survived all subsequent revisions was this:

"FIRST, THAT WE HAVE GRANTED TO GOD, and by this present charter have confirmed for us and our heirs in perpetuity, that the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired."

On March 21, 2007, Britain’s House of Lords voted to approve Sexual Orientation Regulations that would, among other things, prevent Christian schools from teaching children that the Bible condemns sodomy. They voted to impair the liberty of the Christian church in the teaching of its own doctrines to its own children. They voted, in essence, to overturn the first right of the Magna Carta, rejecting eight centuries of precedent to rob Christians in the United Kingdom of their freedom of speech.

Globally, homosexual agitators (whose "human right" to indulge in sexual perversion is decades old at best) intend to strip the freedom of speech from everyone who disapproves of their lifestyle. Wherever they gain political power, their priority is to silence all who oppose them.

ATM President Scott Lively has drafted an editorial on this topic which is now posted under the title Requiem for the Magna Carta at www.defendthefamily.com. It is written in a style that is intended to provoke a dialogue among British and European intellectuals about freedom of speech vs. “gay” fascism. Scott and Anne Lively will be in the United Kingdom from May 3-10, and will personally distribute this piece to political and media figures.

Please forward to your pro-family lists, especially those in Europe and the UK.

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