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Israel has been more or less an ally of America from the beginning.   Christians in America have felt a kinship with Israel much like we feel one with England.  In both cases due to a religious heritage. 

Some Christians put Israel on a pedestal because of their eschatology -- their ideas of the importance of Israel in the "end times".   We ought to treat Israel with the respect due any nation, and that includes expecting of them Godly and righteous behavior.   We should no more condone unrighteous violence from them than from the Palestinians. 

That said, Israeli retaliation against the Muslim inspired intifada bears no comparison to the kind of violence projected against Israel.  The level of freedom for Arabs and Muslims in Israel is so far beyond that for Jews anywhere in Islamic countries as to make the discussion mostly absurd. 

But, that, too, having been said, both Israel's and America's problem is its own violence and corruption.   Abortion, perverted education, trashing of our constitution.   And on it goes.  Neither of us are Godly nations.


An Area of Darkness  -- Jay Nordlinger - National Review Online -- Insights into Middle East "information" situation. 

A Good Day for the Marines -- Afghanistan -- Marines outnumbered 8-1, route the enemy in an 8 hour battle.  Why is this not on the News????   

 The Cold War's Arab Spring -- by Claire Berlinski - from The Tablet-A New Read on Jewish Life...  Stolen Kremlin records show how the Soviets, including Gorbachev, created many of today’s Middle East conflicts.   It may change the way you view the Near East.   Yes, there were many travesties committed by Westerners.  But many of the "victims" rejoice that both Christianity and a government for the people were brought to them.   Read India: the grand experiment by Vishal Mangalwadi, one of the most articulate Christians alive today.  
        On the other hand, I think the Iraq and Near East experience generally has been a disaster.  The American politicians were way in over their heads on cultural and theological matters.  Ditto with Israel.   E. Fox


US Arming Wahabis to the Teeth??? -- 

Arab World War Two: Sunni vs. Shia -- the internal strife of a terrible religion. 

Israel - see also Judaism Library & UN-World 

The Debka File -- Israeli information from the "inside" so to speak....  

Gaza Evacuation --  Gaza today, Tomorrow Jerusalem! 

Why War?  It's Simple...   Rabbi Dennis Prager comments on the Near East.  

Life in an Orwellian Universe --  Link to Jewish World Review  ---  I believe that the absurdity of the Israeli-Palestinian situation and the involvement of Islam are related to the above issue of Globalist drive for power.  Their strategy has been the Hegelian management of the conflict between thesis & antithesis to control the synthesis.  They have supported both sides of many of the recent world struggles, and use conflict to consolidate their own power.  (For a detailed analysis of the strategy, see Dialogue to Consensus.) 

              This is their version of "survival of the fittest" and their version of taking over the reins of evolution by guiding the course of the inevitable power struggle.  And, where are the Christians??? 

              Their turn is coming, but like those who exited Egypt, our present generation is too cowardly and ignorant to take leadership.   There will be a new generation coming up....   

"Disproportionate" ...  In what moral universe?   Charles Krauthammer,  Washington Post. 

Israel - Amazing Little Country --  4 short articles. 

How Israel Fights ---   Israeli Military Morality --  The Biblical heritage shines through...  (And how Christians should fight...) 

Survivor of Palestinian Tyranny Defends Israel --  Brigitte Gabriel

What if Israelis had abducted a BBC man?  Charles Moore 

Zionism: a Defense --  Peter Hitchens on Israel -- a candid view of history and reality. 

Stand With Us -- support Israel in the fight for its existence.  YES! 

Is Israel an "Aparthied" State?   Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator. 

Iraq - See also Islam Library & Politics Library

** Should the US Pull Out of Iraq?  --  Muslim persecution of Christians...  And Western Christian strategic failure in the public arena.   E. Fox 

** Religious freedom in Iraq???   Tony Perkins and E. Fox.  Religious freedom will not happen in Iraq unless Judeo-Christians bring it.  The military cannot. 

Iraqi Leaders Discover 2nd Amendment -- even if they never heard of it... 

Facts about Iraq --  surprises...

Change of View in MidEast News --

Survivor of Palestinian Tyranny Defends Israel --  Brigitte Gabriel

My dream was to be a suicide bomber...  Report  from a woman's suicide bomber prison. 

Truth on the Ground --  What is the truth in Iraq?  Should the US pull out?  The Washington Post (!) article makes a good case for seeing it through to stability.  People are beginning to see that things "on the ground" are not as being reported here in the US of A. 

Iraqi Election -- Keeping Ten Balls in the Air...  Good summary of the juggling act necessary to get through to stability. 

Biblical facts about Iraq --   

The Good Going on in Iraq...    from Conservative Petitions.  

Iraqi Election -- Keeping Ten Balls in the Air...  Good summary of the juggling act necessary to get through to stability. 

Iraq: the Untold Truths --  report on Iraqi army successes maintaining order...

Iraq Terrorism Evidence --  Gary Bauer 

Joel Mobray on Bush & Iraq  -- more pro-Bush evidence??? 

Betting on Defeat?  -  by Victor David Hanson -- a very respectable military historian.   I do not believe we are promoting the right kind of freedom (secular liberal democracy), but I do believe that if we Christians ever get our act together, we can build on a successful venture in Iraq.  We must first learn what a Biblical government is and the nature of theocracy.  E. Fox.

Mark Steyn on the Iraq War --  The choice: to Win or to Lose.  He is both right and wrong.  

A Soldier's Story -- the emotional and personal conflicts of fighting in Iraq. 

Good News from Iraq -- Possibly a turn in the tide???

Weapons of Mass Destruction???   --  the debate continues.  I have a hard time believing that there were none.  E. Fox. 

A War We Might Just Win --  New York Times (!!!)  

Hope Rides Alone  --  a Soldier's Last Words on Iraq...  I agree with these sentiments.  We have lit a fire for freedom in Iraq, and we must see it through.   But that requires rediscovering our own Biblical foundations.   E. Fox  

Bin Laden admits defeat in Iraq??? go to http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htwin/articles/20071027.aspx   Is this reliable? 

Come Home! -- Muslims in Iraq to Christians who have fled....     
        Wow! here is some info you do not much hear or see.  These Muslims are doing the right things, putting their own lives at risk to protect and welcome Christians right in Iraq.  God bless them...!  
        Where is the support for these people in our press?  They are a central part of the hope for any kind of stability and peace in the Middle East.  This ought to be read in Congress, and all across America -- once it gets verified....   E. Fox  

Peace Breaking Out in Iraq???   Sunni-Shia Fatwah against violence???   See also Come Home!  Will we see these in the media, or are they dedicated to having a failure in Iraq?

TERROR ON THE RUN --  2007 ends with large successes in Iraq.  To the chagrin of the media...   Is that treason?  Morally if not legally? 

Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq -- not as glum as we are told, he says.  I think he is right.  "In his latest desperate rant, a suddenly “green” Zawahiri was reduced to appealing to environmentally conscious Muslims to fault the United States for our supposed culpability for global warming! No wonder polls across the Middle East show a sharp decline in support for his boss, Osama bin Laden." 

ER Baghdad - by Amir George -- on the American presence in Iraq....    Our soldiers on the ground are America's best representatives all over the world.  They still show a Godly and Biblical attitude toward life.

Iran -

Cyrus the Great, ancient Persian king -- Pioneer in civil rights.....   The Bible agrees....    Persia is now (roughly) Iran.


The Palestinian Myth -- by Prof. Paul Eidelberg -- There are people in Palestine, but there is no "Palestinian People".  The Muslim countries have done little or nothing themselves to aid and assist those trapped in the Palestinian nonsense -- mostly because they want them there political, not humanitarian, reasons.  "Palestinian People" is a myth made up by Muslims for political leverage against Israel.   Israel had better catch on before it is too late.  And so had America.  We are all being manipulated by "moral guilt" because we have ourselves lost our moral compass. 

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