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"Baghdad ER

[COMMENT:  Our soldiers on the ground and many others like them, are the best missionaries for America there are.   God grant that our government and commerce begin to represent the Biblical foundations of America, openly and unabashed.  At any cost to ourselves.     E. Fox]

Baghdad, Iraq

Yes, there is an actual, "Baghdad ER"!

There is a bit of a difference, though from the traditional "ER" what we see on Television.
"Baghdad ER" is staffed my angels!

I urgently needed medical care and was taken in to get checked. In minutes I was on a table being treated with the best medical care in the Middle East.

In a country where people don't go to the Hospital because they see it, correctly as a place where disease congregates and where you will get sick just by going, the irony was amazing.

Here in the center of a war zone was an oasis of kindness, care and love.

"Baghdad ER", has a history, though. It is technically called the Ibn Sina Hospital named after an early Russian born Arab medical practitioner.

In 1974, Saddam Hussein took it over and it became the hospital for his Baath Party members only.

A place on the wall of "Baghdad ER" dated April, 2003 reads, "Coalition forces in the Spirit of the original founders of Ibin Sina Hospital provide excellent care to all regardless of faith, color or religion"

Sitting on the bed, in a hospital the middle of Baghdad, Iraq listening as Dr. Dave Barry explained to me what his tests were showing; I had to fight to keep the tears back.

Surrounding him were his team of "kids", with the brightest smiles, sweetest faces and kindest words I could imagine.

As they treated me they told the stories of who comes into "Baghdad ER", they range from the much diminished US Soldiers in to treat their injuries, to regular Iraqi and other terrorists treated just like any other to the daily influx of Iraqis needing emergency care.

"The Iraqis are always so grateful" says one 32 year old attendant. "The terrorists just get quiet and don't say anything. I am sure they are shocked that we treat them as well as the others when just minutes before they were trying to kill us."

I ended up staying the night with those "angels" and kept looking across the room and saying to myself "I just love these kids'.

Try to say "thank you" and the only response you get is "Just doing our job, sir, just doing our job"

Let the world say what it may about America, but where in there world are there people who liberate a nation, treat their enemies, let themselves be criticized for doing right in the face of evil and just let it go with "just doing our job, Sir, just doing our job"

In 1835, Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville travelled across the then young United States and penned a book entitled "Democracy in America".

He was puzzled as was much of the "old world" as to how this upstart country across the Atlantic was rising so fast.

His conclusion which rings today as true as it did then,  was simple and profound.

"America is great" he said "because America is good. If she ever ceases to be good she will no longer be great".

Looking across the room at the "Baghdad ER" angels, all just "doing their job", I was reminded of his words.

The world, as it was two centuries ago cannot figure America out, but her secret is here in Baghdad for all to see.

Treating her enemies, letting those she liberated berate her and apologizing for all the good she does, America just does what keeps making here great and the world stands by in awe at the power of that goodness, which try as it can it cannot defeat!

God bless all the "Baghdad ER" angels and all that serve with them.
Amir George


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Date Posted -  03/17/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012