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Update on South American Crisis

[COMMENT:    The two pieces below are very helpful and revealing about our American situation, both North and South.  We are under siege, and had better man the ramparts.  

Also, Judeo-Christians had better get prepared to defend the sovereignty of God in all things in these debates, or we will never put a firm foundation under any renewal of Western Civ.  "No King but Jesus!"   

See especially the very end of the second long article.  The coalition of negative forces will never be defeated except from the ground of the Biblical Worldview.  The secular/pagan world has no option but to centralize government.  So we MUST offer a wholly different ground upon which to stand -- Biblical worldview and the Hand of God. 

We cannot oppose "democracy" to centralization, because democracy, when it gets corrupted (as it will), always leads to centralization.   We must have a democratic, constitutional republic under God. There is a democratic element (the people choose and command their own rulers), but democracy is strongly tempered by the other elements to protect minorities from the majority and to bring the government under the law and grace of God.   See Biblical Government.    E. Fox]



Below you will find a DIC2008 press release on UnoAmérica:


UnoAmerica against the Sao Paolo Forum - (2008-12-15)

Delegates of several Latin-American Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) gathered in Bogotá , Colombia , between December 12 and December 14, 2008, to explore ways to defend democracy and freedom, which has been severely restricted and threatened in the continent. The delegates decided to establish a confederation of NGOs – christened UnoAmerica — to pursue their common goals.  UnoAmerica will primarily function as an instrument for Latin American democratic sectors to exchange information, coordinate action, and support each other. The Final Declaration signed by the delegates is the following:

            The failure of governments to eradicate poverty in Latin America , in spite of it being the richest continent on Earth, allowed the growth and development of the Sao Paulo Forum (FSP), an organization that brought together all the leftist movements and political parties in the region, including the Colombian narco-terrorist guerrilla group FARC (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces).

            The members of the Sao Paulo Forum take advantage of people's needs in order to manipulate the poor, promising “social justice” and better economic conditions. However, once in power, they don't solve any of the crucial problems in our countries, but instead introduce Marxist ideological models that divide our societies into factions based on class and race, promoting hate, violence and anarchy.

            At present, there are fourteen Latin American governments connected to the Sao Paulo Forum. Although most of them reached power through democratic elections, some are destroying democracy from within, eliminating separation of power, checks and balances and fundamental rights. Such is the case with Hugo Chavez ( Venezuela ), Evo Morales ( Bolivia ), Rafael Correa ( Ecuador ), Cristina Kirchner ( Argentina ) and Daniel Ortega ( Nicaragua ).

            To achieve their goals, the members of the Sao Paulo Forum do not resort to firing squads to eliminate their enemies, as was done in Cuba by Fidel Castro, the most prominent founding member of the FSP. They now use more modern and sophisticated methods. One basic process is through constitutional reforms that allow them  to control all three branches of power, and to remain permanently in the Presidency. Elections are rigged and voting secrecy is, in practice, eliminated. Although these attacks on democracy are executed quite openly, other “moderate” members of the FSP -- Brazil 's Lula da Silva (co-founder of the FSP along with Fidel Castro), Uruguay 's Tabaré Vázquez and Chile 's Michelle Bachelet -- don't complain or criticize their radical counterparts.

            The FSP has a transnational project that disregards national borders or sovereignty. To achieve their goals, FSP members intervene in the internal affairs of other countries, funding candidates of their liking, supplying military equipment, and even making decisions on internal conflicts using related organizations such as the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).  Democratic political and social forces, on the other hand, have so-far limited their action to their own national territory.

            These two very different methods of operation have so far placed Latin American democrats at a serious disadvantage, hampering their ability to counterbalance the advance of the FSP. UnoAmerica is an attempt to correct that imbalance.

            In addition to the goal of counteracting FSP, UnoAmerica will design economic programs to promote industrialization and development in our continent, in order to help solve the oldest and most serious problems in our region – poverty, illiteracy and even hunger -- as an antidote to totalitarianism.

            Poverty and illiteracy are the main barriers to the consolidation of democracy and freedom in Latin America . There are no other real obstacles to development in a region full of resources.

            We invite all democratic forces in Latin America to join this initiative. We invite them to work together to promote a better future in which freedom, social justice, solidarity and integration, and the rule of law will prevail.  

International Opponent of Chavez Coming to Washington - Urgent Briefings Sought with Media and Conservative Leaders
Alejandro Peña-Esclusa, President of UnoAmerica warns:
"Now Dictator for Life, Hugo Chavez and other powerful forces are forming multi-national protocol for creating Soviet Union of Latin America."
With vehement anti-American Marxist Hugo Chavez just installed as dictator of Venezuela for life, the leading international opponent of Chavez and his powerful international allies will visit Washington, D.C. to meet in person and via conference call with American conservative and religious leaders to brief them on major events creating a resurgence forces of international Marxism to North and South America, counter-intuitively, perhaps, in concert with Islamic jihadist forces. 
Mr. Alejandro Peña-Esclusa, president of international conservative alliance UnoAmerica, and a former opponent of Chavez in the Venezuelan presidential elections, will be in Washington from February 27th until March 4th, including a visit to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Peña-Esclusa is seeking to brief U.S. government officials, academics, journalists, pundits and political and religious leaders who wish to be made aware of formation of an extremely dangerous alliance of international forces dedicated to consolidating political and economic and social control over North and South America, at the cost of economic, political and religious freedom, self-government and the rule of law. 
A main vehicle for this plan is the semi-secret "Sao Paulo Forum" established by Fidel Castro in 1990 with militant leftist movements in Latin America, including the Colombian FARC. Though it operates in every single country in Latin America, until recently the very existence of the Sao Paulo Forum was vehemently denied. Though the Sao Paulo Forum has organic links with drug trafficking, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, several Latin American governments are active in it. Mr. Peña-Esclusa will bring his latest book (in English) on the Sao Paulo Forum, and he is willing to lecture or give interviews on the subject.

Peña-Esclusa's visit to Washington is being coordinated by Professor Olavo de Carvalho, the Brazilian philosopher, journalist and author of eleven books, who resides in this country. Professor De Carvalho is himself among the world's leading experts on international Marxism, its pragmatic cooperation with Islamic jihadist organizations and strategy of clandestine infiltration of Roman Catholic and other Western institutions. "The opportunity to be briefed by the brilliant, courageous and uniquely informed Mr. Peña-Esclusa is a very valuable one," Professor de Carvalho said. 


"The situation in the Western Hemisphere is developing extremely rapidly in a very dangerous direction, with potentially colossal economic and security consequences for the United States. Freedom of every kind in the entire Western Hemisphere is in far greater danger than at any time in the past, including during the Cold War," added Professor de Carvalho. "American and other Western pro-democracy leaders, academics and media people are at this point dangerously naive about the international situation. We must establish lines of communication information and strategic cooperation very rapidly in order to resist the historically catastrophic alliance of forces converging to secure the eradication of liberty."


Government officials, academics, journalists, pundits and political and religious leaders who wish to meet with Dr. Peña-Esclusa at CPAC or during his visit (February 27th until March 4th) or speak with him by phone should contact......

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Date Posted -  02/18/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012