United Nations Charter

The UN is touted as a "peace-keeping" organization.  That is not the case.  We know how to keep peace.  The US Constitution does that (when we follow it) by dispersing power, by limiting central government, by allowing free entry and exit from association, by enforcing equal access to and respect before the law, by understanding ourselves to be under a law higher than ourselves, the law of God (read the Prologue to the Declaration of Independence). 

The UN Charter does none of these things, and was not designed to.  The UN Charter is a thinly disguised tool for control, not for freedom or for peace.  It recognizes no authority higher than itself, and it arrogantly claims universal jurisdiction. 

All these conditions are a setup for control, i.e., tyranny.   Crises are being created around the world to justify the need for a centralized government.  That has been the strategy which has replaced Stalinist Communism, put into writing by Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist held in prison by Mussolini, the fascist dictator allied with Hitler.   It is the Tower of Babel all over again -- the attempt to create a name and identity for ourselves and to unify us under one rule. 

Only the power of the Holy Spirit, alive in us, can stem the gravitational pull toward a centralized, UN-type, One World Government. 


(Charter coming soon....)


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