[Item from the Internet....  More of the treason being perpetrated upon the people of the United States by our own leaders.  Our national heritage is being sold out to persons who are in fact enemies of our heritage.  We either stand up and say, "No...!" or will have no heritage left.   We are gradually yielding our sovereignty as a people to rulers who are unelected  by and unaccountable to the people.  It is not treason to honestly promote globalism, not even secular/pagan globalism.  The treason comes from the deceit and manipulation, trying to change the Constitution without the people knowing it.   See comments at end.  E. Fox.]


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RE: Fwd: whose heritage?whose land? Independence Hall

Dear Congressmen and Senators:

The forwarded message is most disturbing. It looks as if, right under your eyes and mine, UN-type messages are popping up all over -- even at Independence Hall. Seems to me that under your oaths to defend the Constitution (and, to me, that includes just about everything we hold dear), you folks should call a halt.

Thanks for listening --

E. Lee North 55 Woodland Dr. Brightwaters, NY 11718

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The Phyllis Schlafly Report -- September 1997

Whose Heritage and Whose Land?

I recently revisited Independence Hall, the cradle of our republic where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the United States Constitution was written. Something new has been added since the last time I saw it: a large bronze plaque with a peculiar inscription under an unidentified insignia.

"Through the collective recognition of the community of nations expressed with the principles of the convention concerning protection of the world's cultural and natural heritage, Independence Hall has been designated a World Heritage Site and joins a select list of protected areas around the world whose outstanding natural and cultural resources form the common inheritance of all mankind."

Whew! Where did all that mumbo-jumbo come from? Obviously not from American history or our founding documents. "Common inheritance of all mankind"? No way. Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are both uniquely American, written by identifiable Founding Fathers on American soil at known points in time.

Independence Hall "joins a select list of protected areas around the world"? Who decided that Independence Hall should "join" anything? It is a unique American treasure. And who is protecting these "protected areas"? "Collective recognition of the community of nations"? It's obvious that all those foreign nations don't agree with our American Declaration or Constitution or the principles therein.

Since it is impossible to relive history and give the "collective" or the "community of nations" any ownership in the historic events that made Independence Hall an American shrine, we can only deduce that some international entity is asserting a vested interest in the building. Who authorized that?

After all, it would have been a nice accolade and not worthy of particular comment if the Independence Hall plaque merely said, "The United Nations honors the cradle of American freedom, the inspired words of the Declaration of Independence, and the genius of the United States Constitution that has nourished liberty in America for more than two centuries." But it didn't.

We now find that at least 20 pieces of American property have been designated as "World Heritage Sites" and so identified with markers. These include Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks, the Grand Canyon, Thomas Jefferson's home Monticello, and, believe it or not, the Statue of Liberty. All of these markings took place without any publicity, without the American people knowing what was going on.

The designation of these World Heritage Sites was authorized by the World Heritage Convention, a treaty signed by President Richard Nixon and ratified in 1973. The World Heritage Program is carried out by UNESCO, to which the United States doesn't even belong. President Ronald Reagan pulled us out of UNESCO because it was totally corrupt.

The UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program was created in 1970. The United States joined in 1974 when our State Department signed a memorandum of understanding (not a treaty) to put us in the Biosphere Program and pledge that the United States will adhere to the Biosphere conditions and limitations laid down by UNESCO. Paragraph 44 of the World Heritage Operational Guidelines states that "natural" Heritage Sites (as contrasted to "cultural") can be interchanged with "core reserves" of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program. These core protected areas are planned to be surrounded by highly regulated buffer zones, all for the sake of "biodiversity."

At a conference in Spain in 1995 that culminated in the Seville Strategy, the Biosphere Program underwent a radical change in purpose. The first goal of the Seville Strategy for Biosphere Reserves is to "promote biosphere reserves as a means of implementing the goals of the Convention on Biological Diversity."

U.S. State Department representatives agreed to this new framework of UNESCO-designated guidelines and objectives for the Man and Biosphere Program. So, even though the United States doesn't belong to UNESCO, and even though the U.S. Senate refused to ratify the Biodiversity Treaty, the United States is marching right ahead with UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program.

Starting with Yellowstone National Park in 1979, UNESCO has designated 47 Biosphere Reserves in the United States covering 50 million acres. In order to designate sites and spheres under either of these UNESCO programs, the United States must agree to manage these lands according to international dictates and objectives.

That's another way of saying that the United States has agreed to limit our sovereign power to manage our own lands any way we want in pursuit of our own national interests. The Clinton Administration's designation of Yellowstone Park as a World Heritage Site "in danger" has already been used to shut down a gold mine near (not even in) Yellowstone.

The UN/UNESCO types have made no secret of their goals. Their next step is their Wildlands Project, a plan to designate one half of the United States as "protected areas or areas where special measures need to be taken to conserve biological diversity."

Americans don't need or want any UN/UNESCO bureaucrats telling us how to "protect" our own land. We can jolly well handle our own protection.

[COMMENT: God gave the world to everybody, and we are to be stewards of it in that manner, finding ways to share our resources.   But...
    (1), the UN does not in any sense consider itself under the law of God (read its charter and look at its anti-Biblical track record);
    (2) it is not accountable to the people whom it governs;
    (3) the UN is run largely by thugs who have no experience of, or liking for, a democratic republic under God.  
    (4) the UN is not a peace-keeping organization, the UN is a war-making organization (because it concentrates rather than disperses power);
    (5) centralization, rather than localization, of control always leads to corruption and tyranny.

Sharing and welfare must be out of the hands of civil government, and left to the free decisions of a Godly people. 

See my article on whether Christians should promote world government and also the "Five Talents Project" on international welfare.  E. Fox]

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