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UN Threatening to Trump US Constitution

[COMMENT:  The UN is run by thugs who want control, not peace, not justice.  Behind the UN is the Globalist thuggery, led by international bankers, who will sell out the lot of us to gain their ends.

Our choice is:  "Jesus is Lord", or, "Civil government is lord."  The latter is a choice for slavery. No one but God can sustain our freedom, or bring peace.  See Constitution Library.

Government run education is the primary lever of control of the people, just as government control of religion used to be.  Comprehensive ducation is inherently and always religious.  You cannot separate the two.  The very argument below of the German government spells out the truth of the matter.  See comments below in the text.   E. Fox]

WND Commentary U.N. threatening to trump U.S. Constitution
>Posted: December 26, 2006
>By Olivia St. John
>As the political cauldron heats up for the coming 2008 presidential
>election, few Americans seem to realize that their personal freedoms
>secured under the Constitution are perilously close to being trumped
>by the United Nations.
>Preposterous, you say? Not if a Democrat Senate and Democrat
>president ratify U.N. treaties, such as the U.N. Convention on the
>Rights of the Child, aimed at dangerously weakening national sovereignty.

[COMMENT: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is not for the child, it is an attack on parents who want to educate their own children.  These people believe the state owns the child, not the parent.  E. Fox]

>A case in point is the European Convention on Human Rights, an
>offshoot of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is
>currently being used by the German government to ban homeschooling
>and to indoctrinate public and private school students into fully
>embracing a socialist state. Recently, almost 40 German families
>have endured imprisonment, heavy fines, state seizure of children,
>and in some cases the serious hardship of seeking asylum in
>neighboring countries, all because they have chosen to homeschool
>their children due to concerns over hedonistic exposure to sexually
>explicit materials in the German public school system. Incredibly,
>Sven-Georg Adenauer, a Christian-Democrat governor joined at the hip
>with the Socialist party, demanded the prison sentences.
>According to LifeSiteNews.com, the European Court utilized Article 2
>of the European Convention on Human Rights and concluded that
>"Parents may not refuse the right to education of a child on the
>basis of their convictions" adding that the right to education "by
>its very nature calls for regulation by the State."

[COMMENT:  This is double-speak.  The parents are not refusing the right for a child to get educated, they are affirming it in the only way it can happen, with parental control. For the state to assert that "education" means government education is absurd on the face of it, and an attempt to define the terms of the debate without input from any other side.  That is tyranny.    E. Fox]

>Furthermore, "the Court agreed with the finding of Germany's Federal
>Constitutional Court which stressed 'the general interest of society
>to avoid the emergence of parallel societies based on separate
>philosophical convictions and the importance of integrating
>minorities into society.'"

[COMMENT: The general interests of society to avoid the emergence of parallel societies is (1) an outright denial of what they so absurdly trumpet -- diversity; and (2) an exposure of what they really want, not diversity at all, but control.  What they do not want is an honest public discussion of basic issues.  The want to educate the children to grow up to elect the same folks back into office. 

Several decades ago, Hitler remarked that it no longer mattered whether parents objected to his program, that he had the minds of their children under his control through schools.  Exactly.  Every tyrant goes immediately control of the thinking processes.  Much easier to control that way than with force. 

The argument against "parallel societies" was precisely the argument used centuries ago to enforce one religion.  (See 'religio'.)  Education is inherently religious.  Both education and religion teach a worldview, a moral standard, and a political format.  A healthy Christian community is the thing a tyrant fears most of all.  The American government schools were started (largley) by Horace Mann, who went to Prussia for his inspiration, the most militaristic nation in the world in the 1830's, and the precursor to the Nazis of the 20th century.  American governent education never was about education, it was, right from the start, about control.  The thought of setting people free with the truth (see John 8:31 ff.) never crossed the minds of the supporters of "public education" (which is neither public nor education). 

A freemarket education system is absolutely necessary for sustaining a freemarket of ideas.  And a freemarket of ideas is required for sustaining a free people. The unity of a people will then come, not out of government coercion (brainwashing), but out of the free search for truth among the citizens. 

Teaching hedonism is part of the control mechanism.  A hedonistic people is far more easy to control than an intelligently educated people.  None of this is accidental, it is part of a deliberate plan, largely from the direction of socialists and globalists.   E. Fox]

>The fiasco in Germany is only a sample of what might happen in the
>U.S. if the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child is ratified
>by a future socialist Democrat government. If such were to occur,
>parental rights over the moral and educational guidance of their
>children would likewise be seriously endangered. And who is to say
>that this can't happen, with over 60 Democrats at the federal level
>holding membership in the House Progressive Caucus, which has been
>called a socialist front group, and with Democrats dominating both
>chambers of Congress, openly embracing tenets of socialist
>philosophy along with our globalist-minded Supreme Court?
>Indeed, has not the predominantly socialist-minded Democrat
>legislature in California already attempted to enact the same power?
>Within the past year they have passed four bills aimed at
>indoctrinating public school children into acceptance of promiscuous
>lifestyles such as homosexuality. Only Governor Schwarzenegger's
>refusal to sign prevented three of those bills from passing.
>Ironically, the actor-turned-politician signed off on a fourth bill
>discriminating against religious colleges that refuse to endorse
>homosexual behavior.
>Some think that what happened in Germany couldn't happen in America.
>But think again. According to the Home School Legal Defense
>Association, our lower courts have issued rulings for over 25 years
>negating parental rights to "make medical decisions, discipline, and
>direct the education and religious training of their children." All
>this in spite of numerous U.S. Supreme Court decisions clearly
>recognizing "parents' rights as fundamental and thus protected by a
>higher standard of review." And also in spite of the Fourteenth
>Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which grants parents the basic
>right to direct the education and upbringing of their children.
>We only fool ourselves to our nation's detriment if we think that
>continuing to vote socialist Democrats into office will not result
>in the hedonistic brainwashing of our children through State
>mandate, as is now occurring in Germany.
>And as Democrats continue to increase their power in pushing to
>enact hate crimes legislation, do you who place your children in
>American government schools believe the day will not come when you
>will be fined or imprisoned because a school official discovered
>that you taught your child that the homosexual lifestyle is wrong?
>Could a time ever come where you cannot, within the confines of your
>own home, teach your child right from wrong due to fear of reprisal
>by the State?
>If such a weakening of U.S. sovereignty comes to fruition, the State
>will finally become Hillary's Village in deciding the spiritual,
>moral, and educational fate of your children, whether they are
>homeschooled or not.
>The three branches of government ostensibly keep checks on one
>another, yet a change towards socialism in the executive branch
>could transform American government into one tyrannical socialist
>State controlling its citizenry.
>The time of decision is now: Do we want a socialist village or a
>sovereign nation built upon families and under God?
>If you believe the latter, then heed the wise words of Samuel Adams:
>"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather a vigilant
>and tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."

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