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al-Qaida, Bush, & Mexican Borders...

[COMMENT:   If what is said below is true, then Bush's keeping the borders open is high treason, and ought to be treated as such. 

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a large part of the problem, pushing a globalist mentality, against national borders and national sovereignty. They are almost for sure one of the front organizations for the shadow government globalist rulers of the US.    E. Fox]

This is from Hayden’s remarks before the Council on Foreign Relations on 7 Sept.  There can be no clearer strategic warning than this:

·         First, our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qa’ida’s central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the US homeland.

·         Second, they assess—also with high confidence—that al-Qa’ida has protected or regenerated key elements of its homeland attack capability. That means safe haven in the tribal areas of Pakistan, operational lieutenants, and a top leadership engaged in planning.  Al-Qa’ida’s success with the remaining element—planting operatives in this country—is less certain.

·         Third, we assess—again, with high confidence—that al-Qa’ida is focusing on targets that would produce mass casualties, dramatic destruction, and significant economic aftershocks.

I want to be as clear as I can about the danger we face for two reasons. First, I’m a CIA Director—warning about foreign threats to our national security is part of my job.

Second, in discussing the operational space available to my Agency, I want to explain exactly why we feel so strongly about using every inch we’re given. We bear responsibility for standing watch on this threat. That fact alone has the distinct effect of focusing the mind....

As to the second bullet where Hayden says Al-Qa’ida’s success with the remaining element—planting operatives in this country—is less certain, speaks volumes and is flatly not comforting. It means that our domestic HUMINT is lacking, that the FBI and interagency is still not confidently and competently on top of this.  Of course this is in part evidenced by the DD-WOT memo I submitted Friday that indicates the nature of the domestic insurgent threat presented by the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates, while the DoJ and DHS attend conferences and set up booths with identified front organizations [ISNA] of this same insurgent movement.  No doubt with that lack of strategic comprehension of the threat we are not going to be “certain” about “planting operatives in this country.” If you are sitting right next to them and don’t know it how worse can it get?

And to reinforce his strategic warning Hayden follows with a huge CYA statement about the warnings the Agency has provided to national political leaders:

CIA has asked for robust authorities so that we can better fulfill our responsibility to prevent another attack like 9/11—but not without congressional oversight. Close interaction with Congress is an essential part of our social contract with the American people.

I’ll give you some statistics—all of them are for calendar year 2007—that underscore our vigorous support of the oversight process:

Everything is on the table. I personally have briefed the Hill nine times on renditions, detentions, and interrogations....

My bottom-line: We need strategic comprehension of the threat, strategic comprehension refers to institutional leadership and unity of effort to fight it or we are going to be hurt again.

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