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>> Biblical Sexuality <<

The opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality, but holiness, defined by the Imago Dei (image of God).  The opposite of Biblical sexuality is pan-sexuality -- "anything goes"--  if it makes you feel good.  Starred items ** indicate Earle Fox author.   Other items often  have EFox commentary.   See also Sexuality-Theological Issues.


** Gender in God  (was Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women)
summary of sex & gender issues

** Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God? 
the Wedding of Truth to Compassion and Reason to Revelation
        by Earle Fox & David Virtue

** Seminar - The Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality
See where the seminar is being held
Get information to have seminar at your church. 

** Brochures on sexuality issues. 


** Jesus, Common Sense, & Homosexuality - a response to a letter to the editor

** The War against the Imago Dei  -- 

** Discussion on homosexuality with Senator's Staffer --  Will someone with a bully pulpit stand and speak the truth about homosexuality?  Outline of the 5 key, mind-changing "talking points".

** 1-Sheet Strategy for Turning the Homosexuality Tide --
        handy 1-sheet *.pdf file available to copy and distribute.   Good for discussion starter. 

** Open Letter - Earle Fox to David Satcher, MD, Ph. D.  on his Conference in DC, May 24, 2004
"Call to Action on Sexual Health: Science & Belief -- Seeking Common Ground"  -- 

** A Bizarre Event --  & Jesus on the Spot (or not)...   E. Fox 

** Sex and Gender in California -- If you think this is not radical warfare on the Biblical point of view, you had better go back to grade school and learn all over again how to think.  Learn the Biblical way out of this horrendously destructive mess. 
            The explanation by Bruce Shortt pulls the evil out of the woodwork to be exposed to the light of day.  The language is cleverly disguised to look sleepy and innocuous.  They are good at what they do.  Too bad that what they do is evil.  Deliberate systematic deceit is always evil, and always leads in the end to one's own destruction.     E. Fox 

** Making Love --  the Purpose and Meaning of Sexual Intercourse --  Some answers to perhaps the most profoundly misunderstood aspect of human life -- even, sadly, by most Christians....   E. Fox 

** Freedom from Sexual Lust -- How we get caught and how God sets us free from sexual temptation.  

Biblical Strategy -- We need a better way  -- David Moyer vs. Michael Hopkins

"And the Two Became One" - The body expresses the person through the biochemistry of unity and indissolubility.  Astonishing....    Embedded in another article, "Catholic Theologian Analyses Pope John Paul II's 'Theology of the Body'".    Excellent articles on how God embeds within our very nature the yearning for gender unity.    Both articles at the NARTH site.

Most boys at Christian schools say no to sex  --  Study from England.  Why would anyone believe otherwise -- unless they wanted to promote lust and promiscuity rather than morally responsible relationships? 

"Hardwired to Connect - the New Scientific Case for Authoritative communities..."  A MUST READ.
Provides the evidence for the Biblical sacramental worldview.  Now available from Emmaus Ministries.  Get your copy for $7 postpaid. 

Where are all the Men??? --  not in churches, but why?? 

Emmaus Ministries -- on the Streets of Chicago...  a few yards from the gates of hell. 

A Culture of Passivity -- "Protecting" our "children"... at VA Tech...   Mark Steyn. 

The Boys Project -- bringing our boys back into reality and life in a culture which is persistently (and often deliberately) demeaning boyhood and masculinity.  Manhood and masculinity does not put up with the oppressiveness of centralization of culture and government.  That is a major reason why the globalist strategy has been the subversion of masculinity and the propagation of feminism.  Both feminism and centralized government enervate a people, rob them of initiative, independence, intellectual prowess, and courage.  Look at Europe.  The Boys Project is setting about to help remedy that.  I hope that they will pay substantial attention to the Biblical worldview, which has given us the only workable capacity to unify masculine and feminine -- because we are made in the Image of God -- male and female.  In God masculine and feminine are absolutely wedded, and they are meant to be among us on earth as well.   Go to:  Sexuality Libraries   

The Power of Redeemed Fatherhood --  Easy Eddie and Butch O'Hare. 

Free Teens in the News   "A 100% virgin"-That's how Demetrius Terry of Free Teens of Jersey City, NJ proudly described himself in news coverage of the abstinence program's success in local schools.  Birth rates in his hometown among unmarried 10-19 year-olds dropped 37 percent between 1998 and 2005.    
            Yes!! This is a winnable battle if Christians learn how to marshal and present evidence  (for Pete's sake!!!).  Nothing convinces like a winsome testimony!  

Johns Hopkins Professor on Cross-Dressing, Gender Disorder, & Sex-Change operations.   A sad tale of the perversion of science. 

Transsexualism -  Ken McGuire at Help for Families   Getting past the smoke and mirrors to the facts of the matter.  

From Homosexual Opponents of "Gay" Activism

McKellar, John -  H.O.P.E.  vs. "Gay" Activism

McKellar, John - H.O.P.E.  (Homosexual Persons Opposed to Pride Extremism)

Bruce, Tammy - Excoriates "homosexual" public school in New York City

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