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Reversing Sexual Temptation...

Feelings & Relations in Gender & Sex
3 Steps to Reversing Temptation

F. Earle Fox

For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected
if it is received with thanksgiving, for then it is consecrated
by the word of God and prayer.   I Timothy 4:4

Here are two mp3 audios which will help you overcome sexual temptation.  They were originally two sides of an audio cassette tape.   

(1) Feelings & Relations in Gender & Sex... describes how we often fall into the sexual temptation trap. 

(2) 3 Steps to Reversing Temptation... describes how God gets us out.  The problem is not lust, but idolatry.  "If I just have THAT in my life, everything will be OK with me!"  

Go here for pictures of the two worldviews which will be discussed.  

Only of God can we say, "If only I had THAT in my life..."   But we get caught in our fallen world thinking that that woman or that man will fill the gaping hole in my soul, fill the loneliness and restore my sense of being a real human being.  Only God can do that.  It is called "salvation".  We can be our real selves only with God.  To be an adult in the world you must be a child in God.   If you are not a child in God, you will be a child of the world, and so need the world to "take care of you".  

I learned this many years ago when the Lord taught me from I Timothy 4:4 (above), that we are to give thanks in all circumstances.  I thought, "...even in sexual temptation???"   God responded with a firm "YES!"  and kept pointing me to that passage.  If you have a living relation with God, giving thanks changes your whole life.  It took a while, but God finally got through with the message.  He was right, sexual temptation can be conquered. 

Sexual temptation is probably universal all over the globe.  Sexual engagement is the "sacrament" of selfhood for most of the pagan and secular worlds.  We (wrongly) think we "find ourselves" when we have sexual intercourse.  But we should have already "grown up", found ourselves, and be bringing that whole self into the marriage in which sexual intercourse would be appropriate. 

It was the Hebrews who put the sexual genie for the first time into the marital bottle, limiting sexual engagement to marriage.  See Dennis Prager's article for this story...  Amazing. 

As one refugee in Africa remarked, "I did not know that Jesus was all I needed... until Jesus was all I had." 

See also, The Making of Love...

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Date Posted - 08/28/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 08/29/2012