Returning to Biblical Sanity
in Sex & Gender

Earle Fox will be teaching four workshops at the Progressive Christian College (5406 Brinkley R, Camp Spring, Md.  20748) on how to deal with the homosexual agenda, homosexual marriage, and truthful and loving outreach to homosexual persons. 

the workshops will be held the four Saturday mornings of June (5, 12, 19, 26), from 9 am to 12 noon.  

           If interested in attending, call Progressive Christian College at 301 449-4474. 

                Directions:   From the Capital Beltway, at exit #7, take Rte 5 (Branch Ave) east toward Waldorf (Exit #7 is 6 or 7 miles north of the Wilson Bridge over the Potomac). Go just over a mile, turn right on Allentown Road, and then at about 1/4 of a mile, right again on Brinkley Rd. You will see Progressive Church/College at about another 1/4 mile on the right (5406 Brinkley Rd).

    REPORT (6/9/04):

            Progressive College sent out 1500 brochures, mainly targeting clergy.  They were offering several courses, but they strongly emphasized the course on dealing with homosexuality because they understand the terrible impact of the homosexual agenda.  There was not a single response for that course, not one.  That is an almost universal reaction.  The clergy and the people of western Christendom are dead in the water. 

            So what now?  Keep praying.  Marvelous things are happening in unexpected corners.  God will be raising up a new generation of leaders.  

            And do not complain if you are not doing your own homework, getting prepared to pick up the pieces when the house of cards (both pseudo-liberal -  who do not liberate - and pseudo-conservative - who do not conserve) come tumbling down. 


Outline of the course:  "RETURNING TO BIBLICAL SANITY IN SEX & GENDER"  (See above report -- course did not happen....)

1. Biblical foundations for winning the sexuality war 
            -- the Biblical worldview 
            -- Man & Woman in the Image of God 

     Christians lost the battle for the 20th century because we lost track of our own worldview and never developed the Biblical understanding of being made in the image of God -- male and female.  If we correct these failures in a spiritually and intellectually mature manner, we will be prepared.

2. The bad news:  How America got sexualized -- the pansexual/homosexual strategy 
        How the homosexual advocates have used government, public education,
                and psychological techniques to silence their opposition (us). 
        And their "Achilles' heel"

 3. The good news:  How Christians (and other honest folk) will take America back for sexual sanity
        This is a very winnable battle -- if we do it God's way.  Truth will always win over deceit if
    truth-speakers are knowledgeable and bold.  Spiritual warfare is not for the timid or the ignorant.

4. The healing of homosexuality -- 
        and practical ways your church can participate in the restoration of Godly sexuality.  


Note: These people are doing what all Christians ought to be doing -- taking charge of their own Christian education -- out of the hands of the government.   They are not a large church, but they have a day school and a college. 

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