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"The Biblical Agenda           
         for Human Sexuality"


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on seminar in Lexington, Massachusetts

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- a Seminar -

Winning the Sexuality Wars
with Truth & Compassion

The Transforming Network of Safe Churches...???

...here is the issue...

The homosexual agenda wants to create churches which are safe
for homosexual persons to "come out of the closet".

The Biblical agenda wants to create churches which are safe
for homosexual persons to come out of the homosexual lifestyle.

Bring this seminar to your church


- Presenter: the Rev. Earle Fox, D. Phil. -
Times and schedules can be adapted to local conditions

- Topics -

Friday Night
Part I.    Foundations

What is the Biblical View of Sex and Gender?
preparation for Saturday "Engagement" --

(... a stunning story you would be proud to teach your children...
which will help inoculate your children against lust
BEFORE the destructive nonsense from the streets
or our pseudo-education system gets to them....)

Part II.   Engagement

A. Who Belongs in This Discussion?

B. Do Christians Have a Public Agenda?

C. How Do People Get Healed of Same-Sex Attraction Disorder?

D. What Happens When "Gay" Agenda Meets Biblical Agenda?

E. The Transforming Network of Safe Churches

This seminar in Biblical principles will equip Christians for evangelism and apologetics, using homosexuality as a test case, one of the most difficult
(yet -- one of the most easily winnable) issues of our time.

See detailed Seminar Outline


Seminar brochures - printable *.pdf files


1-Sheet 2-page Strategy for Turning the Homosexuality Tide --
to copy and distribute to your friends, clergy, politicians, educators, study groups.


Bring the Seminar to Your Church -- (Terms)
and become part of the Transforming Network of Safe Churches

Seminar brochure - (8.5 x 14) with space for your church or organization ad. 
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(NOTE: we can also mail you a laser-printed original from which you can run off
good copies.  Paste on your own local information, or we can put it on for you.) 

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