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Report on
Lexington Seminar
"the Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality"

Sponsored by the Concerned Women for America (CWA), this seminar was held at Countryside Bible Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts (pastor Jed Snyder),  beginning Friday night, June 20, 2003, with the first session:  "Man & Woman in the Image of God", the foundation of Biblical sexuality based on Genesis 1:27 ff, where we learn that we humans are made in the image of God, male and female.

Saturday was dedicated to pursuing how churches and individual Christians can reach out to homosexual strugglers and meet head on, with truth and grace wedded, the enormously successful "gay" agenda.  And, yes, win back the public arena.  (For further details, see the agenda outline.)

In order to forestall disruption by homosexual advocates while the sessions were being video-taped, we did not advertise widely.  So the audience was small, about 15, but the appreciation for the clarity and encouragement given by the seminar was more than gratifying. 

Many seeds were planted, and God is building a Gideon army which will one day turn the tide.   Contacts were made which may lead to other seminars in the New England area.  

The Monday after the seminar, CWA did two one-hour video-tapings with Fox, to be aired this fall on their public access outlet in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on the subjects:

(1) The Homosexual Agenda:
How Did We Get Into This Mess?

(2)  The Homosexual Agenda: 
How Will God Get Us Out of This Mess?

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