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Sexuality Brochures

For *.pdf format items (Adobe Portable Document Format), you may need to install the "Adobe Acrobat Reader", which can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.  Go to "Support" at top of page and click on "Download Acrobat Reader".  (This is a good item to have for other purposes, and it is free.)

*.HTML Items - for web browser

Evidence on Homosexuality - Summary of chapter V in Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  Excellent for discussion groups, handouts.   For 1-sheet  *.pdf version

Winning the Homosexuality Debate -- in the Public Arena   (for 1-sheet *pdf version

*.PDF Items - printable

(These require Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Seminar - "The Biblical Agenda for Human Sexuality"

Seminar Flyer (Generic 8.5 x 11) - with seminar outline.

Seminar Flyer (Generic 8.5 x 14) -- has space to paste on your church information to advertise your seminar (and then photocopy).  Pass it out like popcorn.

Brochures for book: Homosexuality: Good & Right...?

for the book - Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?
by Earle Fox and David Virtue

Summary of Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?  Contains Foreword, Introduction, a few pages from each chapter, and the study guides based on the Table of Contents.  About 85 pages, easy to scan.

The Evidence on Homosexuality -- a 2-page summary of chapter V, from Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?   Good for discussion groups, support in debates.  For *.html version, see above. 


1 sheet (2 page) summary of the Evidence

1 sheet (2 page) strategy for winning the war 

"Come, Let us Reason Together"??   or   "Dialogue in Darkness"?? -  1-sheet, 2-page, legal size *.pdf document --  preparation for understanding the nature of the discussion. 

Winning the Homosexuality Debate - in the Public Arena-Sheet (1-sheet, 2-page, legal size) for Turning the Homosexuality Tide -- to copy and distribute to your friends, clergy, politicians, educators, study groups.
(See html version above.)

Dialogue in Darkness - 50 page booklet

Homosexuality:  Winning is Sifting --  Report on November 3 Press Club Conference --  Good summary of how not to win and how to win sexuality wars. 

Press Club Report

Consecration of Gene Robinson - E. Fox testimony

21 page "Talking Points" and "Q&A" on the homosexual issue.   An extended study of the basic issues. 

7 page "Talking Points" 


The Compassionate Way Out of Homosexuality - an aid for discussion with homosexual persons.

The Transforming Network of Forgiving, Discipling, & Healing Churches -- What your church can do about homosexuality....

Public School Hell - by Louis A. Turk -  On the Aggressively Totalitarian Humanist-Homosexual Agenda using our Public Schools to Control the Minds of Your Children.  Link is to PDF version.  Full printed copy can be obtained at Amazon, for about $20.  A free pdf version can be obtained at above link, as well as Chapter 26 separately, "Is your Child Gay?", on the aggressive and totalitarian homosexual agenda in schools.  

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