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Good & Right in the Eyes of God?

The Wedding of Truth to Compassion
& Reason to Revelation

By F. Earle Fox and David W. Virtue
550 pages. (Second edition)

Part I - CREATION --
Laying the foundation from which the sexuality problem
can be reasonably (i.e., Biblically) dealt with.
Only with this foundation can the counter-attack have any hope of success.

Chapter I - "The Way, the Truth, and the Life -- How Do We Know?"

If we do not know how we know, then what we know is always doubtful. We must nail down the reality of objective truth, and the objectivity of Biblical faith. God, not secular/pagan folks, holds the intellectual high ground, and He is trying to teach His people how to hold that ground with Him. Our failure to get that lesson led to the collapse of Christian witness in the public arena for the whole of the 20th century, leaving an open field for secularism and now paganism.

Chapter II - "Worldview Issues"

Not only must we know that there is a truth, we must also know what is Christian truth. Only if we know the radical distinction between the Biblical worldview and all others can we intelligently present the Gospel in a world of intellectual confusion and sexual bankruptcy. Our intellectual incompetence made it impossible for us to distinguish any longer the Biblical from the secular/pagan worldview, so we became sitting ducks for enemy artillery and retreated behind our church walls. Christians must understand their own worldview in order to deal adequately with sexuality issues.

The Biblical worldview is compared in its defining features with those of the secular/pagan worldview, making clear the chasm between the two, and that the secular/pagan view is not just another interesting and possibly valid option, but rather that it is the worldview of the Fall, and which is by its very nature intellectually and morally bankrupt. God, not philosophers or academicians of any stripe, holds the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground (the Kingdom), which He desires to share with His creatures.

Part II - THE FALL --
The appalling story
of how Western Civilization got sexualized.

Chapter III - "The Church Has AIDS"

The Church's immune system (Scripture and the Creeds) has been so badly compromised that the Body of Christ is no longer able to fight off the viruses of heresy, ignorance, apathy, rebellion. The Church has AIDS.

America likewise has AIDS. The American people have almost lost the capacity to think clearly and rationally because we have put feeling good above truth-seeking. And therefore we have all but lost the ability to defend against attacks on our cultural, moral, and legal system. A story of betrayal and subversion on one side, and of apathy, ignorance, and cowardice on the other.

The injection of the viruses into the American intellectual and moral bloodstream has been a well-planned and executed program going back two centuries. Only as we understand the history of how we got here, have we hope of moving forward to sanity again in sex and gender.

Chapter IV - "The 'Gay' Strategy"

The story of how only 2-3% of the population has been able to bring the Church and America to heel. How secular/pagan forces captured our education system, and then our government, creating a closed loop of information, enabling the "closing of the American mind". A story of subversion of truth, a psychological and sociological hammer-lock, and of the pansexual recruitment of our children.

The Godly way out of the moral, psychological, and spiritual prison
in which we have been ensnared.

Chapter V - "The Hard Evidence"

Essential issues:

1. A profile of homosexual behavior -- the "forbidden subject" needs to be put on the table. 

2. Survey of the Biblical evidence, and its relation to empirical evidence;

3. Survey of the biological, medical, psychological, sociological evidence, which uniformly and without exception is consistent with, and often positively supports, the Biblical understanding of sexual morality.

4. Comparison between homosexual and Biblical marriage. A stunner.

Chapter VI - "Godly Winning"

If one goes by the publicly available evidence, the battle for Biblical sexuality ought to be one of the easiest battles the Church has ever had to fight. But the Christian community is suspect of "reason" and "evidence" -- as though they were a sell-out to secularism.

God has no such compunctions. God aggressively presents His own case, and publicly invites the enemy to present its own case (read I Kings 18, Elijah on Mount Carmel, or Isaiah 43, or read how Jesus challenges the opposition). Honest public confrontation of various contenders is precisely where God wins -- even if it means the crucifixion. Christian must get back into the public fray -- even if it means the crucifixion.  We still win.

Essential issues:

1. Understanding the Biblical case

1. The restoration of moral language in the public arena.

2. Re-engagement of spiritual warfare -- with intellectual credibility.

3. How God wins in a pluralistic society. 

4. Rules of engagement and face-to-face tactics.

Chapter VII - "The Healing of Same-Sex-Attraction Disorder"

Essential issues:

1. Where is the Church?

2. Why has it consistently failed to reach out to homosexual strugglers?

3. The morality of healing.

4. The possibility of healing.

5. Those who have done it - a series of testimonies from those who won the victory.


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