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Family Life Library

It is one of the most commonly ignored common sayings of today that family life has been devastated over the last four decades.   The most important change that could happen in America (or the West) would be for fathers to assume their role under God as the spiritual leaders of their families, and for families to become the center of religious life, not the churches.  That would do more to resurrect the impact of the Church than anything else I can think of. 

The primary problem has been the collapse of the Biblical worldview, and of our sense of being made in the Image of God.  Until this is restored (and it will be), we will continue to wander in the wasteland.  Nothing short of the Imago Dei can restore and rebuild the sense of family in the face of the acid culture of doubt and despair which secularism and paganism will always give us. 

The flourishing of family life depends, in the end, on the Image of God, because that image is itself a family image.   We will be developing that theme in the Yahweh or the Great Mother? Library.  See the "Gender Prayer" for some hints on the Imago Dei

Marriage & Divorce --  See Marriage Library Sexuality (Theological);  Sexuality (Social)

Consequences of Marriage for African Americans (Executive Summary)--  from  www.AmericanValues.org 


Family Policy Network -- maybe, just perhaps -- an organization with spiritual backbone. 

United Families International -- Website of excellent Pro-Family information & strategy 


** The War against the Imago Dei  -- 

** Courtesy, Etiquette, & the Wedding of Truth to Love - E. Fox  On the rules of engagement for living in the light. 

** "Marriage is for White People..."  - by Joy Jones -- a deeply touching story --  with consequences.  Commentary by E. Fox. 

** Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women -- an booklet on the nature of gender differences. 

(No-Fault) Divorce - Feminism's Crowning Achievement --  Rick Scarborough  This attack on marriage is one of the great issue of our time.  It is an attack on the Image of God -- in which we are made, male and female.  

Dennis Prager on Homosexual Marriage --  We have a disaster of major proportions staring us in the face.  And what is our so-called "conservative" leadership going about it?  Where is the Church? 

Games, Children, & Death -- telling children when they should die....     The obscene use of the "carbon footprint..." 

Illegal Attack on Family -  Dr. Ted Baehr --  A powerful defense of Biblical marriage vs. civil government control.  The role of civil government is to administer the laws God has already given us, not to invent its own.  

Home: Seeing the Everyday -- Home, Family, & Holy Trinity, the beginning and end of all things.   See Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women for summary of man- & womanhood.  

Parents & TEENS favor Abstinence over Promiscuity --  Under pressure from researchers, educators, and parent groups, Health & Human Services has released its full report "National Survey of Adolescents and Their Parents: Attitudes and Opinions About Sex and Abstinence" after originally limiting access to a brief summary.  One thousand students and an involved parent of each were questioned concerning parent and peer influence and communication on teen sexual behavior, revealing 70% of parents and 60% of teens supporting pre-marital abstinence. 

Dennis Prager - Judaism's Sexual Revolution - Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality --  A classic on the subject of human sexuality.  

www.ChildPredators.com - in their own voices, representatives of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation will tell you how they protect the men who are raping and sexually abusing our children.  

 Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption, and the Criminalization of Fathers and Parents -- Stephen Baskerville at the Inter-American Institute...  A very ugly picture of American courts, which corresponds with my own experiences. 

Contraception & Its Dangers -- a compelling video which needs further investigation.... 


Fathering - Masculinity

** The Fatherhood of God  <= Audio -- a Fathers' Day sermon, on the fundamental importance of Godly gender relations, the cost of rejecting & the power of accepting --  the Fatherhood of God.   E. Fox  Printed Version

** Christ, the King & Fatherhood  <-Audio --  What does Christ being King have to do with our being a father (and by implication, a mother also)?  End-of-the-Church-year sermon.  Printed version Nov. 20, 2011

** Fatherhood -- & Father's Day. <-Audio (coming).  Printed Version. How important is fatherhood?   June 16, 2013

 The Truth About Men and the Church -- an astonishing Swiss report on how the fathers determine the religious sympathies of their children.  So, you think fathering and religion do not go together?   Wrong!   Men! Get your butts to church!  

"Hardwired to Connect - the New Scientific Case for Authoritative Communities" - a review by E. Fox. 
        The empirical evidence for the Biblical sacramental nature of life. 

So, Just how important is Fathering? --  Mark Alexander in Townhall 

Fathers into Felons...    Steve Baskerville  ---   on the coming cultural crunch.  An amazing statement of the nature of marriage and what we have done to it.   When the men wake up to what is being done, watch out.  Christians, where are you in this fray???  When men become Godly spiritual leaders of their families, in most cases, they will be bringing converted children to church, not little pagans, waiting for the church to convert them. 

Rejecting our fathers, hating our country -- by Bob Just --  Were are we going, America?  Do you want to go there?

The Boys Project -- bringing our boys back into reality and life in a culture which is persistently (and often deliberately) demeaning boyhood and masculinity.  Manhood and masculinity does not put up with the oppressiveness of centralization of culture and government.  That is a major reason why the globalist strategy has been the subversion of masculinity and the propagation of feminism.  Both feminism and centralized government enervate a people, rob them of initiative, independence, intellectual prowess, and courage.  Look at Europe.  The Boys Project is setting about to help remedy that.  I hope that they will pay substantial attention to the Biblical worldview, which has given us the only workable capacity to unify masculine and feminine -- because we are made in the Image of God -- male and female.  In God masculine and feminine are absolutely wedded, and they are meant to be among us on earth as well.   Go to:  Sexuality Libraries   

The Power of Redeemed Fatherhood --  Easy Eddie and Butch O'Hare. 

The Importance of Fathers....   Fathers need to be fathers, not just  "friends".   Children need spiritual and moral discipline, someone to butt up against, not a weakling "buddy"  They need someone who believes that some things are worth standing for. 

R. J. Rushdoony - Biblical View of "Vocation & Work" -- a good read.  

Mothering - Femininity

** Psychology, Salvation, & the Ordination of Women  - F. Earle Fox

Mothers are the Key to Creating Financial and Cultural Prosperity -- Carol Soelberg, United Families International

The Feminization of Society (See part XXII of "Judeo-Christian Values")  ---   by Rabbi Dennis Prager 

Two Articles on the Tragedy of Feminism:   "Time to Defund Feminist Pork" -- the Hate-Men Law, by Phyllis Schafley,   and "Jim Crow Days for Men" -- by Carey Roberts.   

Radical Femininity - by Jean Zampino --  a superb article on the meaning of womanhood.  Also, see Psychology, Salvation, and the Ordination of Women by E. Fox with a similar theme.  

The Mother Heart of God -  by Nancy Hicks - More on radical & true femininity. 

Childing - the art of becoming a child ("Unless you become as little children....") 
                    Childhood is something
into, not out of, which we grow.

** You Must Be a Child in God to be an Adult in the World -- Audio Sermon by Earle Fox at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, 9/6/09   Printed version.

Homosexual Abuse of Foster Children -- Paul Cameron 

Child Molestation & Homosexuality  --  Steve Baldwin -- an excellent and damning survey of the evidence that the actively homosexual community is mired in sexual abuse of boys.     

What is Love???  --- Children's version.  

What we are doing to our Children...   Betrayal.   The sad and tragic story of parents and teachers and clergy who have lost their way.  We no longer know how raise children.  Where are the fathers who will stand up and defend their children?  Where are the spiritual warriors who know the difference between right and wrong???   

Free Teens in the News   "A 100% virgin"-That's how Demetrius Terry of Free Teens of Jersey City, NJ proudly described himself in news coverage of the abstinence program's success in local schools.  Birth rates in his hometown among unmarried 10-19 year-olds dropped 37 percent between 1998 and 2005.    
            Yes!! This is a winnable battle if Christians learn how to marshal and present evidence  (for Pete's sake!!!).  Nothing convinces like a winsome testimony!    

Beverly Eakman on UN Rights of the Child scam.   Eakman is one of the leading critics of the Globalist takeover of the West, largely through education. 

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