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Homosexuality & Abortion

F. Earle Fox


Sexuality issues are almost always related to each other.  Our gender/sexual nature affects every aspect of our lives.  So it is no surprise that the homosexual agenda has a sturdy relationship to the abortion issue. 

 Here is a list of ways the two are connected and interrelated.  They both:

- are a part of the overall problem of "pansexuality";
- tend to agree with and feed on the pansexual falsehood that to be fully human, one must be sexually active;
- are directly lethal (abortion), or promote an early death (homosexuality);
- undermine population growth;
- are related to sexual engagement without the pesky problem of children;

- are promoted by the globalists, using Gramsci-like strategies;
- come from the secular or pagan worldview, not the Biblical (see Abortion, the Bible, & America);
- will be ended only when we restore the Biblical worldview - in both churches and the public arena;
- are remarkably compatible with tyrannical government.

One might question the last statement.  But abortion is the epitome of tyranny -- deliberate, planned, usually paid assassination (killing of an innocent person without trial or conviction of a capital crime).  On the homosexual side, there is a drift away from rational discourse where only one side is allowed to state its case, such as comes by so-called "hate-crime" laws.  These do not protect the innocent, they only prevent honest discussion of the issues -- because one side is not allowed to state its case.  Obstruction of honest discussion is a form of tyranny.

The general problem is called "pansexuality", the notion that every form of sexual behavior is morally equal to every other form.  Pansexuality is the Big Enemy of Biblical sexuality.  The element common to pansexual behaviors is the creation of intense good feelings which sugar-coat the pain and frustration of life -- at least for a brief period.

Abortion is not directly about sexual engagement, but it is often about giving women the same sexual “freedom” which men are thought to have, the freedom to have sex without having to take care of children.

On the pansexual view, whatever form of sexual engagement one prefers becomes a constitutional right – as indicated by the language used in the Roe, Doe, and Casey Supreme Court decisions, and by laws legalizing homosexuality and homosexual marriage.  In the secular and pagan worlds, sexual engagement is how we "find ourselves", become fully human. 

But the power of those good feelings, the power of lust, tends to brush right on past any moral scruples one might have to attain that ever-sought, ever-elusive eternal orgasm.  The quest for the eternal feel-good tends to override caring for the welfare of one's partner, and even for oneself.  Although life tends to become obsessively and compulsively all about "self", it ends destroying the self.  Likewise, abortion tends to be chosen by persons who either do not understand that the infant in the womb is a person, or does not care, and who are concerned about their own good feelings, not those of an infant in the womb. Women who have had abortions often inflict on themselves deep pain until they resolve their guilt with God. 

Much of the problem is both ignorance and a steady brain-washing from our education system, the media, and our government.  So there is as much healing and maturing to be done as we pursue the moral and legal issues.  Due respect must be accorded all persons. 

 Homosexuality and abortion are thus linked with a common desire to feel good at the expense of good relationship, including disobedience to the law of God.  Pursuit of good feelings comes to trump pursuit of good relationships, loving either God or one’s neighbor.

But sugar-coating one’s pain by denial of duty to preserve life, or by feel-good relationships at the expense of the law of God or physical reality does not work because it cannot deal with what causes most pain – which is overwhelmingly bad relationships.  Pain in that case is a symptom, not a cause.  Only by dealing with relationships in a healthy manner, first God and then neighbor, is there possibility of dealing with the pain caused by bad relationships.  Marriage is a right given by God, but along with that right come obligations, one man, one woman for life.

The degrading of gender roles in homosexuality and the killing of infants in abortion are both an attack on the Image of God in which we are made, and upon the moral constraints which bind us to love one another just like we love ourselves.  That means that a victory in one area will aid and abet victory in the other area, and that Christians must dig deeply into the doctrine of the Image of God to fully understand the intellectual, moral, and political issues facing us. 

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Date Posted - 01/18/2013   -   Date Last Edited - 01/21/2013