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Co-Ed Baths for CA Schools?

[COMMENT:    We are headed for moral and political chaos, which will eventually hit the streets with bloody results.   Call your CA Senator.  

The email in which this came asked for donations to defend "traditional values".   No, defend Godly values in the name of Jesus Christ.  What good is tradition when evil people have traditions.  You have to get the right tradition.  Truth counts.    E. Fox] 


Assembly Bill 1266 passed out of the Assembly floor on a party-line vote this morning.  AB 1266 forces all California schools to allow students to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities consistent with his or her gender identity. 

"This bill allows children of any gender to participate on any sports team, and enter into locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of their choice based on that student's private sense of their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth," said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. 

"By imposing this radical policy on all schools in California, the Legislature seeks to take away local control from the school districts, parents, and communities. What this bill is saying is the rights of a few students supersede the rights of all other students. AB 1266 will bring many unintended consequences for students, school districts and communities," said England. "No student should be forced to share bathrooms or change clothes in front of members of the opposite sex.  AB 1266 mandates San Francisco values on all California schools."

AB 1266 will now move to the California Senate. 

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Date Posted - 02/03/2013   -   Date Last Edited - 05/26/2013