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Congresswoman Davis to Speak at Bisexual Conference Featuring Perverse ‘Workshops,’ Erotic Orgy     

By Allyson Smith  --  8/20/2003

GLSEN, Advocates for Youth, Task Force, and GLAAD sponsor radical event

[WARNING: Contains offensive descriptions]

A United States congresswoman will be a featured plenary speaker this weekend at an international bisexuality conference in Southern California that includes a pre-conference “Bi Youth” institute for “attendees who are 24 years of age or younger,” and assorted sexual workshops including a “XXX Sex Workshop” and one on masturbation.

Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego) is scheduled to address the third annual North American Conference on Bisexuality at the Radisson Hotel in San Diego this Saturday. According to the conference website, the event will feature “pre-conference institutes, workshops/panels on bisexuality, leading sex researchers, entertainment, and the chance to meet other people interested in bisexuality from the United States, Canada and Mexico.”

In addition to the children’s pre-institute conference, the event will include another institute titled, “Exploring Erotic Touch,” where “We will use touch, massage, imagination and self-pleasuring to awaken the connection between erotic energy and spirituality and between the feminine and masculine in ourselves.”

The website description further states, “Men are asked not [to] ejaculate for 48 hours before the workshop. All participants are asked to refrain from the use of alcohol or recreational drugs 72 hours before and during the workshop.”

The description indicates that bodily fluids are likely to flow at the event, leading Peter LaBarbera, senior policy analyst for the Culture & Family Institute, to observe: “The involvement of GLSEN and Advocates for Youth in such a perverted event should by itself disqualify them from any future involvement with schools. No taxpayer dollars should go to these organizations, which are obviously more interested in promoting radical sexual agendas than the health and safety of children.”

GLSEN holds its own national conference next month in Washington, D.C. According to the GLSEN website, it will include workshops such as: “Embracing Transgender Issues”; “Gender-Variant Youth 101”; “Corsets and Heels: Using Fashion History to Bend Gender Boundaries; and “Creative Writing Workshop for Queer Youth.”

CWA’s Moles speaks out

Cindy Moles, area director for Concerned Women for America of San Diego and Imperial Counties, responded to news of Davis’ role in the bisexual conference as follows:

“In an age in which adulterous bisexual men are having homosexual affairs and infecting their innocent wives with HIV, why is a U.S. congresswoman lending the authority of her office to an event that celebrates this perversion? It is deplorable that Ms. Davis would offer to speak at a conference promoting sexual perversion, particularly one that promotes behavior that harms children and victimizes women.”

Moles told C&F Report that to include adults under 24 years old in a “youth” workshop that touches heavily on sexual issues is highly inappropriate, and could lead to adult-child sexual interaction.

“We must always remember that pedophiles and predators go where the kids are,” Moles said, noting that the conference is already attracting people identified with deviant and promiscuous sex.

Efforts to reach Davis’ office for a statement, and to inquire whether she was aware of the conference’s debauched nature, were unsuccessful as of press time. On the daily radio show of Concerned Women for America, CWA President Sandy Rios urged listeners to call Davis’ office to protest her appearance at the bisexual event. Davis’ Washington, D.C., office phone number is 202-225-2040; her San Diego office number is 619-280-5353. Concerned readers can also e-mail the congresswoman at

GLAAD and GLSEN sponsor

Other plenary speakers include executive director Joan Garry of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which led the successful “gay” crusade to force Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s television program off the air, and Indiana University Professor Martin S. Weinberg, whose bio on the conference website states that he for “13 years had a joint appointment as Senior Research Sociologist at the Kinsey Institute.”

The description of the “Bi Youth” seminar states, “This BiYouth Pre-Conference Institute will provide participants a day and a half of inspiration, experiential activities, dialogue, honesty, networking, and fun. We will be focusing on five areas of life: School and Campus Life, Family and Relationships, Health, Religion and Spirituality, and Love and Sex.”

The conference's “bi youth” institute is being convened by one of the nation’s leading public school pro-homosexual pressure groups, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and another organization, Advocates for Youth, that is under investigation by the Bush Administration for misusing federal abstinence funds.

On August 16, The Washington Post reported that the Centers for Disease Control was planning to conduct the third audit within a year of Advocates for Youth to look into charges of “possible misuse of grant funds for lobbying efforts.”

“The CDC said the review was in response to complaints from Rep. Joseph R. Pitts (R-Pennsylvania), an advocate for abstinence-only programs. Pitts and 23 other congressmen have questioned whether Advocates for Youth and other sex education organizations are improperly using federal funds to lobby in Congress. In particular, they were concerned about a website that advocates against increased funds for abstinence-only programs,” reported the Post.

Other workshops to be offered include:

  • Bi Parents and their Children
  • Polyamory and Bisexuality: Challenging Monogamy and Monosexuality
  • Bisexual Adult Entertainment
  • My Big Bi Triad Wedding
  • Our Bodies Our Selves: Loving Our Peri and Post Menopausal Pussies
  • Masturbation 101
  • Hosting Sensual/Sexual Parties
  • Campus Bi Organizing
  • Teaching Bisexuality
  • XXX Sex Workshop
  • Bi Men on the Net
  • On August 7, Bay Windows, New England’s largest homosexual newspaper, reported that STD and HIV infections are rising among ‘gay’ and bisexual men, and that Internet hook-up sites may be a contributing factor to risky sexual behavior, and three studies released last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that show that HIV diagnoses for gay and bisexual men have increased by 17.7 percent since 1999.

    Other conference activities will include a bisexual art exhibit and entertainment by Rob Yaeger, who describes himself as “the Earth's only bisexual, genderqueer, trans-affectional, sex radical, frequently kinky, Catholic-raised agnostic-atheist, safer sex educating, sensitive but not too sensitive, biologically-born male stand-up commedian.”

    In addition to GLAAD, Advocates for Youth and GLSEN, the bisexual conference sponsors include: American Airlines, Avis Rent-A-Car, the California Endowment, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Bisexual Foundation, BiNet USA, the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), and LLEGO, “the national Latina/o lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organization.”

    Rep. Davis’ district encompasses the Southern California seacoast from the wealthy northern suburb of La Jolla to the impoverished Mexican border in the south, plus several inland San Diego suburbs.

    Concerned Women for America
    1015 Fifteenth St. N.W., Suite 1100
    Washington, D.C. 20005
    Phone: (202) 488-7000
    Fax: (202) 488-0806


    Teachers Group, Congresswoman, participate in sex conference loaded with porn and perversion     

    By Allyson Smith  --  8/27/2003

    GLAAD Director Assails Ex-Gay Movement

    WARNING: Contains offensive descriptions

    SAN DIEGO—A United States congresswoman and a homosexual teachers group took part in an international bisexual conference last weekend that included workshops involving full male and female nudity, “sex toy” demonstrations, XXX pornographic video screenings, and advice on throwing sex parties.

    One XXX seminar at the North American Conference on Bisexuality at the Radisson Hotel here included a lesson on the “art of fisting”—an extremely dangerous perversion popular among sadistic-oriented homosexuals. The homosexual teachers group GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network)—still recovering from its own “Fistgate” scandal in 2000 in which a speaker at a GLSEN-Boston conference taught minors how to “fist”—participated in a pre-conference “institute” at the Bisexuality conference.

    Against a backdrop of the pink, blue and lavender-striped bisexual flag, Rep. Susan Davis (D-California) and executive director Joan Garry of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) addressed an estimated 500 attendees at the bisexuality conference held August 21-24.

    During her speech, Garry cited negative media representations of bisexuals and detailed her organization’s efforts to fight “biphobia.” She railed against news organizations that provide coverage of people who have successfully left homosexuality, saying, “Let’s face it: Most people in our country are pretty hip to the fact that the American public is being deceived by anti-gay activists who claim to be ex-gay,” adding, “We’re fighting the ex-gay movement on their turf and their terms.”

    Garry called the recent Supreme Court decision overturning sodomy laws “a landmark moment in our community’s civil rights struggle,” and said, “The fundamental notion of equality is a very tough one for the anti-gay right to swallow. . . . I believe they are getting desperate, and in that desperation, the viciousness of their attacks will continue to escalate.”

    Robert Knight, director of Culture & Family Institute of CWA, said the participation of GLAAD and other “gay” activist groups in the bisexuality conference shows the homosexual/bisexual agenda is “decidedly not equal to normal and natural sexuality between a man and a woman.” Night added:

    “Perhaps Ms. Garry ought to focus less on criticizing men and women for seeking a healthy change out of homosexuality and more on the question of how GLAAD can call itself normal while participating in such a perversion-fest. Had the media amply covered the bisexual conference, Americans might have gotten a clear view of just how extreme the homosexual, bisexual and ‘transgender’ movement is. But GLAAD doesn’t want America to see this side of the ‘gay’ lobby.”

    Joining GLAAD and GLSEN in participating in the bisexuality event were: the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force; National Center for Lesbian Rights; LLEGO, a Latina/o homosexual activist group; and National Coalition for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Health.

    In addition to Garry’s address, Friday’s opening plenary included speeches by Dr. Amanda Quayle of the San Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center; Pat Washington, a former professor of women’s studies at San Diego State University and local NAACP chairwoman; and sexologist Carol Queen, 46, who advised audience members to hiss whenever they hear the term “opposite sex” and told the crowd, “I have at least 14 different sexual orientations.”

    During her Saturday morning address in the Radisson ballroom — where every chair was covered with sample-sized packets of sexual lubricants and a flier for an upcoming bisexual conference in Minneapolis — Rep. Davis detailed her “proud” sponsorship of federal bills dealing with employment non-discrimination, “hate crimes” and homosexual partner immigration.

    CWA’s San Diego and Imperial counties Area Director Cindy Moles had campaigned vigorously to generate numerous calls and e-mails to Davis’ office urging her to cancel her appearance, and CWA had contact information for Davis on the and web pages included in this writer’s report preceding the conference. Davis dismissed these concerns as “silly,” saying, “A lot of those calls were coming from well outside the district, well outside the state of California.”

    XXX porn screenings, sex orgy advice

    A reported 40 young people attended a 1-1/2 day “Bi Youth” pre-conference institute funded by a $4,000 grant from the San Diego Foundation. The Bi Youth institute was convened by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and Advocates for Youth, an organization that is under investigation by the Centers for Disease Control for suspected misuse of public funds.

    Pamphlets from Advocates for Youth littered information tables at the event, including one titled I Think I Might Be Bisexual, Now What Do I Do? that included quotes from children as young as 14 and offered advice on “safe sex” methods and tips for meeting other bisexuals.

    Friday afternoon’s workshops included Bi Parents and Their Children, co-presented by UCLA journalism teacher Michael Szymanski and parent Eve Diana. As his two young sons — whom his male partner conceived with Szymanski’s sister — romped in the back of the room, Szymanski related how his seven-year-old once asked him, “When are you going to marry my Mommy?” Diana showed photos of her long-haired little boy dressed in lavender overalls, a ballerina tutu, and fairy princess and purple Teletubby Halloween costumes.

    Szymanski, who writes “adult” video reviews under the pen name of Mickey Skee, later hosted a Bisexual Adult Entertainment seminar where he showed XXX porn film clips, including Night of the Living Bi Dolls which portrayed fake cannibalism, shooting and decapitation. Szymanski told participants, “There’s a growing trend of women who really like to see two guys going at it — and that may be arranged tonight.”

    A workshop on Hosting Sensual/Sexual Parties instructed participants on how to hold sex orgies in hotel rooms and private homes. Said presenter Tom Limoncelli, “I think sex parties are a way to change the world.” Among the tips offered:

  • Designate separate spaces for kinky sex and socializing;
  • Place containers of condoms, gloves and dental dams around the room accompanied by waste baskets;
  • Decide on a particular fetish theme;
  • Determine whether to hold “sacred sexuality” and magic rituals;
  • Conduct a “safer sex” educational session before the party begins;
  • “Plant” people within the group to start sexual activities.
  • ‘Erotic Touch’ workshop features full nudity

    On Saturday morning, David Longmire, a “Body Electric School-trained Sacred Intimate” from Seattle, demonstrated “erotic touch” on fully nude male and female models.

    During a session titled My Big Bi Triad Wedding, Church of Religious Science Sunday school teacher Ron Owen showed a video of his union ceremony with partners Peter and Leonie, including a candle-lighting ritual and a wedding cake topped with a bride flanked by two grooms.

    A tattooed and mustachioed Corrine “Ricky” Garcia demonstrated two banquet tables full of sexual devices at the XXX Sex Workshop. During the packed session, Garcia called for audience volunteers whom she dressed in sexual paraphernalia, then performed simulated sex acts with them including light sadomasochism.

    In addition to Davis, Saturday’s plenaries included an address by Indiana University sociology professor and former Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Martin Weinberg and Dr. Ava Cadell, a sexologist who told attendees how to achieve “bigasms” using male and female genitalia puppets.

    Other seminars included Writing Our Own Script: Mixed-Orientation Marriages After Disclosure, where two married couples discussed problems coping after one spouse “came out” as bisexual, and Masturbation 101.

    Saturday night’s entertainment included Asian American musician Magdalen Hsu Li, who sang a song titled “[expletive] Bush,” comedian Rob Yaeger, who mocked the “religious right” and Pope John Paul II, and a bisexual dance lasting until 1:00 a.m.

    Hotel did not warn families

    During the weekend, the Radisson flew the bisexual flag on its front lawn alongside the U.S. flag visible from Interstate 8. No signs were posted in the lobby to warn traditional families about the weekend’s events. Seminar descriptions posted next to conference room doors as well as the hotel’s event schedule were printed exactly as described on the website, although the Masturbation 101 sign was changed to a slang term for masturbation. A hand-lettered sign for the Erotic Touch workshop was taped to the downstairs women’s restroom door.

    The registration tables in the Radisson lobby contained fishbowls filled with free condoms. Registration materials were given to conference attendees in Avis Rent-A-Car bags. Other conference sponsors included American Airlines and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. A “bisexual art exhibit” on the second floor next to the gymnasium featured paintings, photographs and sculptures for sale.

    Vendor tables, including San Diego’s Obelisk bookstore, displayed bisexual jewelry and explicit erotic books and videos. One mother reportedly yelled at a vendor for displaying such materials in view of her children, causing the hotel to tell the vendor to place some of its wares underneath the table to hide them from view.


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