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Amerika, the "Gay"

Linda Harvey

[COMMENT:  Well, we have been warned, we have sat like couch potatoes, we have declined to engage the enemy directly, we have chosen rather to be "polite" rather than honest.  So here we are.  Is anyone surprised? 

What, dear reader, are you going to do about it.  If you are serious, click here.     E. Fox]

Our precious kids
in the new world of sexual fascism

Linda Harvey

(The following is excerpted from a speech given to the Illinois Family Institute)

What were you like at age thirteen? At age eleven? At age seven?

Every one of us should stop for a second and remember. Put yourself, if you can, in your own shoes at the tender ages of 7, 11, and 13. What was your perception of the world? Of your future? Of right and wrong?

Then, if you can, imagine this. At age thirteen, you are told to make a decision that will dramatically change the entire course of your life. You are not advised to wait, but you are urged to rush forward. You are told by those whom you trust to start down a road that is blaringly adult. It’s a road that has grave health risks, but the grown-ups don’t tell you about this. It’s a road that may horrify your parents, but the whisperers say, “Go ahead-- your parents don’t understand.” It’s a road that has been rejected and condemned by most cultures and most civilizations since the dawn of creation, but these adults beckon you on, oblivious to the disaster that awaits you.

Walking this road will very likely shorten or cripple your life, and it’s one that will guarantee you will never parent a child produced by you and the person you love.

At thirteen, this is almost unthinkable to ask of a young person. Haven’t you changed your opinions, feelings, preferences since age 13? Wouldn’t anything you committed to back then, look totally different now? But wait. Let’s not forget the 11-year old, and even the 7-year-old. What if the same decision is at times asked of kids at these ages?

And on top of what I’ve already told you, what if this life-changing decision was sold to you as something beautiful, even liberating? That it will make you feel better, happier, safer?

And , what if those who would try to warn you, to tell you the truth, are called dangerous and hateful, even silenced? What if every avenue was cut off to tell you the things you so desperately needed to hear, so that you are truly free, so that you are truly safe, so that you can just be a kid, and have a chance a long life with real happiness, health and productivity?

What I’ve described may sound like something out of a Kafka novel or some unpublished chapters out of George Orwell. Unfortunately, it’s not.

It’s happening now in an emerging, horrifying new Amerika. In Chicago schools, in Deerfield, in Naperville, in Glenbrook. In Lexington, Massachusetts, in Columbus, Ohio, in Seattle. It’s happening in community youth centers paid for by tax dollars. It’s happening on the Internet and in some incredibly misguided church youth groups.

It’s being endorsed and promoted by the National Education Association and even the some in the medical profession. What I am describing is called ‘coming out.’ Our children are being pushed to declare themselves ‘gay’ or ‘bisexual’ or even—heaven help us—to change their biological sex from boy to girl, or vice versa. It’s happening at younger and younger ages and it’s being called by many education ‘experts’ a matter of safety and ‘rights.’

This has, my friends, the smell of disease, corruption and death. We are abandoning our country’s youth and letting them be exploited and manipulated down a road of sure destruction.

But it’s not just they who will be destroyed. We are all going with them.

Those of us who are watching this trend with horror predict the following: that if we don’t stop what’s happening now, within ten years, at least 20% of our population will have experience with homosexuality. And that will be a social, spiritual, moral and public health disaster.

The entry points for becoming a ‘gay’ youth are everywhere. We have community groups like Horizons at the Center on Halsted in Chicago. This is a group started by the adult homosexual center for kids who arrive at the tender ages of 12 and 13 or maybe even younger—who’s checking? And without any parents knowing or granting permission, they are socializing with college-age homosexuals and adults, who tell them, “Come on in—the water’s fine!”

And then, the local AIDS group is right there with private workshops on how to put on a condom, or how to cruise the parks and pride parades and how to quickly become immersed in the promiscuous, disease-ridden ‘gay’ culture. Oh, but never fear—the confidential HIV testing can be done when they are ready, at age 14 or 15, after they’ve been infected by an adult, one who is never prosecuted for child corruption because—wink, wink—this happens all the time. The health care workers, the clinic people, see evidence of adult-child sex every day and it usually goes unreported. It’s just ‘life’ and these kids don’t need a parent to sign for the HIV test, nor the syphilis test, nor the gonorrhea test, because that’s what the public health people do, you see. Criminal? Unthinkable? Not to the public health profession. Adults give our children these diseases, but life continues, and so do these ‘gay’ groups for kids.

This is, you see, ‘reality.’ The reality of 13- year- olds who are hanging around outside the bathhouses and ‘gay’ bars and waiting to be picked up. The boys have learned how much some adult men will pay for this. There are also drug deals going down, and some are part of that too. But this is liberation, it’s their ‘right’ to be able to do this, to enter this dangerous, corrupt adult world. How wonderful. And who has the courage to complain, and become a target of the vicious, unscrupulous ‘gay’ lobby, who defends all this as ‘freedom’?

Let’s not forget that these kids -- some of them, anyway-- still go to school, and of course school opens up many educational opportunities for kids. They will learn in second grade about how boys have the right to dress like girls if they feel they were born in the wrong body. They’ll learn how two mommies are just fine and that’s someone’s right, too. (It’s all about the adults again, you see.)

They’ll read books like Molly’s Family, My Two Uncles, Who’s in A Family? And they’ll be told it’s all innocent and sweet and it’s all about love, until the little Matt grows up and discloses what it was like to be raised by two lesbians. How he was exposed to explicit sex from his early years. How they didn’t care how much he heard from their bedroom, because that’s liberation, you see. How he feels like he never was allowed to be a child.

How their friends gathered for drugs and parties and how some of the male friends took him into other rooms and—where were his two mommies then? They didn’t rescue him because it was enlightening, they thought, for him to explore sexuality at a young age. That way, he won’t turn out to be one of those hated straight men. Mustn’t let him become that. He could even explore changing genders if that’s what he wanted in his childhood empowerment. Yes, Matt will tell us how he was so troubled and anxious by the time he was in his teens that he started on a self –destructive course, the bondage of which, hopefully, God will open a door for him to overcome.

As Matt became a teen, he was handed novels in his language class so he could read about two boys or two girls dating. Most of these books receive high accolades and awards, and are widely promoted as Young Adult Literature by the American Library Association. Novels like My Father’s Scar, Rainbow Boys, Kissing Kate.

He did read them, and the stories were carefully-crafted lies, but he couldn’t say that, because then he’d be called hateful and intolerant and he felt himself on an insane planet where nothing resonates with the reality he knows. He was also urged to join his school’s homosexual club, a ‘gay-straight alliance,’ and stand up for the rights of budding ‘gay’ guys and lesbians. Most high schools have these now—even some middle schools. There are around ninety-five in Illinois right now. By high school, some people Matt knew had declared themselves to be gay and started down the road of porn and drag and hormones and body mutilation and yes, some were into drugs, booze and prostitution. Oh, and the high school ‘gay’ clubs meet to socialize, for activist training and interaction with the adults at the ‘GLBT’ community group, like Horizons at the Center on Halsted. Away from the oversight of school boards, teachers and parents, you see. Although, that oversight doesn’t amount to much these days.

Then of course there was the church Matt’s biological mom goes to. (Matt doesn’t know who his dad is, except some guy who visited a sperm bank). After the break-up from his other ‘mom,’ she still hoped to meet someone, so what better place than a ‘gay’-friendly church? But this congregation talked endlessly about how hateful those others were, those churches that take the Bible seriously,and how Jesus would really approve of homosexuality if He were here on earth. And the church parties turned out to be more of the same—the lesbian adult dating scene only with church overtones. So there was nothing to believe in there, except the god of one’s own imagination, of self-indulgence and sex.

People—can we not see what is happening? Our love for our children has grown cold. We let them be raised like wolves in a base and vulgar culture and that leaves them prey to those who do not share our values. Why do some groups, some schools, some churches do this to precious kids? It’s about sex and money, mostly.

HIV education groups get government funds for selling deviant sex to kids. Planned Parenthood makes money from STD testing and counseling. Pornographers make millions off ‘gay’ sex materials. And kids are ushered right into all his.

Adults are sapping the vibrancy and life from our offspring, borrowing from the next generation. It’s not just our Social Security system and federal budget that’s drawing against the future, but we are draining away the sexual vigor, health and life-giving potency of the next generation. Homosexuality, hooking up, and all the attendant diseases are destroying them, yet we are allowing deceitful voices to direct their futures. This is called ‘progress,’ you see. It’s actually regress. Most of this stuff is right in the Old Testament.

We have to open our eyes. We have to love again, to love enough to tell the truth. ‘Gay’ identities are not liberation, but bondage. ‘Gay’ pride is not pride, but shame. These ‘safe’ places for ‘gay’ youth are anything but safe. These are precious kids and should not be abandoned to the street values of sex, drugs and HIV. But that’s what we are doing.

It’s the lie that homosexuality is biological that has spawned these beasts of prey. For every person who insists they were born homosexual, I can line up ten who know they were not. Some are ex-homosexuals. Some are current homosexuals who know that it’s a choice. Some are bisexuals, which is by definition, fluid. Who’s kidding who? It’s a big fat, easy- to- see lie. And we fall into this trap and pass legislation like Illinois’ non-discrimination law based on sexual orientation. We fall for that thinking some people are born homosexual. It’s simply not true. But it becomes a useful tool to sell homosexuality to more kids, more of the time.

Because of this mythology, intelligent parents allow their children to be taught that acceptance of homosexuality is what good people do. NOT TRUE! Good people don’t allow their children to be sucked into a social experiment that has failed every time it’s been tried in the history of humanity. Homosexuality is a symptom of a dying culture. We might as well be saying, we don’t want nor need life any longer, just temporary pleasure in whatever fashion. We don’t want nor need to be who God created us to be, males and females, but we need to artificially tamper with it as a fix for the mess that’s on the inside.

No amount of reconstruction can fix the troubled soul. That’s not a surgeon’s task. Yet there are groups today like the Human Rights Campaign with its “True Spirit” conferences for youth, and PFLAG that urge teens to think, castration. Think, mastectomies of healthy breasts. This will “liberate” you. From sanity, perhaps. Not from the stirrings and anxiety produced by lie upon lie upon lie. Truth liberates. Deception enslaves.

When will we actually begin helping our kids? When will we rescue them from this madness?

I have a few recommendations.

First of all, close down these community ‘gay’ youth groups. They are child mental and physical molestation centers. Tear down that building on Halsted, Mr. Mayor! Free our children who are slaves to this lunacy and to adult corruption.

Parents—go to your schools and demand that they end the homosexual propaganda, now. Stop the deceptive tolerance classes, stop the ‘celebrations’ of homosexuality like ‘Days of Silence,’ close up the homosexual clubs. If they refuse to hear you, remove your precious children from the NEA controlled schools. The National Education Association just passed more pro-‘gay’ measures at their latest convention, including endorsement of homosexual marriage. More is coming, parents, unless you stop it. Don’t lie to yourselves and think you will get Christian kids as a product of the public schools. It is extremely rare for children to leave the public schools today with their faith intact.

Every day during which they learn to accept sexual immorality and a host of other misinformation, is one more page ripped out of Scripture for them. What do they turn to? The twisted and ungodly beliefs of the pro-‘gay’ neo-pagan churches full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Is that what you want? Is that what you want? If that’s the “outcome’ we want from education, that’s what we’ll get. If we don’t, we have to get off our duffs and do something.

Stop believing that objecting to homosexuality is “hate”. It’s love to want to save your kids. It’s love to want life for them, not death. It’s love to want to get truth to all our youth, to not have the truth suppressed. That’s why I got into this issue in the first place. I was horrified at the lies being told and the kids being served the Kool-Aid of sexual destruction.

There is no child or teen so corrupted he or she can’t be saved from this mess. But we have to get them information about how harmful homosexuality is. Or do we really think twelve- year- old boys having anal sex is something worthy of ‘respect’? Worthy of defending as a “right”? That’s what groups like GLSEN and PLFAG think. That’s what the NEA thinks. That’s what some teachers and administrators think. That’s what some politicians think. Just ask them. Watch them dance. While they couch it in terms like ‘rights’ and ‘choices,’ these leaders are sending our children into a death-spiral. Think about that. Think about the kids abandoned to this criminal mindset. We have to give them hopeful, life-affirming alternatives.

What else can we do? Stop funding “youth” lessons about HIV that are basically tutorials in weird sex. Taxpayer funds are allowing us to corrupt children to feed them pornography disguised as health. There is nothing lost if young people wait to have sex until they are adults and married. What do they gain? Let’s count the benefits:

1. Education
2. Greater earning power
3. Maturity
4. Stability
5. Freedom from disease
6. Fertility (from not getting STDS)

Since homosexuality is a behavior, not a genetic mandate, it’s up for discussion and debate. Don’t tell me I’m hateful to question homosexuality. The onus is not on those of us who want to preserve morality. The onus is on the advocates. Tell us why we should believe this has great benefits. Why should we advocate this to kids? It turns out there are no good reasons.

No one has to be homosexual. Those feelings do not have to be acted on. Those feelings do not come from a good place, but from dark holes in the human heart and soul. There are many roads that produce homosexual feelings, or the desire to change one’s biological sex, but most of them started with damage and dysfunction. It’s suicidal to bless the fruits of damage and dysfunction.

What else can we do? We can hold accountable the media who are complicit in spreading and fostering these lies. Stop buying the papers and listening to the stations that disseminate this drivel. Stop patronizing the advertisers who support these media. If reporters want to live in little worlds of mythology themselves, that’s their own business, but to allow it to be foisted upon the rest of us is our fault. We are getting what we deserve. Let’s try to deserve something better, especially for our kids.

Finally, we can elect other leadership. Where are the school board members who are willing to stand up to the ACLU? Every time there’s a case involving two or three students who try to force their school to host a homosexual club, there’s the ACLU, right there ready to represent them and sue the school. In some cases, the ACLU has personally threatened school board members, saying they will sue them, go after their personal assets, if they don’t allow a ‘GSA.’ Wow! Isn’t it great to have such ‘civil libertarians’ going to bat for our communities, and our children? So they can have the right to practice homosexual sex. A noble and worthy cause.

We have to stand up against the ACLU. Go, find their homes and offices and peacefully but persistently, picket them! Show their colleagues and neighbors what they are about. These are people who are defending child molestation. Shouldn’t there be a list of ACLU lawyers? I don’t want one working in the office next to me, or living in my neighborhood—do you?

We have to elect board members who will stand up to this. We have to elect local, state and national leaders who will not endorse ‘gay’ rights, nor same sex marriage, in any form. This is poison, it’s pollution to the streams watering our land. Gay pride parades, ‘gay’ games and other visible demonstrations of this poison need to be halted. This can happen, you know. Hillsborough County FL put a stop to ‘gay’ pride parades. It is possible.

A civilized culture would do this, so that children don’t learn corruption, so that the next generation doesn’t think this is just fine. The existence of such events is not tolerance—it’s endorsement. It’s sending this big message to kids: it must not be so bad, or the grown-ups would do something. The grown –ups are doing something, unfortunately. They are sitting on their kiesters, afraid of being called a name or two. Trust me—you can handle it, especially when it’s for a good cause. If I can do this, you can do it. I’m the world’s biggest coward.

What will we say to them, years from now, when the ‘fruit’ of this current generation ripens? It will be rotten, you know. Those who live, will be disease-ridden and infertile. Children—the ones who aren’t aborted because they’re inconvenient, that is—will be rare. And if the current trend continues, children will be prized for one more depraved reason: they will be no longer secret, but open targets of adult lust.

The signs are everywhere. Can we read them? Or will we choose to remain blind?

We are not powerless! We have God as our eternal Helper. Please, don’t let this country become controlled by a pink mafia, by a fascism of sexual destruction. Greater is He that is in us, than this darkness that is in the world. Examine your consciences, pick a battle and get in there. It will be worth it, for our children and grandchildren.
Linda Harvey is president of Mission America. She has been monitoring the homosexual agenda directed toward American youth for over a decade.

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